Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Traditional Bak Kut Teh

After one of our movie date nights at Shaw Balestier, we crossed the street to have traditional Bak Kut Teh. I am a big fan of Bak Kut Teh.

The correct way to make the tea was supposed to be 1) wash the cups using the hot water 2) Add some tea leaves into the pot and pour in the boiling water and cover the lid 3) Wait for awhile and then serve. ** Edited: Oh my sister says that we are supposed to wash the cups with the first tea brew....

But he skipped step 1 and poured the whole big packet of tea leaves into the pot. And so, we had thick bitter tea for the rest of the meal -.-"

I prefer the herby brown type of Bak Kut Teh, although this peppery clear soup is fine too. Love the salted veg as they are a great side dish to eat with the rice.

A simple meal like this is enough to make me very happy :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Reverie Pleats Dress



Girls just can't get enough of lovely pink dresses. This is the latest addition to my wardrobe! I love the pretty cutting and versatility of it. It's so easy to style and wear!

This Reverie Pleats Dress is specially manufactured by DancingTeevee. Besides pink, other colors on the palette include Mustard and White (with inner lining, not sheer!) which comes with a black sash. There is also a choice of Black, which comes with either pink or mustard sash.

Originally a Zara Inspired piece, DancingTeevee spent weeks of modification before achieving this delightful piece! Pair it with a blazer for work and adding a simple necklace jazzes it up for an outfit for town. The simplicity of the dress is what I love most! Also, the fabric quality is good. Made of polyester-cotton mix, there is a hidden zip at the back.

Join the mailing list of DancingTeevee for awesome deals and quote "esther" for $1 off! http://dancingteevee.livejournal.com/

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New guinea pigs!!

When SX first told me that he wants to adopt guinea pigs, I strongly refused to let him do that. One, I felt that we did not know how to properly take care of these pets. Two, it was just after he watched the movie Alvin & the Chipmunks, so I felt that his interest might only last at most 2 weeks. I did not want him to irresponsibly abandon them after his interest wears off.

He went to get the guinea pigs from his friends anyway. Tsk.

I've never been very fond of animals. I like the cute ones, but I had never wanted to care for them as much as the average animal lover. To be exact, I don't really have much interest in them. But after having these two guinea pigs, I realise that I love these two little kiddos alot! I miss them all the time and want to visit them as much as I can.

Their names are Brownie and Panda. The names are super uncreative and uncute right? That's because they were named by him, not me. Haha. I would have given them some witty names! He actually invited me over to name them, but I realised that even before I could think of a name, he has already started calling the black & white one 'Panda'! I guess Panda is quite suitable for it, because of the black patch across its eye, so I decided to just let the name stay.

Panda is the more greedy one. I love it when its eyes brighten up and crept towards me whenever it hears me opening a packet of food.

However.. to be honest I personally think that Brownie is cuter :x I might be a little bias here although I wish to be equal to both of them. But Brownie got that super cute face and its fur is so nice! Love the color!!! But its fur is very messy, unlike the other neat furballs when I see other people's guinea pigs!

Anyway, they are both girls! This picture below was during the first few days, while SX was cleaning their initial cage. They stood nearby to watch!

We are both afraid that they would pass away suddenly because we have bonded some love with them... It'll be very saddening and I'm not prepared for it at all. I did alot of research on the internet so that we can take care of them properly. We are not sure how old these guinea pigs are too. I think they should be around 4 - 5 years old, since they had a previous owner.

I also bought many food and toys for it. Shall blog about how we set up a whole new housing for them in another entry!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dressing two years lesser than your actual age


When I saw this adorable piece of dress from Millywalker, I knew that I would definitely love it. I don't usually go for this style, but I think it's quite suitable for me! I feel like my age went down at least a couple of years haha.

Some other dresses I really like from Millywalker:

There are many other lovely designs but they are sold out! Join their mailing list so that you can be the first to grab the best designs next time. Besides that, you also get $3 discount off first purchase if you are on the mailing list!

Not enough? Quote 'Esther' to get an additional 5% discount!


Remember to check out the sale section. This dress below is only $16! Other items go as low as $8!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Of dreams and hopes

And so, the squid picture looks revolting as the top entry so this entry's sole purpose is just to push that entry down.

