Saturday, August 12, 2006

people are always judging other people directly without even reasoning with themselves what made badpeople bad, and what makes goodpeople good.
i think this is unfair to the 'bad' people.
do you realised that in the dramashows on tv, the good people are always those who either have a very loving family, good life, or caring friends?
...and the bad people are always those affected by neglect, broken families, and rejections?

have you guys ever thought about it?
it's the people around them, people like us, who turned them into the kind of person they are.

another example has to do with money.
among your friends, do you ever realised that there are some who always surprise you with little gifts everynow and then, paying for your food, blah blah blah?
and there are some people who are always borrowing money, seldom buying gifts, and always seeking treats from other people?

most people would place the first friend into the Generous People category, while the another one would be sadly placed into the Stingy People category.

in most cases, the Generous one is Rich, while the 'Stingy' one is probably Poor.
do you guys realise that it's so easy to be generous when you are loaded with money, while it's very difficult to be generous when you are poor?
it's not about being stingy. it's just that poor people dont have the means and ability to be very generous. sure, they can. spend all their money on others, and starve themselves?? clever people wont do that.

people just dont try and reason why these people arent that generous, but just condemn them as being selfish.
it's unfair.
it's not like they dont want to be generous... agree?

So in the end, those Rich Generous People get all the popularity, and those PoorPeople would always be treated not-go-goodly.

alright. i guess you have already fallen asleep to my boring lecture. hahas.
" wake up!!! "

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