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Monday, October 21, 2019

13 Yao

This happened on 27/28 Sep 2019

My first ever 十三幺 deserves a blog post :)
It was my first try and I am still amazed at how it happened!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Friendship Shoot

Awhile back, the four of us did a friendship shoot together! Super love the photos!

Photos: WithMinn Photography

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Black Mirror

I wonder why it took me so long to discover Black Mirror but I am glad I eventually did! I had totally no interest at first when I saw its title on Netflix because I thought it was horror or some deep and complicated genre.

I was totally wrong because I ended up really loving this series and I think some of the better episodes can even be made into a movie! All the episodes are different stories but each episode features a kind of advanced social technology and its implications to humanity.

Just wanna share my thoughts on each of the episodes! The list here is by episodic sequence but I did not watch them in this order since each episode has its own storyline and happen at different timelines (some in the near future, some super advanced future, etc). I watched the popular episodes recommended by the forums first - White Christmas, White Bear, Nosedive, Hang the DJ, The Entire History Of You, etc.


"The National Anthem"

This is the first episode of the series and does not feature any particular advanced technology... more of just social media. It is quite unlike the other stories in the series but it was thought-provoking. This is one of the simpler-to-understand episode that can be watched in a group setting (I personally feel that some of the episodes needed to be watched alone to be fully immersed).

Verdict - 5/5

"Fifteen Million Merits"

This is one of the episode that received a lot of talk in forums but i personally think it is a bit boring. Most of the action only happens in the 2nd half of the episode. The concept is quite unique though.

Verdict - 2/5

"The Entire History of You"

The tech featured in this episode is a memory device that is installed into everyone, enabling people to retrieve and re-watch memories. It is like our timeline flashbacks on Facebook, except that this one records whatever your eyes see. Even airport customs uses it to view your recent history. This tech is really scary because it means there is no way to lie anymore. I think this is one of the more interesting episodes for Black Mirror and the male lead made me feel extremely uncomfortable with his obsessive and emotionally-abusive behavior.

Verdict - 5/5

"Be Right Back"

The tech featured in this episode is an Artificial Intelligence that can imitate your loved ones, so they can continue to talk and spend time with you after passing away. Its speech is modified to imitate the way the person usually speaks, picking up patterns from his past content online, including videos.

Verdict - 3/5

"White Bear"

This is one of the top favourites of many Black Mirror fans. It is a though-provoking story and kept me at suspense throughout, with a twist at the end. Love this one.

Verdict - 5/5

"The Waldo Moment"

Hmm.... It was meh for me. The tech was not very intriguing too.

Verdict - 2/5

"White Christmas"

One of my top favourites. I enjoyed this episode very much. It's one of my first few episode and it made me want to watch the whole series. I think this episode would make a really good movie and it's kinda wasted of an interesting story that they didn't do that. Just need to add around 20 more mins of footage and it's a legit movie already! Unique premise aside, contrary to online reviews I did feel that the story was slightly predictable. I already knew what the story was going to be about from the start when he commented on the clock.... and when he said something along the lines of "so you are a good man that did something bad" ... and the kid..... I had that feeling when the four friends were dining together. But the story is still good. It is one of the more packed story in the whole series, with 3 parts. I think there are 2 tech featured prominently here - the cookie product and the blocking feature. Both are interesting! This is also one of the episodes which well represents what the black mirror series is about.

Verdict - 5/5


This episode is a fun take of the liking feature we currently have, except that it is now a social rating.

Verdict - 5/5


Quite an interesting episode too! The tech is an implant which allows the user to be fully immersed in a virtual reality game. Lots of twists and turns.

Verdict - 5/5

"Shut Up and Dance"

The tech in this episode is less interesting but still a good episode to watch as we empathize with the main character. 

Verdict - 4/5

"San Junipero"

I liked the tech in this episode. It's such a unique concept. Worth watching!

Verdict - 5/5

"Men Against Fire"

It was an alright episode... the story was simple and less intriguing compared to the rest of the episodes though. I guessed the plot around half way through the series because it was similar to another movie that I watched before.

Verdict - 3/5

"Hated in the Nation"

Ah this one is a mix of technology and social media. The plot is exciting and unique. Do watch this one!

Verdict - 5/5

"USS Callister"

This episode is abit retro with its featuring of an old game, and less realistic. The tech used is also not as interesting as others.

Verdict - 3/5


I was quite bored watching this episode and I think it might be the most meh black mirror story ever. The tech is quite awesome though (except for the mosaic function), as it allows parents to view what the child is looking at. Perhaps it should have a function to stop when the kid turns 13?

