Thursday, August 31, 2006

oh well.
it was supposed to be a 15 minutes afternoon nap, but... me being me, slept for 2 hours instead. awwww. and that 2hours nap included clicking that 'cancel' button on my handphone alarm for a dozen times. hahas.
it's always like that. everytime i plan to nap less than half-an-hour, i would end up sleeping alot more. that's isnt a good thing, because long afternoon naps leave me with headaches and a terrible temper. hmmms. i hope this longggg afternoon nap has erased some of my eyebags though. =/

alright, have firefox readers realise something different today?? you can actually read my blog! hahas. my blog used to be unreadable by firefox users because my pictures and words would be overlapping each other, and only a genius of IQ307 will be able to decipher it. well, BEN solved it for me..... and he did it within afew minutes!~ wow. im amazed and would be glad to say "ben's an expert!!" to everyone i see except maybe Santa Claus. (uh, random =x)
well, go thank ben again and again for saving my blog!

and... for all the teachers in the world,

......for all the students in the world,
we'll be expecting a
exclaimation from the teachers within exactly ONE MONTH's TIME.

~ woah. im so looking forward to Children's Day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

hohos. hey guys, just to show that im still alive (with fingers).

yea. i was suffering from the almost-fatal blogger's block illness for the past few days.
hahas. im not sure if i've recovered completely from it -.-

anyways, that lame comic up there was just to compensate for the lack of photos appearing in this blog for quite a long time.
*pulls ears*
i did want to upload some new photos of me~~
but my photo-transfer port is throwing tantrums again, so........

Monday, August 28, 2006

{post deleted}

i dont think there's a need for this post to exist anymore.
thanks for the sweet comments and comforts.
we're now okay for the time-being.

so yea, im deleting all of the previous comments for this post too.

cheers everyone.

Friday, August 25, 2006

yea! i watched "THE BREAK-UP" today..
overall, it was quite predictable.
it's just the usual {Quarrel, make each other jealous, things got worst, and then ....break up. }

bads about the movie:
- the main leading actor, Vince Vaughn, is NOT handsome, and is..... FAT.
- the story is all about quarreling. there's actually almost none funny parts.
- no climax.

goods about the movie:
- it's a good sleeping pill.
- jennifer aniston is pretty!
- you get to see her butt =X

yea, im serious! there's a part when Jennifer Aniston walked around the house, naked; and we get to see the butt. hohos.
imagine a 3year-old kid seeing that, and asking his mum:

"mummy, why that auntie never wear clothes walk around?"

..... i pity the mum who would be horrifiedly speechless.

anyways, go catch the movie if you really want to see Jennifer Aniston's butt! after that, you can proudly claim that you have seen Brad Pitt's Ex-wife's butt before.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

me and my sis laughed uncontrollably while reading this:

we are still laughing.

omg.. i need a 'stop-laughing' medicine.
just 45 minutes playing badminton yesterday during P.E. lesson led to arm and muscle cramps the whole day today.
my whole body is treating me wickedly.
i cannot squat painlessly.
i cannot walk painlessly.
i cannot stand painlessly.
i cannot lift my arms to tie my hair painlessly.

it's lucky i could still talk and laugh painlessly though.

anyways, you had better appreciate this little post because i took great pains and hardships to finally publish it.
the connection was not working justnow, even after refreshing it for a million times.
after restarting the com twice, waiting for a thousand decades and discovering that there are cheesecakes in the refrigerator, the connection finally appeared.
...........only a little though.
dad, it's time to buy a new computer.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i thought the craze about that maple game has already faded to some faraway place... UNTIL i found a horrifying truth.
my uncle is still playing it, and my sister recently got hooked.
what's more horrifying, my MUM (yes, my mum, the once Neopets loyal fan), is getting addicted to it too!

my sister has been hogging daddy's computer for the whole day, everyday.
it's a good thing that our house has two computer, because i cannot imagine quarreling everyday with her over one computer. she has practically fixed her eyes on the computer maple screen from the moment she reached home from school, until............. now.

in the past, eavesdropping conversations of teenage boys in a bus would be interesting, all about that pretty girl next door, some lame craps about that old man at the coffeeshop, all that nonsense.

now? their conversations are all about maple-ly kind of things that i could not understand at all. they talk about maple like they are living inside it.
it's lucky fiona isnt hooked on it. i would very much rather gossip with her about boys than some cartoon character. hahas.
she gave up playing after being stuck at level one.
me? i have not even finished completing the signing up form, then i gave up already.
maybe the problem lies with me..