After two awful years, I did not dare to look at my zodiac horoscope during this lunar new year. It would have been depressing to know that this year was going to be bad as well. I think I would rather not know. At least it keeps the hope alive. I prefer to read horoscope that encourages, say the good things, and give advices to block the bad, rather than those that directly say what bad things will happen to you this year.

For example... I'd rather hear "You need to control your temper this year and spend less on unnecessary things" than "You will quarrel with alot of people this year and will go bankrupt because you keep buying new shoes". Right?

An outfit I wore for shopping some time back:

Dress from Missqueenie.com
Sandals from Rubi

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fish in squid

My sister took this picture on CHU-XI, while mum was preparing for Reunion dinner. She was clearing the squid's stomach when she found this fish inside.

THE WHOLE FISH. Squids don't chew before swallowing? Haha.

It's not buy 1 get 1 free though. Remember, squids are bought according to weight. So mum paid for the extra weight but different value!

Clever scheme for fishmongers!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY nails

My nails for Chinese New Year

Nice right?!! I wanted to do something red and simple but cute, so I ended up with red base, polka dots and white bows! I love it so much!

Done at: Milly's Salon
Manicurist: Yen

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Re-creating looks for CNY

Re-creating looks for CNY

Fret not if you did not manage to get new clothes for CNY visiting tomorrow. It's too late to head to the shops now, but you can recreate new looks from your current wardrobe!

Here are 3 items from Clubcouture that I have worn a few months back. Today, I'm going to change the way I wear them and turn them into a total new look!

This look is made up of a top, previously worn this way: Click Here To view. And the floral skirt was worn like this previously: Click here to see picture.

A muted reddish color and floral prints are perfect for CNY visiting, especially for those who are not into wearing too bright colors yet have to wear something suitable for CNY. The gold bangle is to add some "Huatful" color to the outfit and the polkadot headband is to add to the cuteness to get more angbaos! Haha.

And this red top, previous worn the boring way (click here to view pic) is now a vivid and young outfit, totally perfect for CNY! Gold ring and gold necklace is to add to the huatful-ness again. Hahaha. Wearing shorts will allow you to sit down on the floor and play with the kids easily!

Established in 2009, ClubCouture caters to professionals and fashion-forward individuals.

ClubCouture’s signature designs vary from sweet and darling styles to chic versatile corporate wear. From quality lace shifts to georgette satin dresses, they’re sexy and feminine but work in the office to with a jacket or cardigan.

ClubCouture is one of Singapore’s favourite online shops, with also a strong customer following from Australia, Europe and even the U.S. Featured in many worldwide media and magazines, ClubCouture has been worn by actress Michelle Chia, 987fm DJ Rozz and Miss Universe’11 winner Leila Lopes to name a few.

Check out Clubcouture's CNY lookbook/collection for more inspiration!

Lookbook: http://www.clubcouture.cc/lunarlookbook/
Collection: http://www.clubcouture.cc/lunar


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The White Rabbit

I've always wanted to dine at The White Rabbit since a few years ago but never had the chance to. The restaurant is converted from an old chapel, and there is this countryside, whimsical feel to it. Me and my boyfriend are not exactly rich, so dining here even for special occasions were out of the question. Attended an event there once, but it's not the same as really dining there.

Last year in November, I finally had a chance to really dine there! It was a work meeting with our partners from Korea. (Anyway, after multiple encounters of working with Koreans, I realized that the females have really good skin! I wonder if it's the weather there.)

As it was a work thing, I did not bring out my usual camera. The lousy shots below were sneakily taken with my mobile phone when the boss was not looking!

I prefer the ambiance in day time though. Towards night time although romantic, it was a little too dark. I love the white country feel!

I had seabass for my main course. It's very yummy!

Could not take pictures of the other food, but I managed to get a picture of the staff cooking our dessert in front of us.

It's an orange thingy. Surprisingly taste good!

Would love to dine here again.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anyone wants to read an excerpt of my 15 year old diary and 12 year old storybook??


My sister was doing spring cleaning around her table and she found 2 astonishing things.

1. A 'Storybook' I wrote when I was Primary 6. Book with illustrations at the front page, a summary page at the back, got a "this is for blah blah blah ....." page and has 8 chapters. Plus... with a "fan club" subscription page!! Anyone interested? I think I will scan and put it up here. Haha.

