Saturday, March 8, 2008

Me and my colleague did an uber stupid thing that day.

We looked at an old family portrait of my boss's mother's wedding picture, and i asked: "Which one is Boss?"

Me and my colleague tried to figure out which is boss from the looks of the features. We had an interesting time and even asked my manager to guess.

My manager kept laughing.
Then after awhile, she asked us this question:

"Where were you on your mum's wedding?"

Then, me and my colleague burst out laughing at how stupid we are! It is a wedding picture, so those children in the picture must be relatives! Boss wasn't even born then! Hahaha.

Being a blogger is great sometimes, especially when you get free stuffs!!

Samsung gave me and some other bloggers this recently.
a F330, one of the latest hp models from Live Loud Campaign! I think it looks really cool. There is also a mirror for vain people. Isaac will love this phone =x

(picture taken from jayden)

And remember a time when i always blogged using videos?
It was samsung's MX-10! It's in my house now and i still use it for some occassions.

Light and easy to use, great for busy youths like us!

I also received a very funny email today, forwarded to me by someone and im gonna share it with you people!

I think the original writer is from

Content of the email -

The Great Singapore Search is still on, and people have been circulating pictures of escaped terrorist Mas Alamak Kastari so that members of the public can help to spot him. But not say we say what, the pictures (below) are not very helpful leh:

Almost the same, what! I mean, this guy is smart enough to escape ISD HQ, you think he wen go and find some more powderful disguise, meh?

In our one and only contribution to national security, brings you a handy guide to help spot Mas Alamak which you can print out and keep inside your wallet, just in case…

catch him soon leh! I'm sick and tired of seeing him everywhere. Lift door, bus stops, schools, buses etc etc.

Maybe we can catch this fella faster if we acted like all those criminal psychologists on TV and tried to “think like him”. So we did, and here’s what we came up with: THINGS ON THE ESCAPED TERRORIST’S TO DO LIST

1. Check 2 years’ worth of email.

2. Send out some ‘Change of Address’ notices.

3. Get a hot shower after having to escape through that toilet.

4. Catch up on all those episodes of ‘Lost’ I’ve stored on my DVR.

5. Pitch to MediaCorp my idea for a new reality show: “Who Wants to Marry the Country’s Most Wanted Man”.

6. Call up CMPB and apply for exit permit.

7. Log on to Facebook and:

a. change status update from ‘Selamat is meeting family today’ to ‘Selamat is hiding in a sewer somewhere until the coast is clear’.

b. update my profile picture to reflect my new disguise.

c. poke Osama.

8. Clarify to the press that it’s my LEG that’s limp. LEG!

9. Now that I’m out, I can hantam the smart-asses in my cell group who started referring to me in my absence as “Lim Peh” and added all those ‘Limp Bizkit’ songs to my iPod.

10. Forward my Her World subscription to my new address.

11. Write a novel chronicling my escape to Indonesia: “From First World to Third”

12. Finally get to use soft toilet paper, not the type at Whitley Road that’s so bleddy tough, you can make a rope with it to climb out the window.

13. Send Wong Kan Seng a postcard from Pekan Baru.

- - - - - - - - - - -
I see harrypotter, williamhung, phuachukang, in the picture along with other famous people! hahaha. The list of things a terrorist would do is also super funny, especially 7c and 10~!

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