Tuesday, October 17, 2006

from the moment i climbed out of bed happily, a series of disasters happened one after the other, and all added up to a BAD morning.
i shall wake up unhappily in the future.

the worst thing that happen was that my handphone is now officially paralysed. this morning when i flipped the phone open, the screen remained BLACK. i panicked, switched off the handphone, took out the battery and simcard, placed everything back and flipped it open again. instead of my beautiful wallpaper, i saw black AGAIN~!! grrr. after experimenting with it for afew decades, i finally found ONE way to see my beautiful screen.
...................well, Flip it halfway.
gosh. people will think im crazy when they see me typing messages with the phone half-flipped.


i wonder if someone would come up and tell me that the handphone is not a laptop. if that happens, i would smack the handphone at that person and tell her:
"can't you see my handphone is spoiled?? stupid, pay me $300 to buy a new one!!"
*evil laughs*
of course i wont do that if he's a hunk :)
i will smile sweetly and wait for him to give me $400.
alright. im daydreaming again... WAKE UP!!

haha. i want a new handphone~
(errr, must got good quality camera one. if not i dont want. haha.)

to sympathise with my bad morning, i went out to buy clothes.
bought this~!

it was a little too big for me, but i dont care.
i just told myself i HAD TO buy that.

alright. here are new photos again~ i had a conclusion today that i shouldnt put makeup for the next two weeks because new pimples are popping out and saying "hello" to everyone from my face already!!

hahaha. i made myself GREEN~~!! im ghosty :)


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