2. Hand-written diary of when I was 15. Most of it is about me and my crush and the journey of me confessing to him and all that. PLUS GOT EXACT TIMING ONE.

Also, you know what, I was so shock to read that I had confessed to him. All the while up till now, in my memory I thought that I never told him before and that he did not know anything leh. WTF!!! I even have his rejection sentence written in the diary!!

And then I also have a picture of him slotted inside one of the page. Haha! Plus another male classmate (I have no idea why this classmate's picture also inside omg)...

&&& You know last time FM93.3 got the "xian ge ji yi", where the DJ will read love stories and then dedicate songs? I wrote a story for me and that crush. But I didn't submit it. Now when I read it, I laugh like mad! Plus it's even written in Chinese!!! LOL.

I had a few guys chasing me at that time, so I also had a flow chart listing the "pros" and "cons" of dating each one. The points are damn funny lah! Like under bad section got "can't talk on phone", "younger than me", etc. And another one is "ahbeng type" Hahahah... and wanna hear the epic part? The "ahbeng type" point is listed under GOOD.

Really have to thank my sister for stealing my diary those days. The words and feelings inside are as raw as can be, something that this blog can never ever be.

Let me take out a quote from my diary in exact spelling: [Todae mi sms him 16 times.]
HAHAHAHA. Is that even diary-worthy?????? Hello blog readers, today I sms my boyfriend less than 10 messages worrrr~ Hahahahaha.

Okay lah, don't so kee-siao already. Will definitely scan and show you all one day! :D I hope that this particular crush does not read my blog. I don't think he would. He's too cool for all this blogging thing. Haha.

Back to proper blogging. So that day, I went to do manicure with Nadia at Millys! In case you do not know, they revamped a couple of months back. This is the Bugis branch at level 2.

Pretty? :D

Love my outfit that day!
It is from MissQueenie.

Spend above $50 at MissQueenie and you will get FREE express courier delivery to your doorstep till late 10pm! Apply evoucher code 'CNY' for 10% off! Voucher valid till 25 Jan.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get your CNY apparels in time!

My house had a blackout again today... during night time. It was dark and scary! Lucky I wasn't alone at home. Lucky I wasn't like using computer halfway or something. Lucky my sister was using laptop running on batteries so we had a little bit of light. We then realise that we did not know where the torchlight is kept! Lucky her handphone has the "torchlight" function. We went to open the main door and realised that our neighbour also blackout and for a moment I thought that the whole block kena blackout too. But other families had their lights on so I think only we two kena the blackout!

So anyway, that's totally not the point of today's entry.


During CNY, there will be a very high chance that you will bump into someone wearing the same dress as you because everyone buys their CNY dresses around the same time. Well, unless you are rich enough to buy from non-mass produced designers. So for the rest of us poor people, what can we do? The key is to differentiate ourselves. How to? Style your dresses, style your hair and style with accessories! It really makes a big difference.

I got this feather earrings in my mailbox today! I've always liked these feather earrings when I see them on other people... I especially like this pair because of the gold kitty studs! It's just so elegant and unique ^^

(Credit: Blazer from http://coccomomo.com)

I got those earrings from SHINY SANDCASTLES

But what I really like are their chunky necklaces!! Check out the ones below:

I think these would look really good on a plain dress. Definitely statement necklaces!

For my readers, you all get $1 off each item just by quoting "ESTHER" when making your purchases!

Like the FB page and share the latest album "New Launch 12 Jan 2012" to win a $10 voucher. 2 winners will be picked on 31 Jan and will be notified.

Meet-ups are available from 18 Jan to 21 Jan so that readers can wear the accessories during Chinese New Year. Arrangement for meet-ups will be communicated via email.

Blog: http://www.shiny-sandcastles.blogspot.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/shinysandcastles

Check out the latest collection by DIYGALORE, featuring numerous lovely designs! I like the 3rd one from left and 3rd one from right in the picture above!!

There is a mass meetup at Dhoby Ghaut Mrt this saturday at 2PM so that you can get your CNY dresses in time!

