Sunday, March 30, 2008

My right eye is swollen!

It's so hard to put eyeliner on my eyes now.

I ate alot today even though i wasn't hungry! First, i woke up late and cabbed down to meet the models and photographers. Didn't eat anything at all until almost 1pm. Then settled for chicken rice set meal from foodrepublic at suntec. The place is fabulous! It doesn't even look like a foodcourt! The table cleaners were dressed in black cheongsam-like dresses. They look like pretty young girls from japan and china. Imagine my shock when a pretty girl in that black dress with nice makeup suddenly coming up to my table and clearing boyfriend's empty plate.

Boyfriend asked me if i would work as a foodcourt cleaner if i can dress up pretty and salary higher than my current average paying restaurant waitress parttime job.

I immediately replied: "Dont want lah! Must help people clear plate, where got young girl clear plates one!! so weird!"

Then i thought of something and said: "oh ya, restaurant waitress also must clear plates hor..."


But then, foodcourt leh! Will meet so many people in one day! What if see until friend, very paisei one lor. At least in restaurants, high chance is that the people we serve are rich and high status people. They wont even bother looking at the waitress what.

Haha. Boyfriend and me are so random. I guess we dont have much more topics to talk about already so anyhow bom nonsense topic. lol.

back to food. Around 3 hours after lunch, i ate fried wings at macdonalds for dinner! had a craving for it suddenly although a minute ago i was craving for steam food -.-

After fried wings, had kimchi pancake & dandanmian from Hanok Korean Restaurant. And after that, fried wings again and when i got back home, mum had a beehoon +nuggets + fishcake supper for me.

Im gonna wake up with a big belly tomorrow.

I wanna be a food reviewer!
I also want a slimming centre to sponsor me!

This way i can enjoy life everyday by eating the most delicious food in the world, and also not become fat. Good right.

Dream on, esther.

Alright, im really sleepy and this post is just to entertain you guys actually. Im just blabbling away aimlessly on this post and i dont want to blog about my pictures now because im lazy to transfer them. heh.

Shot these 2 adorable babes recently.

Chevonne 1

Chevonne 2

Queeny 1

Queeny 2
IMG_3011 copy
(email to if you are interested in modelling for afew friends of mine. please read my previous entries for the details. Leave contact numbers too. Thanks)

Oh ya, i learnt something else today. Never ever assume. You know why?

I wore high heels today to match with my halter white top and mini pants. But then while walking around suntec, i complained about pain and then decided to change into my working big flat shoes until we reach the mrt station where there is more people.

I told boyfriend: "Nobody will see me one lah!"

And then, just afew minutes later, boyfriend heard someone passing by say: "isn't that esther?"

OMG. unglam lah! I look so mismatched wearing oversized big flat shoes with that outfit. Shall bear the high heels pain nextime!

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in a half-eye-closed situation. Pardon the rubbish written. I also dont know what im writing about. =x

Friday, March 28, 2008

Does anyone know how to get the chilli hotness out of our hands after touching them?

Sometimes when workplace has very little customers like in the afternoons, it would get real bored and i would volunteer to cut the chilli. This way, i get to talk to the fun kitchen people more, and cutting chilli is much more interesting and easy than doing work at the mainground.

But then, one thing i hate about cutting chilli is that everynight when i get home and try to take out my contact lens, my eyes getting burning hot after contact with my fingers!

I washed my hands with soap and water but that doesn't stop the burning feel.

Yesterday was much worse.
While i was surfing the net after getting home, my left hand got super hot like fire is on them. Pfffttt. I got so irritated by the burning feel that i switched off my laptop and go to sleep instead so that i dont have to feel it.

Mum suggested putting salt on the hands and rub. I tried that but it only works for like 30 seconds!

Im not gonna cut chilli today. Even if i am going to, im gonna ask someone else to hold the chilli while i hold the knife =p


Boyfriend just finished a small surgery. And it's really small! I thought his surgery would take at least 30 minutes but it was like only 5-7 minutes lor!!

Might be able to meet him later. Yay. I shall try not to lose temper again and be a sweet lovely girlfriend :D

Went out with fidelis last night, and we were CRAZY!! lots of camwhore and lots of pictures. We even did something embarassing in the middle of a shopping mall that has branded stuffs and highclass people everywhere =x

Gonna blog about it soon :)
After i sort out the pics.

Now people, since you are so bored and bloghopping around, would you be a kind soul and go help me research on how to remove the burning hot feeling after cutting chilli ??

:) Thanks sweeties.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've got nothing to blog about.
Go away.

Nah, just kidding about the go away part, but im serious about the nothing-to-blog part. I transfered all the pics from my cam to my laptop, look at the pictures, and then decided not to blog about them. They are all the usual things like eating and shopping and meeting up with Fiona. Omg, bestie turned super pretty and even more mature than last time! I look like a small kid beside her :(

Fun to do it in reality,
but BORING to blog about.

