Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks so much to baobao, chevonne, limin and amy for being there when i had nothing.

I took one whole morning and afternoon to make this.
My finger hurts from the resizing, clicking, and sorting :(

Our photos, the things we did over these 6 months, all into one picture.

It was only after yesterday then i realised how much you did for me, how much i hurt you, how much i ruined this relationship.

Im grateful that in the end you came back for me, hugging me, giving me another chance, wearing back our ring.

No guy would forgive his girlfriend betraying him.
You did.

What amy said was right, i can never find another guy like him again if i dont hold him tight.

You said you want me as your wife.
I hope you still do.

It was foolish of me to let such a stupid mistake spoil us.
It wont happen again, i promise. *hooks last finger*

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello people!

I've afew things to blog about but that will have to wait because i need isaac to send me the pictures (please pester him if you want me to blog about it faster :D ), and nuffnang to approve one entry before i can put up the another one. And another post which was supposed to be out LAST YEAR, but that photographer took forever to finish editing the pics :(

For now, let's enjoy some jokes i found while i was clearing my table. I used to print out jokes so that i would remember them. Now, i shall share all of them!

How do you make a hotdog stand?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*steal it's chair

What's the best way to prevent the milk from going sour?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*drink it when it's fresh

What's the best thing to do when you see a lion under your bed?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*Sleep somewhere else

What's big, yellow, and eat rocks?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*A big yellow rock eater.

What's a waste of energy?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*Telling a hair-rasing story to a bald man.

Where will you always find diamonds?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*In a pack of cards.

What will you get if you dial 23456789098765432345678934567 8987654324567898765432456789765445678987654324567876
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*A blister on your finger.

Why is there no tug-of-war between England and France?
(Highlight the sentence below this line to read the answer)
*Because no one could find a rope 26 miles long!

Which one do you like most???

Wait for my updates! I promise there would be many many pictures ^^

Friday, April 25, 2008

Im in blogging mood!

Im feeling all messed up in my head but im trying very hard to remain happy and oblivious to whatever problems that i know is going brew up sooner or later.

It's like standing on top of a volcano knowing that the bursting date is looming near, but still wishing that it wont happen. The worst thing is, i can't get down the volcano. What's done, is done. It was a mistake i made in the past, and i feel extremely stupid about it.

Now let's just wait for someone to dig about this dirty piece of news and bomb it right at my face, get me in all sorts of trouble with my parents, and then everything will be over, maybe.

Im still wishing for a miracle.

I hate feeling restricted like this.... Sometimes i wished im a orphan so that i can do anything i want. And if i do something wrong, i want to be responsible for it myself. I dont want to have to account it to my parents.

SINGAPORE FLYER with boyfriend!

Both of us didn't have lunch cos we thought we would leave home early, but after i dressed up, make up, drag drag drag, it was already 3.30pm by the time we reached singapore flyer. If you ever go there, try this restaurant! The food is fantastic. Love the cosy ambience too.

vanilla drink.

I love buffalo wings.

boyfriend's crayfish pasta was very good too. Loved.

THIS SEAFOOD BAKEDRICE HAS TO BE THE BEST I EVER ATE! With prawns, crayfish, mussels (i dont eat this), sotong and cheese! I forgot if there was fish.

boyfriend's green apple drink.

The view outside the window.

Complimentry mango dessert. Not yummy.

Our little cosy corner.

Getting into the capsule~
The capsule above us was quite crowded, but lucky mine had only 6 other people.

The cars look like toy cars from above. hahaha.

Saw golfcourses that took up way too much space! We should use those space for other more meaningful stuff -.-

When he told me he want to bring me to the Singapore Flyer, i asked him what we should do during the 30 mins ride.

He said this: "Kiss for 30 minutes! :D "

I immediately replied something like this: "DONT WANT!! So tiring. You kiss yourself. "

In the end we didn't kiss for 30 minutes. But we kissed during the last 30 seconds. That's more sweet.

our picture! I look nice in it but too dark.
If you asked me whether it's romantic or not, i think it's not.. , since you are not alone with your partner in the capsule. And the view isn't that fantastic. And kinda boring since it turns so SLOWLY that you would ask whether it is even moving or not.