Url link: www.shopdiygalore.com
Join FB for updates: www.facebook.com/diygalore

Prices at DOUBLEDOLLS are as usual lower than most blogshops! In a bid to ensure that their customers get to receive their new clothes by Chinese New Year, a self-collection is available at Scape on Saturday.

More details can be seen on their website: www.doubledolls.livejournal.com

Like them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/dddoubledolls) & take part in the FB Promo to receive $1 off EACH apparel. If that's not enough, enter the promo code "iceangel" for another $1 off TOTAL bill!

Enjoy shopping! ^^

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coccomomo for CNY


CNY is coming in less than a week time! Have you decided on your outfits? Guess many people are still rushing to shop for CNY dresses! I was at Bugis the past two weekends and it felt like the whole world was gathering there. Gosh, how to shop properly when you are sandwiched front back left and right?? Luckily there are lots of online blogshops in Singapore... can shop at the comfort of your own home!

Personally, I think that for CNY, it's good to wear bright colors! Auspicious for the year ahead! They say that the first day decides the rest of the year, so must wear something huatful! Haha.

What do you think about this yellow dress?

Very sunshiney and suitable for CNY! Confirm make your uncle aunty very happy get big big angbao! Haha. I got this lovely nice fitting dress from Coccomomo... They have just launched their CNY collection! Here are some which I personally like alot:

Bright florals are great for CNY, very prosperous! Plus, the color matches the oranges!

Act demure with this feminine green dress.

Or go vivid!

Also, new year change new iphone cover! Check out these Hellokitty covers, from Coccomomo too! Comes in 4 colors. The red one can pair your red CNY dress nicely!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Fat is not curvy

Just saw this entry that I drafted back in August 2011 but never published... I wonder why I didn't.

Why are skinny celebrities always labeled as "anorexic", unattractive, image-conscious? Some people are just skinny because of the genes what. Doesn't mean every girl who is thin is hating on her body.

Why are obese celebrities being applauded for being proud of their body?
There's nothing to be proud of being super-overweight. It's very unhealthy and you are not loving your body if you decide to do nothing about your unhealthy diet.

Why are obese celebrities being labeled as "real woman" & why do people keep repeating the quote "curvy looks much better than being skinny".

Yes I agree that having meat looks better than bones but FAT does not equate to CURVY.

I have nothing against people who are overweight. It's a personal choice and I also understand that sometimes no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise, you just can't shed it off. I understand all that because I've never shed any weight due to exercise or not eating before. In fact, the less I eat, the fatter I become. (Before you start envying, let me say that when I eat too much I also become fat so the only way to do it is to eat balanced meals.) I also understand that some people are overweight not by choice.

I'm just so sick of obviously super fat celebrities saying things that encourage being unhealthy, and yet being praised for "embracing her body". It's not healthy being overweight, so stop saying things like that to convince everyone (and yourself) that it's alright to be severely overweight and unhealthy because "being fat is a being a real woman". Skinny/average weight women not real woman meh? And skinny celebrities, on the other hand, are said of be of bad example? It's just so silly that both sides of the scales are equally super unhealthy yet the treatment is so different. I read this paragraph somewhere... 'Firstly, it is part of this strange turn in what we call "body acceptance", but it is really just thin bashing instead of fat bashing. It's propaganda bullshit. Suddenly fat girls are "natural beauties" and thin girls are lambasted on magazine covers as "scary skinny"'

Stop encouraging the wrong thing. People should love their bodies but please stop being self-denial and saying things like you look good if you are really the shape of a watermelon. You need to differentiate the word "Fat" and the word "Curvy". Round is Fat. Round is NOT curvy please.

In recent years, there is an influx of campaigns organized to spread the message about loving your body no matter what shape it is. The objective of the campaigns are obviously to reduce self-criticism that usually end up making young ladies anorexic, which is unhealthy and may sometimes lead to a malnourished body or death. This is due to media influence, which often presents an unrealistic expectation of slimness. This has become a highlighted social issue that the same magazines that airbrushed their cover models to perfection and often featuring editorials on celebrity diet tips, are countering this effect by organizing such body-loving campaigns. Irony, but that’s for another article. What I would really like to ask, are these campaigns bringing the correct message across?

