Monday, October 30, 2006

after drawing so many pictures for the art project, i almost feel like an artist now :) haha. i'll post up my drawings of boring roads maybe on Wednesday or Thursday.

hmmms. guess what? i was late for my O'level Chinese Paper today -.- whoosh. i managed to complete the whole paper though. One of the composition question was to write a letter to a friend, telling her the benefits and disadvantages of living in a large family. I lied in my letter! haha. i wrote about how WONDERFUL a large family is, while deep down i think that a small family is better. well, at least no one will grumble about me using the computer the whole day, and i'll be the apple of my parent's eyes. yoohoo. i can get more pocketmoney then, because i'll be getting the share that my sister was supposed to get. heees.
i guess the only advantage about a large family is that you can get more presents from siblings on your birthday.

joanne was shocked today because this is the first time i came home without demanding her to get off my computer. im KIND~!! haha. she showed me this flash, which is quite funny :)
(open it in a new window and continue reading my blog!!!! haha.. )

... and well, to compensate for the short post today, i shall introduce this game that i've been playing recently. haha. can practise your typing skills leh! actually quite fun cos the ghosts kept expanding faster and faster as you play longer.

anyway, i was talking to ZhiWei just now when he told me that about 10 years ago, one of the students in my school burnt down the bookshop. OMG. how come i study in my school 4 years liao and NO ONE told me?!!

( dont know whether it's true or not. *CURIOUS* im gonna check for burn marks when i go back to school on wednesday.. hoho )

Sunday, October 29, 2006

awwww. my stomach is so full that i wont even glance at my favourite chicken chop if you put it in front of me now.

haha. i was being filial and helping mum to buy vegetables at the supermarket this morning, when i realised that im actually a very picky person. first, i picked up a packet of veggies that looked perfect, but i explored the veg to see if there were any flaws. oh, saw some holes and so i threw it back into the heap and picked up another packet of veggies. i spotted flaws again, and picked another packet again. this continued for quite some time, until i finally decided that the First packet was the best. haha. i guess people can never be satisfied with what they have, and will always choose to find flaws in something perfect-looking.

alright. i have to rush my art project already.
wish me goodluck for tomorrow's O'level Chinese!!

meanwhile, you guys can play this game i found while being very bored at home yesterday. =X

Snake: flash try-out. by *Simmar on deviantART

the red dot looks like Pimples, and im feeling powerful that i could eliminate it with the four arrows on my keyboard. haha.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

i do wish cockroaches will get cancer and go extinct.

i took quite sometime to realise what this was about. haha~

i don't usually listen to her songs, maybe because most of them aren't my type. However, this song is going to be one great exception. the first time i heard it, i think it was okay okay only. then after the 3rd or 4th time, i got quite addicted, and kept replaying it. haha. this shows that although you might not love 'something' at first sight, but you might after some time.
here are the lyrics. i think the slanted words are really meaningful, and somehow bring out some of the feelings inside me.

well well well, let's stop being emotional and get on with some relaxing stuffs. haha. i went to visit my cousin JunYuan yesterday, to celebrate his ONE-Month of living on earth :)

Yoohoo~ i seldom take self potraits outdoors. haha.

This is JUNYUAN~!!

i had a hard time trying to take a photo of him because there were so many aunties surrounding him and carrying him at every single minute. finally when he was put to sleep, i crept next to him when no one was looking and..... SNAP.
haha. blur photo because the moment my camera when 'click', he started crying. well, i tiptoed out of the room and pretended nothing happen. =X

in case it crys upon seeing me, i took this picture from quite far and zoomed in. haha. this was the BEST shot i could get.

