Wednesday, January 31, 2007

tomorrow's offday

and i'll blog a long post;
IF nothing disturbs me.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Time to add some spice into this boring blog-
A little bit of RA:


Sunday, January 28, 2007

A couple were in the midst of quarreling when they stepped into the shop. I was quite near them so i overheard their conversation. it was something like this:

Woman: Even if it wasn't nice you also dont have to embarass me infront of so many people like that!
Man: But it's really not nice mah. Can you not be so unreasonable??!

it's again a problem about a Woman's sensitivity and a Man's lack of sensitivity. Yes, man do have sensitivity. Only when they spot a small scratch on their dearest new car.

I've seen Mum happily going shopping with her friends and buying back alot of clothes. Her friends are updated on what's the fashion nowsadays, so Mum usually buys back somehow youngy clothes. She was satisfied with her buys and we could see her excitement when she shows us her new clothes.

When Dad comes home, she would eagerly dress up in the new clothes to ask Dad if it is nice. Dad, although super-updated on computer gadgets, still has a conservative mind of what woman should wear. He likes plain straight skirts instead of frilly cute dresses, and he prefers Mum to wear Aunty-clothes instead of "off-shoulder", "high-waist-dresses", and other styles that young people wear. Dad would usually say 'Not nice lar' and Mum would start to think that her new clothes aren't that awesome anymore. A tint of disappointment could be seen on her face, and i would start feeling abit sad for her.

It isn't Dad's fault totally though. He is just the typical singapore man having a lack of sensitivity. Back to the couple in our shop, I could see that the Man thinks that his wife/girlfriend is being totally unreasonable and childish. I know guys see it as: "if it isn't nice, what's wrong with saying it looks ugly??"

Woman takes those words as insult, and would feel embarrassed especially when the Man said it infront of a bunch of other women waiting for the fitting room queue. It's natural for girls to feel that way, because they dont like feeling inferior to other women. Just like me, I dont mind guys being better than me, but i seriously mind it when another girl is said to be better than me when i know im actually better. Dont talk about BeautyQueens and talented pianoist. Im obviously no match for them and i know how much im worth. I dont mean to say that im better than every girl in the world. Im just better than SOME.

i've seen some girls trying on clothes while the man waits outside the dressing room. that's good because it shows that the man is concern about what the girl is wearing. It's totally better than man waiting outside the shop impatiently and asking a "you finish buying already anot~??" every ten minutes like he doesn't care what shit the girl is wearing. Back to the gentlemanly men who wait outside the dressing room, i've seen some men who says "nice", "good", "awesome" on every dress the girl comes out in. Although we girls know in our heart that the men isn't speaking from his heart and that the dress isn't as awesome as his tone, we feel better because we know we look nice in his eyes even in the ugliest dress on earth.

For guys, nextime a girl asks you to comment on the dress she's wearing and you think it's totally ugly, take another dress for her to try and say:
"why not you try this one and we compare?"
And after she has worn the second dress, you can say "i prefer you in this dress more than that dress"

Or maybe, if she has taken 3 or 4 dresses into the dressing room, you can just easily say: "I think you look more amazing in the another dress"

And guys, if you think this is troublesome and too bootlicking, forget what i've just say and just continue telling your wife/girlfriend: "no, you look totally ugly wearing that"

After that, be ready for a slap.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I suddenly missed those days when i could have so much time to sit infront of the computer doing random things. I dont even have the time to update much longer posts or edit my blogskins now. grrr. My next off-day is still so far away :(

FashionLab at wisma has a new promotion starting today for 3 days, 20% off storewide. However, this means that more people will see me in my Clowny New Uniform. grrr.

*Looking at Mirror and Laughing at my own Reflection*

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shunlai surprised me yesterday when he appeared outside the shop with a cake after my work. haha. I love those simple actions that people around me do ^^ thank you!