It does seem like the public is mistaken. Severely overweight people are using it as an excuse instead of exercising to a healthy weight. These campaigns often interview overweight or larger stars who are proud of their body. Tyra and Beyoncé are popular singers large in size but with proportionate and firm figures. They might not be size 0 like the usual Hollywood celebrities but their bodies are still beautiful and healthy. These are curvy women, not fat. They are probably large-boned/fuller figure, thus, suitable celebrity figures to interview for such campaigns because there are indeed many healthy girls out there who are naturally not petite size no matter how little they eat and many people call them Fat just because they are bigger size than the usual tiny fragile girls that ahbengs love.

However, some magazines love to go to some 'obviously unhealthily overweight' celebrities for quotes and they might have been the people responsible for misleading the general public. Some of these celebrities are clearly obese, but continue to advocate that being fat is okay. As popular celebrities, I felt that this was being irresponsible to the wellbeing of their fans.

I am not the only one who shares these views. I stumbled into a fashion forum that was also discussing about these issues. Apparently, these campaigns have helped anorexic girls to love their body better, but it does also have a wrong effect on those unhealthily overweight. I think that these campaigns should evaluate their methods and make sure these young ladies do not blur the lines between “not hating your body” and “doing nothing about an unhealthy size and lifestyle under the excuse that being curvy is more attractive than being skinny.”

Also, another thing. Personally I think that being a little over the average weight IS NOT BEING FAT. Some girls have really normal body but keep saying fat fat fat -.- For example, although I am not skinny and I do have some fats on my arms, thighs and face, I wouldn't call myself fat because I think I'm actually quite average size and quite happy with it. Being slightly chubbier is not perfect but it is also NOT FAT. You might be stumpy or have elephant legs or a big butt or a little tummy or flabby arms, but that is NOT FAT. It's not model-perfect, but you do not have to be that to be beautiful. You are the people who should be encouraged to love your body!

*Disclaimer: Before you misunderstand my message, I'm talking about obese people who deliberately stay fat/are lazy to have healthier diets AND still use those excuses. If you are overweight and aware of it and happy with it and not intending to do anything about it BUT not being self-denial and not using those excuses, then I have nothing to say. Actually, I'd like you if you honestly say "Yes I know I'm fat but I can't be bothered" than if you had said "I'm staying fat because a watermelon looks better than a bamboo and I'm loving my body". *rolls eyes* STOP THE SELF-DENIAL CAN. Nobody asked you to be a bamboo -.- Besides watermelon and bamboo, there is also Papaya in between okay.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I love this outfit! Perfect for a brunch date with my girls ^^ The cotton material makes it look more casual although it is a long dress, and I did not have to worry about it being sheer or not because the material is thick enough. It can definitely withstand plenty of wearing and washing. You can also wear awesome shoes because the end stops right above the ankle for you to show off!

Blue cotton maxi with weave belt- MissQueenie
Brown bracelet, Bugis Street, $2
Reptile beige sling bag
Bow Wedges, Bugis Street, $10

- - - - - -
I love having Brunch... I love eggs. I love bacon and cheese.

It was Fidelis' turn to bring us to Mystery Makan last weekend and I'm so happy it's Epicurious! I've been here before once and loved the food but did not blog about it. The waiting time is already long enough as it is!

Epicurious is located around Clarke Quay area, so I think that it is a great alternative for Hatched, which is in Bukit Timah... Too far for me to travel from Pasir Ris!

There is outdoor and indoor seating. We had the inside seat. Picture of me and Fidelis!

Belated X'mas gift exchange time! Nadia proposing to Jacelyn haha...... using an Iphone stud.

Yay our food arrived!! This is my absolute favorite. Baked Oozy Eggs + Cheese. One was with Ham and another one was with mushrooms. I also love to eat the potatoes at the side.

Nutella and Banana Sandwiches. For the sweet-tooth people!

Pancakes ^^ Maple Syrup/Butter is a MUST. Love pairing it with bananas too.

Okay, these pictures were taken before we started tucking in.

Group picture before we leave!

Bill came up to only around $12 per person!

Head over to Dhoby Ghaut for a wedding show! Yes, 2 in 4 of us are engaged already. We are growing up!!!

Kena photobomb by Rilakkuma and Nadia!

Rilakkuma says bye for now!