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50 Things to Do in Singapore

Since we are celebrating SG50 this year, I decided to post this article about 50 Things to Do in Singapore!

Many people complain that there's nothing much to do in Singapore, but actually it's not that bad lah! Haha. After compiling this list of fun places I have visited in Singapore, there are still quite afew others I have yet to experience!

There are 52 weekends in a year and with 50 suggestions on this list, it's almost enough for the entire year!

Let me start with the more touristy places!

1. Universal Studios

This theme park at Sentosa is one of my favourite places in Singapore. Upon entering the park, it felt like I entered a magical world and all my worries in the real world disappeared instantly. With a right mix of both kiddy and thrilling rides, the park is suitable for families, friends, and couples!

2. Adventure Cove

A waterpark suitable for everyone, including families, couples, and friends! There are pools suitable for kids as well as thrilling rides for the adults.

3. Dolphin Island

Just awhile back, I brought my bf to experience the Dolphin Discovery programme at Dolphin Island, Resorts World Sentosa! He has always been fond of diving and sea creatures, so I figured he would love it! I think it's a unique experience worth spending for.

4. SEA Aquarium

Also located at Resorts World Sentosa, the SEA Aquarium has the world's largest aquarium viewing panel! For ocean lovers.

5. Trick Eye Museum

My favourite type of places to go because can take alot of photos!

Description on the website: Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life. Visitors are more than welcome to explore the various themed galleries with their eyes, hands and even cameras. Step inside the paintings to complete a visual narrative with your creative poses, and watch a “tricky” story unfold before your camera. At Trick Eye Museum, you’ll be creating unforgettable memories with friends and family amid fun and laughter, with a dash of educational and cultural enrichment.

6. Alive Museum

Similar to Trick Eye museum, but slightly different.

7. Cable Car and Sentosa

I personally don't like cable cars. But many people around me like it. After taking the cable car from The Jewel Box to Sentosa, there are also various activities on Sentosa Island such as the Luge, Skyride, and outdoor shows.

8. Chinese Heritage Centre

Check out cultural stories about Singapore at Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Little India!

9. Singapore Zoological Garden/ Night Safari

Revive childhood memories!

10. Gardens By The Bay

Pay a minimal sum to go up on the Skyway or just walk around the outdoor gardens for free~

11. Battle Box

12. Haw Par Villa

Check out one of the main highlight of Haw Par Villa- the 10 Courts of Hell!

13. Singapore Discovery Centre & Army Museum

14. Korea Plaza

Try on hanboks and learn more about the Korean culture!

15. Bugis Street

Go shopping! It's one of my favourite places to shop because everything is so affordable!

16. River Safari

There is a enclosure where monkeys roam freely so it was quite an exciting experience. Also go there to visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia, our two adorable pandas in their air-con "garden"! Haha. There is even a restaurant selling buns that look like panda!

17. River Cruise

Take a ride down Singapore River~

18. Art Science Museum

19. Science Centre

Kids love Science Centre! So many hands-on things to play with there. For adults it's quite fun to learn new things!

20. Singapore Flyer

Went up so many times already so I feel it's quite sian already but everyone must experience it at least once! I think that one of the must-go places for tourists in Singapore is this!

21. Botanical Gardens

It used to be a popular dating place for my parents' generation during their time but now it has turned into a picnic place during the weekend. The garden is huge and I always end up walking only half way in, but it's nice to hang out with the nature sometimes!

22. Build A Bear

My experience there was quite fun!

23. Painting: Art Jam Studio / Art Cafes

There are various studios offering painting materials and usage of the premises for a small fee. Else, there are also many Art Cafes which allows you to do paint after dining in the cafe too!

24. Bollywood Veggies

25. Prata Workshop

Learn how to make one of Singapore's favourite supper food.

26. Gillman Barracks

Act arty for a day.

27. Craft Cafe

Instead of painting, Eat Play Love actually provides craft materials for diners to get creative with after their meals! Great for mums who want to gather with other mums. Just leave the kids at the kids corner diy-ing their kids stuff and mums can create shrink art jewellery for themselves!

28. Nook House of Pancakes

This one is interesting! We can make our own pancakes and also use the bottle to draw cute pancakes ourselves! Quite a unique concept ya?