( exceeded bandwidth again =x )

please notice me on which skin is having the problem. so far, i've only edited 2 skins which have been reported.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Before i start, i shall upload a HOT picture for you guys.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yes, Hot.
not me, but the fake flames. haha. Imagine that burning your $69 dress.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At the age of One,
I was extremely playful but everyone loves me.

At the age of Two,
I got lost in public as usual and asked a stranger whether he has seen my daddy.

At the age of Three,
I had a Gigantic Garfield birthday cake.
I only remembered it because of the old photos.
I forgot how it tasted like.

At the age of Four,
I asked my mum for a baby sister, and Pop~
she came out of mummy's bloated stomach.

At the age of Five,
I started first day of Kindergarden without crying.
I was too busy playing the toys.

At the age of Six,
I became shortsighted and wore my first nerdy spectacles. i had purposely made my eyes bad because i thought spectacles is a fun toy.

At the age of Seven,
I got bullied by the class bully. I dont think he remembers it. Grr!

At the age of Eight,
I won a Peacock drawing contest.

At the age of Nine,
I hated maths, because i was terribly bad at it.

At the age of Ten,
I loved maths, because im always first in class.

At the age of eleven,
I played catching everyday during recess and finally lost those fats which made me listed in the overweight club for past 2 years.

At the age of twelve,
i hated my freckles.

At the age of thirteen,
I used the twit language like everyone else.

At the age of Fourteen,
i was the first one to pay 20 cents for not tucking in my uniform.

At the age of Fifteen,
I accidentally made my handphone swim in the washing machine before it finally drowned.

At the age of Sixteen,
I created this blog and gave it a stupid name called
The Miracle Season.

At the age of Seventeen,
im at

17 Years of Youth on Earth,
I overcomed fears, and took up new skills.
I challenged difficult tasks,
and worry endlessly about my flabby arms.
I learnt alot and im still so short.
I think im typical, yet with abit of difference.
that's me, Ice Angel.

Those 17 yearly facts about my life were probably the most uninteresting things that happened to me. i think interesting things are better to be left alone undetailed in my memories. And lastly, im writing this because i really really really want that canon-ixus-60. I shall end this blog entry with a big dot.

Today's OFF-DAY again!

i remember having alot of things to blog about, but i instantly forgot about them after opening this blogger window. grr!

Shunlai told me he read this online story that day and he has been pestering me to read it ever since. After he summarised the story, i realised that it was the same online story i read afew months ago. For those loyal readers who have been sticking with me since long ago would have known about it already. I remember stating that i cried in the midst of reading the story. haha. it's about a girl who doesn't like talking because she believes that when she curses someone, the curse would come true. A guy came along and helped her believe that it wasn't true. Like any other love story, the girl soon develop feelings for the guy. Like any korean drama, the girl found out that the guy had an illness and would die soon.

here's the trailer. and yes, it was the music of this trailer which made me fall in love with the story all over again.

the story link:
i've not read the last 3 chapters because to read it, you would have to buy the book. I hope the book that Shunlai ordered would arrive soon. wahahaha.

Anyway, i was reading Jayleif's blog justnow when i stumbled across this website where it would transform your face. Look at this!

Original photo:

this is how i would look like if im a.....

Comic character & Afro Carribean ( African?)

Baby. & Caucasian (not pretty lei...)

I looked much cuter than that when i was a baby -.-

Here's two photos to brainwash your memory of those ugly photos. haha.

try transforming yourself!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I finally have the time to transfer photos from my handphone to the computer! And yea, i promise this post will be longggggggg. Did you notice that i hardly took camwhoring photos recently? Especially my FACE. hahaha.

here's a caution to those who hate looking at my face:
please leave this blog immediately in case you end up puking in the toilet. i know it's not a very pleasant experience to face the toilet bowl for 2 long hours.

Tada! For those who stayed on despite the risk, here's a random photo of myself in case you people forget how i look like. hees. I know this photo looks super weird, but no choice lah. i haven't been taking photos of my face for ages, so there isn't much to choose from.