Saw a wedding couple that day. I was saying that after that they can have sex in the air :D Interesting! But boyfriend says each capsule have camera one. Chey.

Remember when i said that my boyfriend and i admitted that our feelings faded, but still trying hard to find it back?

Then after that i said i think our relationship is back on track?

Well, im now feeling quite confused about my feelings towards him. Sometimes, i miss him and wish he is by my side. Sometimes, i feel so comfortable in his arms. But then, sometimes i dont miss him and i dont feel like replying his messages. I dont think of sacrificing my other plans to spend time with him and sometimes i struggle away from his hugs.

I dont know why.

Part of me still love him.
But the another part of me dont feel happy with him anymore. I feel like i want to be single. I feel like i want freedom. I dont look forward to meeting him at all.

He has been treating me very good recently. His feelings are back, and back much more than how much he loved me in the past. He's trying so hard to win me back, to spend time with me, and other things he wouldn't do in the past. I see his jealousy when i prefer going out with my other guy friends, i see him heartbroken when i turn away from him. I feel sad to see him this way but i can't control myself.

Let's just wish this is a passing phase and i'll love him completely again soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyone makes mistake.

Including me, and i shouldn't be obliged to be perfect just because i have a blog with followers :) I like to be happy-go-lucky without caring for any worries in my life. It's easier to be oblivious to other people's views towards me.

Went out with Jason last week. Or was it last last week? i forgot.

I love ajisen! They have the best ramen in the world :D


teriyaki. felt that it was kept overnight.
Jason's volcano. I wont eat that thing.

Eye makeup was terrible that day. Didn't really care cos jason has already seen me in worse states like without makeup or with spects. Haha.

Mine mine mine! :D

Went shopping! Bought 3 dresses. Love them!

After the shopping, i was craving for icecream so we settled at swensens for chocolate fondue.

This chocolate fondue made me sick the next day :(

More updates soon! I havent edit some of the pictures. I always have many thoughts with me when im not around my laptop, but whenever i come online, i forget everything. Pfffttt.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

(wanted to blog about it but forgot. found it in my drafts)

[11:47] ' ESTHER : ice-angel *:
we have been together for 174 days

[11:59] Angel-Devil - I want to go back to the past! - Thanks for everything. Ill still hold on and i shall resolve this. (L):
bite bite!!!

[11:59] Angel-Devil - I want to go back to the past! - Thanks for everything. Ill still hold on and i shall resolve this. (L):
174 days only!

[12:00] Angel-Devil - I want to go back to the past! - Thanks for everything. Ill still hold on and i shall resolve this. (L):
i want 20 years

I replied saying i want 174 years.
And then we hooked our little last fingers :)

I took the bus to school today!!
I've been cabbing all the time that i've forgotten how the bus smell like. I had to suppress my urge to take a taxi this morning, and i succeeded!

I wish there is some subscription for cab membership thingy that cost maybe $100 a month and gives me unlimited rides. I'll be the first to sign up :D

Im like spending $60 a day on taxi fares nowsday. That's so wasteful of money when i can spend it on a nice dress! Hate my laziness and addiction to cabs.


It's an ugly beach!
No wonder everyone flock to sentosa.

Morning session was fidelis and amy.

Boyfriend and me did the tongue thing together WITHOUT PLANNING beforehand! Got telepathy liao. Haha. I think the picture is kinda cute.
Me and Fidelis.

after the morning session ended, we were so hungry! Settled for japanese food at this little restaurant.
Xiaoting, victor, and another photographer joined us.

As usual, teriyaki for me.
afternoon session!

My shot of xiaoting!

Hee. seems like this post is just a dumping ground for the photos =x

Nothing much about that day. Was too tired and scorched by the sun to have any fun.