Verdict - 2/5


A typical story about a liar who has to lie even more to cover up another lie. This one is to kill even more to cover up another kill. The tech featured in this is something like a predecessor to the memory device in The Entire History of Us.

Verdict - 4/5

"Hang the DJ"

Oh I love the concept of this! In this world, it seem like the characters do nothing except date all day. So two person get paired up by the app, which also tells them how long they have with each other, ranging from just 12 hours to 5 years. It's sad to know you have only two days with someone you are attracted to, and even more saddening to know you have to spend 5 years with someone you dislike. Such a waste of life! I enjoyed the concept and it's one of the stories that I recommend.

Verdict - 5/5


The tech in this story is just an aggressive robotic dog. Story is nothing except about a chase down the woods. I'd say it is quite meh. Not thought-provoking at all.

Verdict - 2/5

"Black Museum"

I recommend to watch this one last, because it features many hints about the other tech in the other episodes. I personally enjoyed this one very much and the story was unpredictable for me.

Verdict - 5/5

"Striking Vipers"

Another story similar to Playtest and USS Calister, about gaming. It's an easy watch but the story wasn't very interesting for me.

Verdict - 3/5

One of the earlier episodes I watched and I was kept in deep suspense throughout. It's not very blackmirror-ish though,  the tech featured is just social media.... Not very advanced. But, still a good story to watch and is closer to probability in terms of time line.

Verdict  - 4/5

"Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too"

This was the first episode I watch and I think it's such a misrepresentation of what Black Mirror is. The episode was okay for me but after watching many other better episodes, this definitely pale in comparison.

Verdict - 2/5

Hopefully there will be another season coming up!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Colmar, France

After Paris, we also visited Colmar on our way to Germany. This quaint town is so photogenic that I was taking photos at almost every turn! There isn't much to do there but it was nice having a slow afternoon strolling along the streets and checking out the pretty shopfronts.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Paris, France

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Vday 2019

This year, we celebrated with a simple valentines dinner at Sofitel!

Super pretty hotel!

Just posting the photos for memories' sake! Food's good!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

CNY 2019

Am I the only one that is super happy whenever I buy something and they give free angpow paper? Hehe. Differentiating the angpows for my grandparents, parents, sister, cousins, and other kids.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Say hello to Baby Lucian!

Just here to share some photos from Baby Lucian's welcome party!

With Lucian and his papa mama Leon and Fidelis!

We have two mummies in the group now!

Growing from 8 to 11!

With Fidelis!!

Super love my ootd for that day~

Saturday, March 16, 2019


It's been two years since we got married and I haven't blog about the honeymoon!!

We went to England (London), France (Paris, Colmar), Switzerland (Luzern), Germany, and Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice). It was my first time to Europe and our trip was super touristy but I love it! We decided to go on our honeymoon within the same month we got married, so that got more feel!

Took Etihad Airways with a connecting stop in Abu Dhabi before finally arriving in London Heathrow Airport!

So so so so happy to be here!!!

First stop at Buckingham Palace. It is super crowded here!

It was time for lunch and we had fish and chips in Bonds (11 Dering St, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom)

I could have nice OOTDs everyday if I live in London!

Red london bus!

And with the famous red telephone booth!

And the Big Ben!! Now you know what I mean when I said our trip was super touristy. The main highlight was going to all these famous landmarks and checking it off my list! We are so lucky to visit before it went behind construction scaffolding for the next few years....

So erm, we were there for quite a long time just snapping picture after picture.

Many people just sitting around and enjoying the afternoon.

And on to the London Bridge! Nope, this one in the photo is not the London Bridge, but the Tower Bridge.

The London Bridge is the one we are standing on, to view the Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge is much prettier.

Next up, the London Eye!

We didn't go up la, just walk around the area.

And of course, a visit to Oxford Street is a MUST, and it is one of the places I like most about London.

Primark, I went crazy in there. Everything is so cheap!!!!

Oxford Street is memorable cos I wanted to pee and I can't find any public toilet at all. Walked down many streets before we found one.

We stayed in Best Western London Croydon Hotel. It is quite a distance away from the main city but it's clean and spacious!

There is small pantry in the room!

We ordered some food from the pizzaria downstairs to go with some takeaways we got near the London Eye.

Breakfast next morning!

At the terminal to board the ferry which brings us to France!

Just a simple ferry. We had food and soon after we arrived at France!!!

Alright ending here for London. Will blog about Paris next!