I was lazing around at work yesterday when i saw Eric, INSIDE the shop. i thought maybe i had seen wrongly, and went into the fitting room to chat with Joyce. my handphone rang, and so i went into the storeroom to talk on the phone, immediately forgetting that Eric is still inside the shop. haha. suddenly joyce knocked on the storeroom and told me that people are asking for my assistance. alright, i realised that my eyes havent been playing tricks with me, and the person i saw was really him. As i was talking on the phone, i told Joyce to tell them that i was in the toilet. I hung up the phone after awhile and went out in the end. Eric was there with Wangguan and two other girls i dont regconize. Omg lah. my first reaction was so damn shocked. i expected Girl-Friends to come, not Guys. i can't possibly entertain them by saying:
" Hi, would you like to try on this dress? It's pretty!"

haha. Can male friends kindly notice me beforehand, in case i get shocked again? thanks alot -.- it's so wierd to bump into males in a ladies boutique. even wierd when i actually know who they are.

New arrivals have been coming in recently, and i had fun trying them out. Here's some photos. Which one should i buy??

when i say FLAT, i meant the top and not my stomach.

I dont like the dress. i just liked the pose.

I dont intend to buy this one though. I looked so wierd in this. Maybe it's not suitable for my character. haha. it looks cute on another smaller-sized salesgirl though.

My day yesterday have pretty much been a bad one.

And so... i pampered myself with chocolate ice-cream lastnight, which was yummy and at the same time, sinful to my un-flat stomach. Grr!! Any Unfat chocolate icecream in the world?

(anyway, can someone tell me more about paypal or any other internet banking transactions?)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some very amazing photos here! These are chalk drawings on the streets, but they looked realistically 3D.

(the guy on the right and the beer on the left is real.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Conclusion: the artist is a real Genius.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Click on PLAY:

So Cute!! Especially the parts where they stop to catch a breath. haha.

my highest record of listening them saying so many thankyous is 47546. haha. they become quite irritating after awhile.

it would be great if there's a 'Sorry' version. Guys can use it if they made their girls angry, because im sure it'll work :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Before i start blabbering my usual random nonsense, here's something serious i want to ask. Can someone tell me more about PayPal or other more famous internet bank transaction services? How to use, and how much i have to pay? Tell me as much as you know. thanks!

it's my first Off-Day today and it seems that i have so much things to do at home. haha. and yes, i made a new blogskin for submission to since i guess i wont have much time for the next afew weeks.

the link:
do help to rate, download and favourite it if you have a blogskin account alright? thanks alot!

New arrivals came in yesterday at FashionLab and while packing the stocks, we couldn't resist our temptations and flew to the fitting room one by one to try on the new apparels before hanging them up for customers. haha. i fell in love with this dress and NICE daddy bought it for me. Alright, it was actually labelled as a top, but since it could cover my butt decently, i shall wear it as a dress. heee.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
$39. Orange Or Green.
Oh ya. FashionLab has also chosen another one of the new arrivals for the salesgirls to use as a uniform.... and the best thing is, they are giving those uniforms to us temporary staffs too! =D yay. now i wont have to wear all black everyday. *opens champagne*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i've been attracted to Paris Hilton's 'Nothing In This World' for quite some time, but have never got around to watching it's music video. Found it today and although i feel the lyrics are super-unrelated to the video, i love it anyway. (especially the part when the boy walked into the school with Paris Hilton. heee)

Dare to Dream.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

it's time to clear the thing about my English.

alright. why the sudden increased attention about how well my english is? is it THAT important? people view my blog for fun, and not because they want to learn English. so do you guys mean that people who dont use perfect english and makes grammar mistakes unqualified to blog? Excuse me, the dictionary describes blogging as: "to write an online diary". Does it include any rule that the blogger MUST use perfect english? No.

im not going to start comparing myself with other bloggers who have worse english standards than me. at least my english isn't that bad to the state that people dont understand any bit about what im blabbering about right? Grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, Everyone will make mistakes. You guys think i stay in front of the computer everyday whole day just to edit my blog entries and make them perfect? Sorry, but this is not an English Exam.