Played with this two adorable cousins after awhile. at least they won't cry when i take photos of them.
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

errr. i think i played with the toys more than i played with the kids x)
Look at this BIG yakult~!

and this one is so CUTE!! awwwww. it is better than the real thing, because i can squeeze and squash this one. haha.
i got bored playing with the toys after awhile and began to do something i loved most. CAMWHORING!!!

i have fat legs. please suggest some ways to slim those down without exercising and money! ....i guess it's impossible =(

i had a little MORE eyebags that day because i chatted with Vincent the previous night from midnight till 4am in the morning. grrrr. he owes me my sleep -.-

( it seems that my posts are becoming more and more boring. grrrr. i want to see a table walking on it's own or one yellow monkey holding an umbrella please. )

Thursday, October 26, 2006

warning: a very boring post-

im flying off to paris tonight...............

in this little toy aeroplane i found at [Toys'R us] :)

Yes, we went to [Toys'R us] today to relive our childhood days. other than Denver who kept claiming that he hates his childhood, the rest of us had a nice time touching all the toys there. hees.

The Game Of Frustration:
Yikai and me stood beside the shelf and wasted some time playing this game because no matter how hard we try, we still couldn't win. grrrr. we were supposed to roll the ball without dropping the ball into the holes till we pass hole number20. my highest record was only 9 though =(
I think i should buy this toy for mum. nextime when she couldn't think of any 4D numbers, she can play this game and decide the number she wants to buy. haha.

Among all the other cute toys, i think this is the best! =D actually the only reason i like it is because it is in the shape of my favourite food: CHICKEN!
i didn't actually noticed that it was in a shape of a chicken till my third glance. haha.

Fiona was super-crazy today though. She told me to smell this toy-rose because she said there's a nice real flowerscent -.- there's only the smell of cotton actually~

... and she claimed she love this tv. i think she would have kissed the tv if we didn't gave her the Look. haha.

and of all the boring things we did today, we ate icecream. well, a very normal icecream from a very normal fast food restaurant, Macdonalds. haha. the important thing is actually, i finally know how to make this photoshopping effect liao!! =D

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alright. Guess what? i've been enjoying everyday too much that i totally forgot something.

omg. guys, i need some help.
my topic is:
for example: borders, barriers, streetsigns and streetlights; traffic, pedestrians, hawkers, cafes, advertising hoardings, trees and shrubs.

well, i dont think i'll have enough time to do research PLUS sketching and development all by myself in 4 days.
Kind souls out there, if you are really free, please help take photos of Roadsides in Singapore, or search for Photos regarding my topic and send them to me via email alright?
(please indicate 'ROADSIDE' in the subjectbox)

thanks so much~!!

uh oh. i don't know if this is counted as cheating =X

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i was forced to eat a very delicious BIGGGG pig thigh for dinner today because there was nothing else that was edible in my house except for that.

god knows how much fats in that pig thigh has ended up in my stomach.
Please kill me, because i seriously don't want to wake up tomorrow morning to find myself fatter than today.
- - - - - - -

joanne: how to slim down our thighs ar?
me: how i know?? if i know, my thigh now is not like this big liao lor.

Firstly, to freshen up your ears before you continue reading my blog, here's a song i chanced upon in sang by an internet-singer.

The Chinese Version of LemonTree, sang by

i think her vocals are nice and sweet, but i can't help but notice that she's abit act cute. haha. but i still like her voice nevertheless!! x)

LOL. i just went to visit a stranger hunk's blog, and while looking through his very old archives, i realised that the hunk's computer table is the exact design as mine. wahaha. im going to tell fiona that i had the same design of computer table with a hunk. she will be so jealous. well, that should teach her not to make me jealous of her long pretty legs.

alright, since nothing really happened today except that i had a really great mood this morning laughing away about something related to "robert" and "hard candy", i shall dig up something that i was pissed off afew days ago. wakakaka. im unforgiving!!

that fateful morning, the weather was nice because there's no burning sun :)

this was the bus layout from a bird's view. err. well, a bird hanging from the ceiling of the bus. i was sitting peacefully, THERE. *points to my little black circle*

at one particular bustop, up came that Fatbum and his wife.

to my ultimate horror, mr-fatbum sat beside me!