29. Pulau Ubin

A nice respite an island away, accessible through Changi Ferry Terminal :) When I go there I usually cycle, and this beautiful few is along the path! If you cycle further in, there is also a jetty as well as a look out tower where you can view the island from up high.

30. Farms

Venture into the countryside at the far west of Singapore, where most of our farms are located.

31. Horse Riding

Besides the zoo, horses and pony rides are also available at the Gallop Stables in Punggol. I had so much fun when I rode on this horse for 30 minutes. It's quite a nice experience, especially for city dwellers!

32. Prawning
There are quite a number of prawning sites in Singapore. I found that it's not so much about the skills, but more of the location. I went to a particular one multiple times and always only manage to catch one to three pieces. But after that I tried other locations and managed to catch quite alot! There is a new one at Punggol which is super crowded and happening one! Everytime I go there, the pool is surrounded by so many people, plus there is loud music which really gets everyone into the mood. But I usually try not to use the

33. Picnic

Pack some food and lay mats at the parks or beaches.

34. Cycling at ECP

$6-8 for an hour, it's fun exercise!

35. Kite Flying at Marina Baraage

Buy a kite online or purchase one at Marina Baraage. Marina Baraage is a good place to fly kites because of the abundance of wind and wide empty field to run about.

36. MindCafe

Great way to spend the afternoon with the family or a group of friends with the wide variety of board games available at Mindcafe for a low fee!

37. Ice Skating

Ice skating rinks at Kallang Leisure Park for the easties and at Jcube for the westies. There's one at MBS, but not real ice.

38. Escape Room Games

I am a big fan of Escape Room games! You and your friends are locked in a room and within an hour, try to solve all the puzzles with the hidden clues and find the key out of the room! This game requires lots of brains and thinking out of the box. I like how it's so hands-on!

I would definitely want to try all the different ones in Singapore if not for the price... Usually priced at around $20 - $28 per person, it's really not cheap for one hour entertainment! However I highly recommend trying it at least once because it's quite fun and satisfying especially when you manage to break out of the room!

39. Flight Simulator Experience

It was quite boring for me but I guess it's a good experience to try it once?

40. Culinary Class at Tott

Attended a hands-on culinary class in Tott and really like it because of the clean and spacious environment. With the guidance of the teacher, plus well-prepared ingredients and a recipe, cooking is easy peasy!

41. Visit dog cafes

I visited two dog cafes before and really liked the experience! The dogs at Poodle Cafe (1G Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545513 / Call +65 62820809 / +65 9725 3378 to make reservations)
 are very tame and adorable and friendly! Another dog cafe that is quite popular is WTF (We're the Furballs - 45 E Coast Rd, 428765).

42. Kampong Buangkok

Built in 1956, it is the last surviving kampong in Singapore with residents still living in there!

43. Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand

Grocery shopping is more fun when everything is so prettily packaged~ Plus, it felt like I was in an overseas market instead of Singapore.

44. Yacht

For just afew hundreds, rent a yacht out to seas with a group of friends! Take lots of pics!

45. KTV

I love KTV-ing! I remember many years back, I had a group of KTV clique and we would go KTV-ing like 1-2 times almost every week! Famous and popular KTV studios are Kbox, Partyworld, and Teoheng (value-for-money choice because they charge by room instead of pax).

46. Dine in the dark

Dine in pitch-black darkness! It's a really unique idea which also made me cherish my sense of sight.

47. Check out cafes

Click on both links above for affordable and instagrammable cafes!

48. Rollerblade

I first tried rollerblading late last year! Rental of skates are readily available at parks, which makes rollerblading a very convenient activity!

49. Staycation

Plan a staycation with your girlfriends or partner! Local hotels frequently have staycation package promotions, so do keep a look out!

50. Other entertainment in Singapore that I've yet to experience:
Dreamdrive, Go-Kart, Rock Climb, iFly (indoor skydiving), Forest Adventure, G-Max Reverse Bungy (I don't intend to try, no thanks!), Wavehouse, Kayaking or other water sports!

Technically, this makes this list more than 50. Haha. And if all else fails, we always have shopping!

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