Im genuinely sorry if my english mistakes irritated you, but you can actually choose not to enter my blog ever again. if you dont mind, i welcome you to stay.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Stretch the corner of your eyes to read the text in the picture above. Amazing! I wonder who invented this. He must be a genius who was too bored. haha.

No Sex cause Bad Eyes.
But sex causes endless worries when your monthly blood donation doesn't come on time.

I'd rather choose to have bad eyes.
Bad, but pretty eyes :)

I sudddenly feel like wearing coloured contact lens,
and i want longer eyeslashes. Mine is so damn short!
My first off-day is on this Wednesday!

After 4 days of starting work as a sales assistant, i got my first shock yesterday. two china girls came into the shop and since the other sales assistants are busy, i went over to serve them. they picked 2 dark blue pants, and proceed to the fitting room to change. the thinner one went into one of the cubicle and closed the curtain. the second one placed her bag in another cubicle, and proceed to undress her pants OUTSIDE the cubicle, right beside me! Omg. lucky there wasn't any other customers around at that time. I saw her pink lacy semi-transparent underwear. i didn't know what to do but i ended up feeling embarrassed and looked away. It feels so wierd to look at some stranger adult girl changing pants infront of you lah!

i received a sms from XiaoPing last night to put her blog link in my next blog post. so here it is:

anyway, i found out that i won an ipod shuffle!
Click here: random winner

hehs. i wonder what colour it is. i dont know whether i want to sell it away so that i have some spare cash to spend on clothes, accessories and makeup, or use it since my own mp4 has already turned from white to grey, glass scratched, and one side of the earpiece spoiled. hmmmm.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

When you think you are the unluckiest person in the world having a bad day, remember this picture. There's always someone out there who's having a worst day than yours.

Anyway, would you people stop comparing me and Xiaxue? Stop comparing our blogs and how i speak. for goodness sake, she's 20+ and im only 17! Moreover, our blog contents are usually way different, duh. What's there to compare about? Me is Me, and She is She.

About the layout, her's is professionally done by ShearNation, and i've never thought of reaching that standard in blog designing because i know my skills are mediocre compared to others. Read my blog if you want and pardon my english. Scram if you are looking for a language perfect blog, because mine's not.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Random Update about the past few days.

have not blogged about those days before i got this job, because blogger hasn't been nice enough to let me upload my photos. Since blogger is feeling much better this morning and allowed me to upload 3 photos, i shall risk being late for work and throw in some new paragraphs into my blog :)

alright, i met up with my lovely XiaoPing that day, to get her ears pierced, shopping and job interviewing. hees. She shorter than me (*smiles in glee*) but cuter than me (*frowns*).. haha. nevertheless i had a fun day, and so does she. wheeets~

I fell down in the library though. i think i've not fell down on my butt for around 2 years already lor! Such an embarrassing sight. One lucky thing was that i didn't fell on my face =x

I love the library's Ice Chocolate. I focused more on the Ice Chocolate than what i was supposed to be doing. haha.

the next day i was supposed to meet Denver. Denver brought SernWern along, and both of them complained when i counted 17 mrt stops from Denver's house to Jurong. haha. On the train SernWern slept & it was lucky that he did not snore. I think Denver was daydreaming about icecream.

I was late for my interview appointment and because the interviewing time was super long, i had to leave Denver and SernWern to fight the heat outside the cold office. aaaahh. sorry guys! They told me they went up and down the lift several times just to get some cold air. i wonder if the security guard would think that they are two crazy guys or what. hahahaha.

We travelled back to Tampines to meet JunYuan for lunch, but in the end i left them and met Shunlai for lunch instead. Felt abit guilty for wasting Denver's and SernWern's time.

Denver! Hope you can find a job soon~ (so that you will stop grumbling. hohos) oh ya. and i still think you look nicer in Brown hair.

Fashion Lab at Wisma Atria is at B1-40B.

oh no. im rushing late for work. BYE!