look at how i was squashed by Mr-Fatbum in the end. even my butt had to go out of MY seat. i was feeling so awkward being squashed by him but i was too embarrassed to stand up and sit somewhere else. OMG. there i sat for about 10 minutes, all the time praying that their destination would reach soon. i pity the one sitting beside Fatbum's wife too. haha.

i didnt meant to call them fatbum, because my butt isnt small either. but nevermind lah, cos i dont think they read my blog anyway. hahaha. Mr fatbum should have chose to squash someone with a smaller butt, because i really had a hard time sitting with half-butt! =X

( disclaimer: in case any one of you gets offended because i seems to be mocking at fat people, im sincerely SORRY. im not mocking at them, because me myself is not very thin too. )

here's something that i think is meaningful and encouraging:

When life gets dfficult,
When the task becomes tiring;
When you're about to give up,
always remember that the snail
got to Noah's Ark INCH by INCH.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yoohoo. i went to Weijun's chalet party last saturday, and guess how big was the chalet bungalow??

3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 long corridor, 1 big carpark, 1 bbq pit, 1 backyard, and a super big garden... (the bungalow was even facing the sea. woah)
whoosh. can you imagine how big the whole house is??

Even the biggest bedroom in the chalet is bigger than the biggest bedroom in my house.

and that corridor is long and wide~~

Enough about the house, because the Main Attraction at the party was BBQ~!!

haha. if you didnt realise, it was not the moon. it was just a spotlight hanging from a tree that kept blinding me wheneven i looked into that direction.

there's this cat that kept going near to people who have food in their hands. haha. whenever someone throws a prawnhead on the floor, it will gobble it up in one swooop. after some time, they said to stop feeding it because it would not go away, and might climb up the tables. well, i secretly fed it by throwing food secretly to my back, and the cat gobbles the bacon up~ wakaka. im KIND~!!

canot resist la. it looks adorable:
however, i did not gave the cat my BBQ fish and chicken, because they are all too delicious to be thrown to an unknown cat. besides, the bacon was cold, and that was the actual reason why i fed it to him. lalalala. i had actually took a photo of every single kind of food i eat, but deleted it in the end cos it doesn't look as appetizing as it looks in real life.

And in every chalet party, there's bound to be alcohol~ at first we didn't know it was champagne or wine when they picked the bottle. haha. till now, i still don't know whether it was champagne or wine because i forgot to look when he open the cork.
-.- we drank champagne/wine from papercups.. so unclass and informal!! haha.

i did not camwhore as much as usual because i did not wear makeup that day except a faint line of eyeliner on my eyelids. it's unseenable though. haha. the BBQ also resulted in my face looking oily and glossy, so i ended up deleting alot of photos.
im left with only these few- they looked even worst before editing.

Yes, my legs are fat.

I was around the last few to leave. i reached home at around 2am, and had to wake up early for work the next day. guess what? i woke up with a sorethroat plus a terrible headache.


Monday, October 23, 2006

i wonder why there isn't a shelter walkway from the bustop to my home, and why the rain has to start when im going home, and stop when i reach home. RAIN BULLY ME!!
haha. lucky i have a BurgerKing flyer to protect my hair from being attacked by the fierce dropping raindrops. Hees. now i know the importance of accepting flyer handouts instead of throwing them away into the dustbins beside MRT stations.

i ate macdonalds today again~!! with Fiona, Suping, Denver, ChenChuan and Ivan. wahaha. CHICKEN again! :) if you had read this blog for at least two months, you will understand why i love chicken so much. hehs. we ate quite long, and Denver suddenly said that he wished his FrenchFries holder was bottomless, so that there will be never-ending supply of french fries. we started some crap and ideas about the never-ending frenchfries, and Ivan started to make this:

haha. he wanted me to mention that it was HIM who invented this 'bottomless' french fries holder, so well, i MENTIONED. oh ya. fiona wants me to mention that she was the one holding this incredible french fries holder while i took the photo -.-

And this, is BottomLess Cup, held by denver.
We finally managed to stop crapping and walked around shops. hee! guys seldom tag along with girls shopping...and that's good right? NO, because we ended up walking the 'boys' kind of stores. haha.

