Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sis showed me this video. Watch till the last part!!

Jack Neo Press Conference Broken English Version:

I know it's childish and mean to laugh over other people's misfortune luh, but don't you think it's hilarious?? Haha.

My sister also showed me another video showing the whole close up procedure of lasik eye surgery. SCARY!!!!!! Go youtube it!

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I was quite interested in the unique name when the owner first sent me an enquiry! Quite a new blogshop, just launched their 2nd collection :)

Another great blogshop with an awesome owner! Nothing beats having great service as part of the shopping package. Who says that shopping online must be emotionless and cold?

Their ordering method is easy! No need to leave comments, no need to email them. Just fill up the necessary blanks in the form at the bottom of every collection! Very convenient isn't it?

The owner flies overseas to handpick some of the items, thus the items come in very limited pieces! I guess avid blogshoppers would be very picky about the designs they buy! Most wouldn't want to buy widely-manufactured clothings.

It's goodlooking apparels that comes with affordable price tags! At the comfort of your own home.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey readers!

It's around 30 minutes more before I end my first day of work. Yes, I got the job that I had been waiting for. It's funny how employers contact you for the job offers altogether. When no one contacted me, it was totally nobody. When i was offered a job, it was from 3 different employers in a day.

I got a total of 5 jobs among all the interviews I went to. I think that means the resume writing classes and interviewing tips that I learnt in school were worth it after all.

I rejected one job after the other because of the ridiculously low pay, or unsuitable work timing. I wanted an office hour job because I still wanted a life. Yes, I have to wake up earlier for office hours but I want to be able to attend events, hang out with friends in the evening, instead of a retail hours job whereby the hours seem to take up most of the day.

I think that me and SX would have lesser time together now, because he works long hours. I also work earlier than him, so it's not nice to ask him to wake up 3 hours earlier just to meet me for breakfast right. What is worse is that being in retail line, his offday is during weekdays while mine are weekends. Guess we can only spend half a day together during his off. We used to spend alot time together cos I wasn't working, and even if I did part time, it was with him in the same company. However, I'm glad that after not being able to meet for afew days, he surprised me this morning and brought me to my first day of work ^^

The current job I'm holding, the salary is decent for its jobscope. I think that it's relatively easy, and I get to the surf the net when I don't have any tasks on hand. I love the hours, and that I also get my full weekends free. I like how there are so many choices of food places around the office, and because this is an angmoh owned company + it's a creative agency, the working style/culture is also quite relaxed and casual. The prospects of the company is also quite good, as it's considered one of the top in the industry. I also like how I can dressup to work and not have to stick to formal or stupid uniforms!

One thing I don't like though, is that they use Mac computers -.- I work damn fast with my home PC but I'm like a klutz using Mac. I couldn't even find the startup button when I came in the morning! How stupid I felt when I finally found it. Lol.

Okay... 15 more minutes left.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Watched it afew days ago.

Either it's because the actors acted really well, or the fact that the director made the film so fastpaced and thrilling, I felt so engaged into the storyline. It felt very realistic and I felt as anxious as the character in the movie.

Go watch it!


You can give this movie a miss.
It was quite boring, storyline was bland and there wasn't any climax in my opinion. The ending was also very rushed.



I love how they are launching new products almost every month. It's always exciting to visit their website because sometimes i get pleasant surprises!

The most recent product they have brought in is this Black Deluxe Reptile Set that has 15 brushes in total!!!! FIFTEEN!!!!!

It is identical to the ones sold at Coastal Scents.

I just love how a glossy black handy fashionable clutch is used to store these soft brushes. The inside is lined with black VELVET and has mesh pockets divided for each tool, with a flap that folds over the brush heads for protection.

Another new product is this Red Brush Set, boasting of 22 high quality brushes made of natural wool! The wooden and aluminium tube handle also enables easy usage.
Comes with a gorgeous red faux leather bag to hold the brushes.

