Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hansang Korean Restaurant

Last year for Ben's birthday, we brought him to have Korean food at Chang BBQ. This year, Korean food again!! It was not on purpose! We made plans to meet at Holland Village and after walking around it seems like this Korean restaurant called "Hansang" was the best choice. We went to the upper level, which was quite empty (only one other group of guest).

Hello Bday boy!

So anyway, this is just going to be a simple photo entry!

The staff allocated on the upper level was very nice! Superb customer service! ^_^

Isaac had a simple set of beef rice while me and Ben were tempted by the pot of hot soup with lots of ingredients inside. Quite nice! Actually I like Korean food a lot. I like that everything is so flavorsome! Plus, I like some of the side dishes served with mains! I'm so happy I live in Singapore, I get easy access to all types of cuisines like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Thai, and many more, anywhere. I really cannot imagine having to eat only one type of cuisine repeatedly everyday.

Isaac took this photo below! Quite nice ah. Haha.

A photo with Isaac! We were chatting about how we got to know each other... I knew Isaac before I got to know Ben. I totally remember the first time I met Ben but I really don't remember how Isaac and me started going out together! Lol.

This photo has lousy quality but we both look ok here so I shall still post!

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  1. I like the necklace very well, where s it from? My Blog

  2. Do a blog post about how you met ben please! I can only roughly remember you posting about isaac eons ago when he was still in secondary school hahahaha i think it was about him helping you solve some blogskin issue?

    1. Issit? I blogged about it before?

      I first met Ben at Woodlands interchange. While waiting for Bus 168. He was heading for Ikea at Tampines! Hahah.