Monday, August 21, 2006

i woke up 5 minutes earlier than normal today.
that made me sleepy for the whole day, and yes, my eyes are still not fully opened yet.
i think im gonna wake up 5 minutes later than usual tomorrow.

well, of the many things that happened today,
one was superbly ridiculous.
i might have broke the world record :)

i sneezed 16 times CONTINUOUSLY.

no, im not having a cold.
it just happened suddenly.
anyway, the sneezing made my eyes even smaller and nose redder,
and Ruoxuan thought i was crying when she saw me.

of all the wierd things,
this had to be the wierdest.
WHY 16??

Sunday, August 20, 2006

im going to my greatgrandfather's funeral tonight.
erm. i mean my grandfather's father. NOT a great grandfather.

i used to have 2 greatgrandfathers- one from my mum's side, and one from my dad's side. the one from dad's side died afew years ago, and the one from mum's side died, afew days ago.

i dont have much impression of this greatgrandfather. i dont remember how he looked like. i dont remember talking to him before. all i remembered was everytime during ChineseNewYears, we would go to his really grand and beautiful house. i used to love his house alot, especially because he has that gym thingy that we can cycle on the same spot forever~

i dont know how i would feel at his funeral tonight. i don't feel any affection for him as a family member, but maybe i would cry as a stranger. i would always feel emotional over anyone's death, even if i might not know the deceased. i feel that life is so fragile and helpless;
it's like within any minute, you could lose any of your loved ones, unexpected.

how i wish everyone do not have to die.
just let Earth expand bigger, so that we can have space for everyone..
:) hahas.

anyway, he died at the old age of 95~
my another greatgrandfather died at age 92..
average life span of a normal person is around 72.
so that means my greatgrandfathers are special~!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

can anyone guess which one is soyabean milk and which is pure milk?


:( im becoming fatter after drinking so much milk this few days. well, actually i prefer soyabean milk to pure milk though. a little pure milks tastes okay, but a big cup of it would make me feel like vomiting....

i still love iceGreentea more!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

everytime i enter a toyshop, if i see this drawing toy, i would definitely pick it up and draw some drawings on it. hahas. if it's drawn to my satisfaction, i would leave it there for the next kid to "WOW" over it. hehes.

went to a toyshop recently and decided to share with you the birth of a beautiful flower.
im lefthanded! that makes me special if i sit in a room where everyone is right-handed. hohos.

the completed work: Pretty Little Flower.

Fiona itchy hand go add the 'Flower' wordings below~

hahas. i wished i could pluck that flower off that board....
i want to bring it home and place it in my flower vase :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i went home in a dumb bus which has no aircon.

i dont know what dumb alien poisoned me,
im suddenly in a badmood mode.
everything looks dumb to me now. grrrrr.

well, went out yesterday. photos uploaded.

blogger's dumb problem again. i cant upload anymore pics already.
the whole world is dumb. i want to sleep.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

im in a cold room, surrounded by another 40 creatures probably from the same species as me. there are 40 other internet-machines that look about the same as the one im using now, and there are 40 mouses moving around as the creatures covers over them with one hand.
bingo! you guessed correctly!
im not in some horror-movie room with wierd creatures and squeaking mouses.
im in the computer lab~ (in school la. not my home -.- )

yay. i think my descriptive-essay-skills are improving..

Monday, August 14, 2006

i wished i had more time.
i want to do SO MANY things!

i hope i have 34 hours per day.
after deleting 10 hours of good sleep, i would still have 24 hours to play, relax, daydream, and do anything.

guess what i overheard a little boy say at the coffeeshop to his mum??

the little boy said:
"mummy, why we everytime come here is eat only?"

go coffeeshop of course eat la.. if not go there kiss the tree meh?
hahas. no wonder people always say small kids ask stupid questions..
BUT!! im sure i dont ask that kind of questions when im a little kid.....or did i??
im gonna ask mum.

anyway, here's the list of my
Boring and Troublesome Things To Complete:
~PhysicThingy- afew days to complete 19 freaking tedious work.
~ArtExamProject- 3 Weeks to complete 8 BIG mounting boards!
~Prelims- less than ONE month to Prelims!! OMG OMG OMG.