I just had the sweetest dream ever.

It consist of a passionate kiss, two eyes looking into each other, hugs, flirtings, and the guy isn't my boyfriend. Hahaha.

Im not sure who the guy in my dream was. I just know that in the dream, i had a crush on that guy in my dream.

It was about two of us liking each other. He would flirt but doesn't say it straightforward. Well, that's the thing i love about the start of a relationship. So sweet and mysterious, we dont really know what's on the other person's mind and would keep guessing.

The dream was really beautiful and perfect.

BUT, my mum woke me up.
And then i realise it's all just a dream.

then i got abit disappointed because it's just a dream.

then i got sad because dreams dont come true.

I had swollen eyes yesterday and my right eye was super painful so i didn't wear contact lens. I wore spectacles to work! My colleagues are all shocked when they see me.

The younger guys there prefer me without spects.
The older guys there prefer me with spects.

hahaha. i think it's the generation problem. I look more mature and gentle (+TOOD) with spects on. I sighed whenever i walked pass the mirror.

Talking about my colleagues, i love them tons! It's them who made my worklife much more fun and im looking forward to work everyday!

But school's starting soon :(
7th april.

That means i've so little time with them left. I've decided to continue working parttime there so that i'll still get to meet them 2-3 time a week :D

It isn't easy to come by such a great environment to work in.

I dont want school to start so fast.
Firstly, i dont want to stop working there so early. Secondly, i dread carrying my laptop to school everyday. Thirdly, i hate waking up early just to catch that stupid crowded bus.

In order not to be squashed together with the other students, you have two choices. One is to go to school way early, or way late.

I chose to be way late. Hahaha.
Everyday i was slowly choosing clothes, slowly bathing, slowly putting makeup on, and happily thinking that i'll get a seat on the bus. And 45 minutes late for class =x

Last year school started at 9am.

But now that im year two, i think classes starts at 8.30am. That means i have to wake up even more early!

I dont like school.

oh ya, when school starts i think i will be sitting in the classroom whole day watching ANTM :)

but thinking of the internet speed in school, i guess one part of one episode would take one whole day to load -.-

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was asked to write about my nightlife.

Nightlife? First thing that comes to your head after hearing this word is “Clubbing… Dancing… Wine & beer”, practically anything that is Wild.

I don’t have that kind of nightlife though.

I haven’t stepped into a club to party before. Haha. When I tell this to people, most of them don’t believe me. I don’t know why too.

Well, im not of legal age yet what.
And again, my mum’s kinda strict.

Maybe I’ll only get to club after I get married, which is most probably after 27 years old since im not gonna marry early.

Met up with Nick after work twice at the Spinelli CafĂ© at heeren. Near my workplace, so it’s very convenient.

Had a chat while he used his laptop. Yea, free wireless there too!

I can’t resist cakes.

Laughed about our funny encounters on bus and trains where we kept dozing off and missed our stops. Haha. I laughed like some siaocharbor!

Can’t think of anywhere to go at night? Go to ! I had so much ideas gotten from there :D I'd surely be going out at night more!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks for all the emails!

I didnt know that i have so many pretty readers~!! I've forwarded the emails, so wait for the reply :) It might come early, it might come late, because it isn't possible for us to shoot so many girls at a time right? Haha. Let them decide who they want to shoot first :)

If you havent emailed, do it now! Dont be afraid of trying. You'd never know. It's not as if i would blog about your pic and laugh at you right? Im not so evil lah :D Males can also try. Hahaha. I think i am the only one interested in the males, not the other photographers =x

And girls, in case you misunderstood, im not bringing you all into the modelling industry. The other real models will kill me if i do that. Hahaha. Maybe just some pictures that you can go for auditions with in the future by your own, or just for a memorable experience of being a model for a day.

After the shoot with isabella, me and xiaoting rushed to hongkong cafe at cineleisure. I had only 15 mins to eat because i have to start work. I usually eat for 1 hour!

The milk tea is fabulous. Maybe because both of us are super thirsty!

I kept dropping and losing money recently.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Was trying out photography afew weeks ago, and shot a friend's friend. Isabella.

Here are some of the results.







Sandwiched between 2 babes. Haha.

Alright, that's all for today.
Surprisingly, i have nothing much to say!

Afew photographers (boyfriend with his friends) and me are looking for new faces to improve shooting. So email to now with your age, height, photos, blog url and available dates/times. Not experienced also welcomed :) but must can do own's makeup. I'll forward all the emails to the photographers and they'll pick. Only selected people will be replied.

UNPAID. But you get the photos.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Im having alot of fun at work recently :)

Blog maybe later, or tomorrow.
Kinda busy now.

So much to do, so little time.


Sometimes, it's good to store some Tees in your wardrobe instead of the usual dresses! I seldom buy tops because i seldom wear shorts. I prefer to wear dresses, and it's so much more easy. However, there are some occasions where dresses are too overdressing, and i had no choice but to dig for tees in my messy wardrobe.

