Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hansang Korean Restaurant

Last year for Ben's birthday, we brought him to have Korean food at Chang BBQ. This year, Korean food again!! It was not on purpose! We made plans to meet at Holland Village and after walking around it seems like this Korean restaurant called "Hansang" was the best choice. We went to the upper level, which was quite empty (only one other group of guest).

Hello Bday boy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More on CNY 2013

Here are some random left over photos from different days related to CNY!

Chinese New Year Goodies At Chinatown

A week before Chinese New Year, me and bf headed down to Chinatown to get some goodies for our families. We were stopped by this particular 'guodong' stall and it tasted so good!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our first Vday together

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lyraminn After-Lunar Sale

Lyraminn is having an after-lunar angpow sale, some items only $5~ (And that's with free normal mail!)


Check out the new arrivals too!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY 2013

I colored my bright pink streaks into a tamer purple just for CNY. Was so sad because the pink streaks were still very vivid even though I shampooed my hair every single day! The purple has since faded into a mix between brown and pink, which I like very much!

A few weeks before CNY I went to shop for new clothes! It has been so long since I really went apparel shopping, because I have been wearing threads by my lovely sponsors for the longest time. Last year I wore sponsored clothing but this year I decided to get some on my own! Very happy with my buys but the sad thing is we were so busy that I didn't really have any time to take proper outfit shots.

The celebrations this year was relatively different from last year, but very fulfilling! Anyway, this CNY kept raining and raining and raining!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poteato & Tiong Bahru Bakery

Met up with the boys some weeks back for dinner!

We decided to see if there's anything nice around Tiong Bahru area since the place is clustered with many little cafes.

So anyway, drama of the day was that my heels broke within 5 minutes after getting off the cab -_- We mistakenly dropped off somewhere without any cafes nor shops, and it was impossible for me to walk anywhere with the broken heels! Then one of the residents happened to be leaving the house so both of them  went across to ask the man if he had any superglue or rubber band. Haha. The man went back to his house and came out with shoe glue, rubber band and a huge stapler. Thanks uncle! Then the both of them glued the shoe while I was stranded opposite. Lucky got both of them if not I might really have to walk around the estate barefooted! Anyway, we walked a distance and the shoe broke apart again. Luckily this time we were near the market and I got myself a pair of $4.90 slippers that looked like they were meant for guys.

All this happened on a crazy rainy day.

Outfit photo. Blue chiffon blouse from The blue one is sold out already though, but there's a pink one! Quote 'Estxie5' for 5% off in addition to 10% if you sign up for mailing list.

We settled for PoTeaTo. Judging from the name, you know that their two specialties are potato and tea.

Ben is so into tea recently. Every time also order tea!

Both of them had hot tea but I got myself a cold drink. Loved their ice lemon tea! Very refreshing and tastes good!

We decided to share all the dishes. The roasted chicken was one of their star items so we gave it a try. It came on top of sweet potato mash I think.

Fish and chips. Fish was freshly battered, but the taste was a bit too bland. But hey, it comes with potato fries and sweet potato fries. Good!

Bangers and Mash. I quite like the spicy and pork one.

The fries were very good!!! Strongly recommended! It was still piping hot when served, and the fries was crispy and sprinkled with yummy spice!

Photo above is from Ben's camera. Photo below is from my camera. My color is so yellowish!

Afterwards we headed to Tiong Bahru Bakery. Was my first time there despite all the hype so although I was already full, I ordered a croissant and cappuccino. The croissant was huge!

Totally craving for the fries now.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Some weeks back, bf signed us up for an analog film photography workshop at Lomography, located at Chinatown. Thought it was quite interesting! Some photos around the store:

The 'La Sardina' cameras that we were going to use after the theory lesson! Was aiming for this really pretty black one, but there was only one. Didn't get it in the end :-(

Afterwards, we went out in the rain to capture images using the camera. It was actually quite easy to use and I had so much fun going around trying to find photogenic objects! Here are some of the 'pass' ones taken by me and bf! A lot of them turned out blur... Oh well, it's okay for first timer I guess!

All non-edited!

As you can see in a couple of the photos above, we experimented with multiple-exposures too!

Here are my fave:

(I don't remember taking this one... I think taken by bf I think... . haha.)

Love the accidental effect to this photo!

A digital photo of me taking pictures using the film camera! We couldn't see the photos immediately unlike digital cameras, so I was really looking forward to the results after the shoot!