i predict im gonna become a Geek.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Please Applause.

it's been a longggggggggggggggg time since i last cracked an egg sucessfully without breaking the yolk. YAY!!
it's something to celebrate for!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

people are always judging other people directly without even reasoning with themselves what made badpeople bad, and what makes goodpeople good.
i think this is unfair to the 'bad' people.
do you realised that in the dramashows on tv, the good people are always those who either have a very loving family, good life, or caring friends?
...and the bad people are always those affected by neglect, broken families, and rejections?

have you guys ever thought about it?
it's the people around them, people like us, who turned them into the kind of person they are.

another example has to do with money.
among your friends, do you ever realised that there are some who always surprise you with little gifts everynow and then, paying for your food, blah blah blah?
and there are some people who are always borrowing money, seldom buying gifts, and always seeking treats from other people?

most people would place the first friend into the Generous People category, while the another one would be sadly placed into the Stingy People category.

in most cases, the Generous one is Rich, while the 'Stingy' one is probably Poor.
do you guys realise that it's so easy to be generous when you are loaded with money, while it's very difficult to be generous when you are poor?
it's not about being stingy. it's just that poor people dont have the means and ability to be very generous. sure, they can. spend all their money on others, and starve themselves?? clever people wont do that.

people just dont try and reason why these people arent that generous, but just condemn them as being selfish.
it's unfair.
it's not like they dont want to be generous... agree?

So in the end, those Rich Generous People get all the popularity, and those PoorPeople would always be treated not-go-goodly.

alright. i guess you have already fallen asleep to my boring lecture. hahas.
" wake up!!! "

Friday, August 11, 2006

i thought that girls are suppose to be the indecisive one.
i realised today that i was so WRONG!!

boys are even MORE indecisive than girls.
Warning: the follow paragraph is extemely confusing. read it only if you are extremely clever. hahas.

me, fiona, and the guys are planning to eat at pizzahut for lunch at first.
then, after waiting outside pizzahut for what seems like decades, they suddenly decided to go eat TeppanYaki. okay, we reached there. the guys stood outside, discussing whether they want to eat it anot, while fiona and me looked at them unsure of the situation. After spending like 99years on deciding whether they want to eat TeppanYaki or PizzaHut, half of the guys finally decided to settle at TeppanYaki, while fiona and me trudge behind the other half of the guys who are heading towards PizzaHut. After reaching PizzaHut, they suddenly decided that they dont want to eat pizzahut. Grrrrr. So, they wasted another 10000 hours thinking whether they want to eat fast food or foodcourt. alright. When they finally decided on fastfood, then another someone suggested PastaMania. alright, everyone reached PastaMania finally. Fiona and i thought that we could FINALLY sit down and eat, then suddenly the guys got tempted by Ajisen nextdoor. Someone suggested to eat at Ajisen. @#$%^&*#!!! well,we ate at pasta mania in the end.

confused? yea. i am too. i can't even count how many foodplaces were brought up.
hahas. nextime someone complains that girls are indecisive creatures, i would dig this blog entry out and show it at his face.

anyway, i scored a DISTINCTION at my Chinese Olevel Oral exam.
congrats me!
it's early in the morning 6.26am now, and my eyes are tempting to shut..

now i know why mum says we should not wake up late.
i woke up at 12 noon yesterday and had trouble sleeping at 12 midnight.
after tossing and turning, rolling and talking to sis for what seems like eternity, i FINALLY fell asleep, only to be waken up by mum's ''wake up liao!'' in afew hours. =.=

i wish i could persuade principal to postpone today's school to 11 am
so that i can continue sleeping.....
no, the wish didnt come true.
i want to go back to my pillow!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

my transfer-port is going bonkers again, and i cannot transfer my photo of a great fruit!

having no other choice, i used the webcam to take a photo of the fruit again..
(i have absolutely no idea to why my webcam is making everything green.)

joanne says: is this an apple or a pear?
esther says: *bursted into laughter* im gonna blog that you asked this stupid question.. hahaha.
joanne says: okay. then im also going to blog that i asked you that question.

it's so obvious that we have nothing to blog about.
she asked me that question was because the apple is Yellow.
FULLY yellow. not even a small spot of redness could be found.

well, in the end both of us were too lazy to cut the apple/pear,
so till now, we still have not uncover the mystery of whether it's an apple or a pear.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

i think that watching fireworks is one of the world's most romantic and beautiful thing. hahas. but the sad thing is.... i would not be able to watch any real fireworks this year, except those on tv -.-

.....why cant the National Day fireworks be rocketed outside my home window??!


