Sunday, October 28, 2018

Melbourne Day 5 - 9

Finally finishing my Melbourne series. Decided to cramp Day 5 to 9 in a single entry because I really need to move on from this backlog. Haha. Took me hours to sort the images and upload them but I kept telling myself it will be worth it when I look back on old entries in future.

On the 5th day we went across the Yarra River to the South Bank, where we visited the South Melbourne Market and Crown Entertainment Complex.

Inside Crown Entertainment Complex is a casino.

Christmas 2 years back~ Yes this is how long I have procrastinated.

Nice breezy day by the river!

We went back to CBD area for dinner. Although each meal in Melbourne costs averagely around $15 (which is like double or triple our usual street eatery price in SG), the food portion is really huge and would probably feed two.

Day 6

For lunch we went to Sarawak Kitchen. There are alot of Asian eateries here - probably because the percentage of Asians residing in the area is quite high. Never have to worry about missing rice or food back home because it's readily available everywhere!

On this day, I brought my parents around the city while my sister was in school. The CBD area is easy to explore by foot but you can also choose to take the free tram around!

Hosier Lane is one of the must-go places in Melbourne CBD, especially for first-timers.

A whole alley of graffiti.

Haha sorry for the spam but every corner looked good!

Got girly ones also. However, I think every few weeks the wall art would change... So it's a different experience everytime. But a little heartpain when the nicer ones get covered up.

State Library Victoria. Just had to come and take some photos. There was an event going on outside on the day I went and it was crowded.

People playing with huge chess pieces outside.

Back to our apartment for "home cooked" dinner by mum!

Day 8

Shopping day!

Had lunch at this Chinese restaurant.

Then we saw this super pretty building that H&M is housed in!

The interior is also very nice!

Afterwards we went to Chinatown, which was also quite interesting.

State Library of Victoria at night.

Cotton On vending machine. We bougth quite alot of cheap cold wear from Cotton On! Damn happy.

My sister ended school and joined us for dinner. We went into this alley and....

Kena caught into the first restaurant because the host was super persistent in getting us in. Haha. So we thought, okay lets treat ourselves to a nice meal tonight!

Back to the bustling CBD streets and walked pass this shop called Crazy Wings. Couldn't resist the fragrance and we went in to dabao some wings back!

Very messy kitchen but the wings were heavenly.

Found an asian supermarket!

Day 8 we went to Luna Park at St Kilda area. Take a day off to visit if you are in Melbourne too!

Day 9

Didn't do much this day because it was our last day in Melbourne. It was a really enjoyable trip and I liked how Melbourne CBD is so happening and diverse in activities. One regret was that we didn't take the the trip to Philips island for penguin show or feed kangeroos (mum and sis went, and it looked really fun!).

Hope to visit Melbourne again some day!