Had a fun time! ^_^ You can attend the workshops too! More information:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Both me and my boyfriend are fond of visiting cafes and having a nice quiet time over breakfast/lunch. I realize that we talk a lot when he is driving (if I'm not tired) but over meals we tend to be silently enjoying our own food. It's especially relaxing sometimes when we patron empty cafes and just sit by each other enjoying the moment, feeling carefree and happy. That's a total difference from my usual pattern when dining with friends and family because I talk the most during meal time. Haha.

So anyway, we all heard of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, a cafe with a disguised shopfront right?

I knew that the entrance is through a side door, but I never imagined it to be like this "construction gate".

And inside was bigger than I expected. And better furnished than I thought it would be.

With the loud music, the place felt very hip and cool and it was totally different from what it looked like from the outside. It's like the owners overspent their budget on the interior renovation before realizing that they ran out of funds for the storefront so they left it as it is, keeping the construction gate intact. Haha.

They sell some coffee-related equipment too.

Here's what we ordered. I figured that coffee is the definite choice in a cafe like this so I got myself the daily brew. I was a little disappointed due to my expectations though. I didn't like bf's drink, which was this lemony thing too. BUT THE ORANGE CHIFFON CAKE WAS AWESOME. I don't remember what's the exact name for the cake but it was a CNY special, and the texture was so good, it was so soft and yums!

We ordered chicken patty and a fish main. The chicken patty was unique yet very delicious, tasting exactly  how I like it to be. The meat wasn't tough too. I recommend it for sharing though, 6 pieces of the same strongly-flavored meat isn't going to be so nice after the 4th piece. Haha.

The fish though, I would order two servings for myself if I can. The fish didn't have the frozen or fishy-taste and so good with the sauce that came with it. My only complain is that the portion for a plate is too little.

After leaving the cafe, I saw several hardware stores around the area and jokingly told bf that maybe a cafe lies behind each of those stores... So... where's the side door?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Benefit Feelin' Dandy & Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette

I had some time the other day so I experimented with two new palettes I received as Christmas gifts!

1. Benefit Feelin' Dandy - Lip & Cheek Kit

It was a gift from Bryan, Bugis Essensuals. I loved the packaging!! Everything looks so pleasant and pretty.

I'm actually a very basic makeup user. I don't really know the actual makeup techniques, the different brushes to use for different areas and those extra stuff like primer/bronzer/highlight etc. My makeup usually comprises of black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, blusher, lip balm and lip stick. It's as simple as it gets. So of course, I had to refer to the Tips And Tricks booklet to use the following products.

Posie Tint is a pink color to be used as blusher and a little on the lips.
High Beam is to highlight the cheekbones.
Then there's a light pink blusher, and a pink lip gloss.

I want to exclaim that I love this lip and cheek kit. 1st, the posie tint color is very lovely and it doesn't go away even after a whole day out, including 2 hours of crying in the cinema. I just need to learn how to apply it more evenly, as I'm not very used to using liquid based blusher. 2nd, the High Beam gave my face a dewy-like complexion, but I have to learn how to use it better too. 3rd, the lip gloss, is one of the best I have used. I really dislike lip gloss in liquid form usually (I prefer using gloss lip stick), but this one was not sticky at all. Also, it stays on the lips and the gloss looked very even and shiny and nice too! I will use this kit more often!

2. Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette

I was so so so happy when I received this eyeshadow palette from Nadia. She asked me to try more colors for eyeshadow instead of only black! Haha. I recently saw some videos on Youtube of girls putting on proper eyeshadow, I realize that colors and proper application do make a difference.

Check out the cute metal box!

There were magnets inside for us to paste on the cover! Had so much fun hahaha.

And the insides are equally cute!

I attempted to do a swatch of the colors but I don't think I captured the beauty of the colors good enough. The colors were very vivid and dense. Not powdery at all! Love it! So excited to try out the different colors!

There was also an eyeliner inside, but it's blue so I didn't try it yet. It was smooth when I drew on my hands though.

Here's the final look from using the two products above!

I used "Tulipano" and "Nancy Rocks" from the eyeshadow palette. I also tried "Ciotolina" the other day! Also used the products from Benefit Feelin' Dandy for the face. I really liked the end result! :)

(Eyelashes are extremely important in 'opening' up your eyes too! I got mine from