ONE REASON WHY i love Singapore is because....
her birthday means that i have two day holidays!


Tuesday, August 8, 2006

My sister is playing with the tomatoes in the refrigerator.
-.- hahas.

anyways, i think there's a lack of my face appearing in this blog recently.
well, here are some photos to remind you guys how i look like.

without spects! x)
-.- fiona's first reaction when she saw this pic was.........LAUGH.
and.... im actually TALL. hohos. =X


Monday, August 7, 2006

things are getting a little eerie this few days..

i was alone at home yesterday when the doorbell rang, followed by some knockings. i knew perfectly well that it was the hungry ghost festival, and i was thinking about what i should do if i were to see a red lady through the peephole.
i did not saw a red lady.
instead.., i saw nothing. no one there.

and then, today.
i fell down for absolutely NO reasons. i was climbing up the stairs when suddenly, i tripped over the air.
lucky i fell on my knees, and not my FACE.
hahas. it's been a long time since i last fell down.

and then..
mum asked me to wait at the main door for her, cos she's coming back with lots of goody goods. so i standed beside the main door looking at the lifts, guessing whether mum would take liftA or liftB.
i saw liftA and liftB going up and down repeatingly, only stopping at the 8th storey and 2nd storey.
are ghosts tired of the famous 13th and 7th storey already??

Sunday, August 6, 2006

my transfer-port is finally working~!!!
hehes..... but blogger's photo-uploading is slow today.
well, another day for photos then.

for now, take my QUIZ!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

im going bankrupt,
because i kept giving all my money to Japanese Restuarants.
last friday i spent loads on SakaeSushiPlace.
and yesterday, i was at Ajisen.

yes. that JapaneseRamenPlace that is owned by a little girl with two buns on her head.
hohos. food there is yummy, except that there's one dish which nearly made me puke just looking at it.

the guys ordered RED SLIMY BABY OCTOPUS.
blood red, super slimy, and in their original shape!..
i dont know if i had eaten any octopus meat before, because even if i had, they were sliced.
NOT in the shape of octopus! -.- at least slice it so that i wont think of babyoctopus when i eat it can??

hmms. im gonna place [RedSlimyOctopus] on the most TOP in my list of NOT GONNA EAT.
it actually reminds me of a foetus. hahas.

well, the ramen and chicken was nice anyway.. im gonna eat there again when im finally unbankrupt, and im gonna make sure no one places any red octopus infront of me.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

my internet is going bonkers~
it is going auto-offline, online, offline, online,

that's the problem with wireless servers.
i dont know why daddy cannot agree to put the mainserver near my computer instead of placing it near his computer that is hidden at the corner of the house.
i get so little connection compared to his superfast connection :(

alright. forget about that.
nothing's gonna change his mind unless i bribe him with one million dollars,
and i know i dont have that MUCH.

im going bonkers too if the OFFLINE-ONLINE thingy starts playing again.
my photo-transfer port is still not working -.-
alright. i couldnt wait any longer.

no choice, in school sent all the photos to fiona's hp,
and she sent to me via msn.
:D yay!
i cant explain HOW MUCH i LOVE fiona and MSN now..

anyways, here are the PHOTOS UPDATE:

--suku's birthday [28 july2006]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Celebration at Sakae SuShi~

(hahas. of course the words is not they say one la~)

GREEN TEA~!! yums!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i like the computer thingy..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yums~ i love this one.
hahas. WeiQi had SIX bowls of it.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the number of plates consumed grew higher and higher~
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

of course i wouldnt forgot to take picture of ME~

... and it took about $280 to feed 6 girls and 8 boys at Sakae.
i want to rob Sakae!!

or maybe i should call it doodles?
hahas. all drawn in class~
(no wonder i fail physics and accounts.)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

--o level artpiece~
finally almost completed after almost one year of hardwork.
*phew* hahas..
ya lar ya lar.. i know your grandmother paints better than me -.-

Last but not least, ME!~

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

they say you are not worth it.
i listened. i gave up.

one day, i will look back and realise you were just another passer-by.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Have you ever saw an egg drop to the floor?

stupid things found at

Now i can proudly say that i've seen an egg drop before.