i found two WOW things in these 'boys' stores.
First. it was this:


another WOW thing was, i saw one super handsome guy.......err....inside one of those flat and sharp televisions in the BESTDENKI store. haha. i was so mesmerised by this FinalFantasy guy. he's so perfect-looking sia! i wish i could bring him home. awwwww~~



anyway, while i was super focused on that, Jonathan suddenly appeared out of nowhere. well, we accompanied him to eat. Fiona asked me to eat that whitebeehoony thingy.. i still dont know what it's called though.

last of all, Suping gave me 2 sweets that are flown fresh from Hongkong's disneyland. well, it tasted like... MICKEY! haha.

*yawns.* i feel desperately sleepy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

remember that rude girl who ordered me around like a maid?
well, she striked again yesterday afternoon.

at first, she wants me to give her the html codes of my photoalbum. i thought she only wanted the codes, so i told her that the codes are actually the same as the normal blogging codes, just that you have to change the concept a little. after some rude rubbish, she said what she wanted was my codes PLUS my background design.
of course that background was designed by me, and i had not intend to let other people have a photoalbum that has exactly the same background image as mine. she kept insisting that she want my background, and started to get rude, so i started to rude her back.

ANGELA - says:
whats wrong with you

ANGELA - says:
i can credit you anyways.

' ice-angel says:
-.- i designed it for personal use.
ANGELA - says:
just give me the codes will you,i promise not to give others nor steal it
ANGELA - says:
' ice-angel says:
and the reason why i made that photoalbum was to make it to be one-and-only design. i dun care if you make your photoalbum the same concept as me, as to 'choose-album' all that, but i cant give you the background image.

ANGELA - says:
see ur just not giving me
ANGELA - says:
ur just walking around the bush
' ice-angel says:
ONE POINT: i can teach you the concept of the choosealbum that thingy, but i cannot let you use the same design of background~!
ANGELA - says:
ur just not giving me.
ANGELA - says:
find dont mind me taking some revenge.
ANGELA - says:
you will regret.
' ice-angel says:
what im telling you is, i can teach you the concept of the choose album that thingy, but i cannot let you use the same design of background, because that's personal.~!

*and she proceeds to change her msn nick*

what childish?
if youdont want to give me the codes tell me! thats all you have to do no need to tell me these as if ******* will also think you rock.let me tell you im his sister. neither i will ask him to accept you this bitch.he didnt tell you he have a sister right.he dosent care about little small childish brainless girl you think your pictures rawk?its simply a few pounds of fats

( who the hell is her brother???)

like but sticking in there and that tongue? u wan people to cut off right?

(she was referring to my msn display pic -.- )

ice-angel says:

' ice-angel says:
who is he?
i wont tell you
' ice-angel says:

childish little brad
' ice-angel says:

after that, she asked for the butterfly brushes, and so i found it and gave it to her. and i asked her who her brother is again. guess what she told me??

she says she hasnt found the butterfly, so i have to wait till she finds it. -.-
WHAT HAS HER FINDING THE BUTTERFLY GOT TO DO WITH ME??!! she's being too unreasonable.

actually from her display picture, she is quite pretty lah. but she's got to learn some manners when she is asking for a favour from a stranger.

she claims she's older than me, but she seems to have the mentality of a primary 6. can't she understand the meaning of a PERSONAL blogskin??
and i still dont know who her freaking brother is. im not even going after any guy currently. duh.

im the kind that when you are polite and nice, i'll help you in any way i can. if you start being a little rude or unreasonable (especially when you are a stranger) , i won't tolerate you.