This shop was nice enough to give me 3 tops for free.

I like this striped hoodie the most.

Then, a semitransparent espirit black tee that is perfect for any day. No picture for this one.

The third piece is this spagetti strapped grey top.

I went back to their website again and found a couple of dresses that are greatlooking! Wetseal, topshop, etc at super affordable prices. $20++ only!

They also provide postage service, so it's at great convenience, since you only have to stay at home at click click click.

I know of some girls who are quite young, maybe primary school or lower secondary who do not have much freedom from their parents and can't go for meetups. I've got a suggestion. You can order the items you want, and then request for it to be mailed to your classmate's home, and then ask your classmate to pass to you the clothes when they reaches her house!

Parents will be killing me =x

There are also wallets/bags/footwear/accessories from guess, adidas, Charles Jourdan, Juicy Couture, bonia, etc available!

Go visit now now now!

I think their service was great too! I had a hard time choosing my 3 pieces because i want to make sure the sizes as the model look so thin! I asked for alot of measurements and many emails were made. But they are still patient and gave me all the details! Not bad :)


Thursday, March 20, 2008


A quite long ago song.
It captured my heart at that time :)

Self camwhore picture from the LG event's day.

Ate at Cineleisure's BBQ last week.
One of the host was uber sweet :)

I loved this one the most :D
Ginseng chicken.

Chicken wings. Loves loves.

icecream on top of icekachang. I only like the icecream though. Not a fan of icekachangs.
Whole bill $60++

Had noodlehut with boyfriend.
It's at bugis and very affordable prices in a quiet environment.

Wonton~~~ I love this! fried egg with prawns.
Curry Chicken

A shoot long ago at a studio with one of my favourite photographer :)



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

(content deleted, it was written on impulse)
Wu Lai. A song that was introduced to me 1 year back. Meaningful.

Might be meeting boyfriend later.
He said he'll try.

But then, everytime he says he would "try",
He end up not even trying at all.

Oh well. I would rather he say he doesn't want to come.

This relationship isn't going the right way.

How would you feel if your boyfriend dotes on you ONLY when you are picking up a fight? ONLY sweettalks but no actions to prove it? And promises that last 3 minutes?

When im nice to him,
He end up neglecting me, taking me for granted, putting me at the back of his piority list.

Hey girls, i really dont know how to work this relationship. I've told him this MANY MANY MANY TIMES already!

I wish we'll both work this out.

Less than 10 days to our 5th month :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

LG KS20 Launch Event.

Afew bloggers and forumers were invited by Princessa, who was helping the organiser.

Got invited to the event as a blogger, at vivocity's Corduroy Cafe. The same place as the philips private event the last time!

Was late again although i took cab =x
Waited for jayden (who was also late) because i can't find my way around vivo. I seldom go to that place.

Firstly, some credits:
Photos taken from jayden, sheylara and afew others who were at the event.
Event organised by Fleishman-Hillard.

And for those who have always wanted to look at my unphotoshopped pictures,
im just lazy.
leeched the pics from the other bloggers.


Firstly, the dinner buffet!

Me, jayden and nadnut were hesitating about eating the calamari because we heard that it was hard to bite and then in the end we decided to be unglam together. Hahaha.

Pretty models introducing the phones to us.

Lucky draw time! I was busy eating and didn't pay attention so i dont really know what's going on. hahaha.
Estee won a phone :D
Me and Jayden.
iz-reloaded, nadnut, me, and princessa :D
DK posing his signature pose. Look at the amount of cameras and phones that came out flashing. Sigh, bloggers, sigh.

M and the uber cute nadnut!!! Matching clothes ^^

Sheylara! 3rd time seeing her.

My uneven makeup. Flash reveals all bad makeups :(
Me, peggy and gorgeous Estee.

Peggy was there as a model.
I got a free phone, and she got her pay.
I prefer getting money though. I already have 3 free phones from LG and samsung in less than a month! First it was LG VIEWTY, then SAMSUNG F330 and now LG KS20 :D

One person how to use 4 phones~~
one for friends,
one for family,
one for boyfriend,
one for my wai-yu! hehe.
(*waiyu means underground affair)
I love the gorgeous long hair of that babe at the most right of this picture, beside peggy.

Group picture after gossiping. Haha. actually only nadnut and jayden were gossiping. Me and sheylara are nice people =P


About the phone.

5 of us were given the phone, free.
Sheylara, iz-reloaded, princessa, and gavin.

Firstly, the outside of the phone...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the slender design and how the pen is hidden in the design.

TOUCHSCREEN, plus internet access! It's like windows mobile. You can know more about the phone by google-ing it ^^ I think it's cool.

Daddy is currently using the phone :) Can see that he loves it loads loads~ He keeps taking it out to show off! -.-