*updated: i just found out who she is. i viewed her friendster and.... ha. ha. she's just a primary6 little girl~~ *

*DISCLAIMER: sorry if i offended all primary6s. but im only referring to her :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

daddy is breaking up my computer into smaller pieces just to insert something new, so for now i can only use his computer that has a super wierd keyboard. if i dont sound like myself this few days when i blog, blame it on daddy's wierd keyboard lor. haha. =)

well, the good thing about this computer is that popups are disabled, so i dont have to see those freaking advertisement popups whenever i refresh my blog~ hehes. that's great because im getting super irritated by those advertisments. i wished i know how to scare them off.

here's one matchstick game to test how clever you are. from these 6 matchsticks, move only ONE of them to form 4 triangles.

stop racking your brains, here's the answer.

hehes. i guess most of you will also get the answer wrong, just like me. UNLESS........ you cheated and asked your grandfather for the answer.

Once in a lifetime- by ShinHwa

i kept playing this song recently, but i have absolutely no idea what the song is about, except that it has something to do with flying to the star. haha. make sure it doesnt fly wrong direction and bang into one of the five stars on the Singapore's Flag..

okay okay.
i admit i have nothing to blog about, and that's the reason for all those nonsense today.
so.......... please forgive me!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

today was a bad day.
no reasons for it being bad, but i just didnt feel like smiling and nothing seems to take away my baddy mood.

suddenly cried justnow, & i dont know why.
i seriously think that im actually a failure, a failure, a failure.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me and Fiona were on the way walking back to class after recess, when MissYeo stopped us. She asked fiona to help her carry her pile of worksheets, and asked me to hold her water bottle for her. guess what i saw on her water bottle??

Cash tied to the bottom of the bottle with a rubber band. haha. i laughed and asked teacher why she placed the money there. well, she answered that it was because she couldnt find any other place to put her money...
-.- fancy those words coming from a cool english teacher!! her answer sent me and fiona laughing all the way from the 1st storey to the 3rd storey. haha.

Anyway, i watched the movie WorldTradeCenter.

it's actually about the 911 terrorist incident, and they reacted it from true life stories. when the screen showed one of the leading actors talking, SL suddenly told me that this guy will not die in the end.

SL: this guy in the end wont die.
Me: why?? *puzzled*
SL: because if he die, how the director will know what he said that time??
Me: *almost fainted*

alright, the show was quite draggy and more of the storyline was focused on the two policemen trapped under some heavy stones. actually what i wanted to see was how the two towers fell~!! well, they didnt show that :(
it was really touching to see so many people supporting each other during disasters and the best thing was that even strangers helped strangers :)
i felt super-pain when i see those fire and heavy things falling on people. i began to wonder what i would do if i was the one there. if i was alone, i would probably have given up. i cant even bear the slightest pain such as getting stomach cramps~! haha.

i would rather 1000 crocodiles attacking singapore than an aeroplane flying through Singapore's Suntec City's tower.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

from the moment i climbed out of bed happily, a series of disasters happened one after the other, and all added up to a BAD morning.
i shall wake up unhappily in the future.

the worst thing that happen was that my handphone is now officially paralysed. this morning when i flipped the phone open, the screen remained BLACK. i panicked, switched off the handphone, took out the battery and simcard, placed everything back and flipped it open again. instead of my beautiful wallpaper, i saw black AGAIN~!! grrr. after experimenting with it for afew decades, i finally found ONE way to see my beautiful screen.
...................well, Flip it halfway.
gosh. people will think im crazy when they see me typing messages with the phone half-flipped.


i wonder if someone would come up and tell me that the handphone is not a laptop. if that happens, i would smack the handphone at that person and tell her:
"can't you see my handphone is spoiled?? stupid, pay me $300 to buy a new one!!"
*evil laughs*
of course i wont do that if he's a hunk :)
i will smile sweetly and wait for him to give me $400.
alright. im daydreaming again... WAKE UP!!

haha. i want a new handphone~
(errr, must got good quality camera one. if not i dont want. haha.)

to sympathise with my bad morning, i went out to buy clothes.
bought this~!

it was a little too big for me, but i dont care.
i just told myself i HAD TO buy that.

alright. here are new photos again~ i had a conclusion today that i shouldnt put makeup for the next two weeks because new pimples are popping out and saying "hello" to everyone from my face already!!

hahaha. i made myself GREEN~~!! im ghosty :)