So, why do you need so many brushes?
(text below is copied from [link])

Unfortunately, when it comes to buying brushes, it is definitely not a case of "one size fits all". Different types are designed for different purposes, and for the best possible results, it is a good idea to buy afew selections.

Here are the main types of makeup brushes that you would need to use:

Foundation Brush
While most of us simply rub foundation in with our fingers or apply it with sponge, we are actually missing out on something. A foundation brush has a flat shape and long bristles, making sure that your foundation is absolutely applied and flawlessly blended.

Concealer brush
Again, you can just use your fingers, but whether you're using your concealer to disguise a blemish or lighten under-eye shadows, a concealer brush is better. It will allow your concealer to be concentrated on the area you're trying to cover and that has to be a good thing!

Powder brush
The momentous of all makeup brushes, your powder brush is used to dust loose powder over your face, setting your makeup and eliminating any shine.

Eyeshadow brushes
Makeup Artists use three separate brushes on the eyes: a medium-sized one on the lid, a small one to line the socket of the eye, and a larger one to add highlighter to the area under the brow. You can also buy eyeliner brushes to apply liquid eye shadow or to blend eye shadow around the eyes for a smoky, sexy look!

Blush brush
As the name suggests, a blush brush is used to add color to the cheeks. One of the larger of the brushes you'll use, it has soft bristles and is intended to blend color as well as apply it.

Lip brush
While lipstick is designed to be applied directly from the case, using a lip brush will provide even more and accurate coverage, plus make your lipstick last longer too! For the longest-lasting application, use your foundation brush to cover your lips with a thin layer of foundation, dust with powder, apply lipstick, dust again, then blot.

Also, don't forget about the CONTOUR BRUSH!!!
To be used with the previous product that I featured from beautysplash.

You can get the brushes from BEAUTYSPLASH:

Oh I also forgot to mention that they are all INSTOCKS, so no waiting time!! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


First of all, a trip to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients! Remember to plan your shopping list beforehand so that you can find everything you need faster and avoid buying unnecessary purchases. Trust me, you'll be very tempted! You would think that you need it but in the end you won't use it.

Bought the cheapest brands that we could find. That's Germain and Fiona choosing the cheapest and best carrots (tip: buy wide and thick ones instead of long and thin ones so that you can cut patterns out of them).

I have absolutely no idea why we were at the baby powder section.

Me picking the prawns. Picking smaller prawns so that it'll be cheaper! It doesn't matter cos I'm not the one eating the bento. If you want you can choose bigger prawns for yourself. hahaha. Actually I don't think you NEED to have big prawns cos to me, Bento-making is just about the aesthetics.

Back at Fiona's kitchen. Her mum was grumbling about how messy we girls are. Hee.

After skinning and boiling the vegetables, we started cutting up. For hygiene purposes, use a chopper board for raw food, and another board for cooked food. If you mix raw food and cooked food together, might get contaminated and cause food poisoning. As clearly shown in the picture below, we totally forgot our hygiene.

If the guys had seen how we did our bentos, I'm sure they wouldn't have dared to eat them. I have never eaten any of the bentos I done by myself. Haha, but i know it's good because SX says it's good. Or maybe he's just "yingchou"-ing me.

Making bentos look so easy but actually it is really tedious. Well, Germain, Fiona and I agree on this. Especially when you are making 4.

This is Fiona and Germain respectively frying the prawns and hotdogs. I don't think I did any frying that day. I was basically just giving instructions and doing nothing. Lol.

We did two kinds of prawns.
First, heat the oil on the pan and add chopped garlic and onions afterwards. When there is a fragrance and onions turn slightly brown, throw in the prawns (marinate them with soysauce, salt, sugar, & very little dark sauce beforehand). Add Huatiaowine if you have. Prawns get cooked easily, so when you see the colour change it's time to take time out.

To make chilli prawns, just do the same and add chilli sauce (mcdonalds packet chilli also can).

We also fried hotdogs and chicken patties.
Remember to cook rice as well! We totally forgot about the rice till towards the end.

Time to assemble!

See the top right corner of the chopping board? Those are hotdog, cucumber, carrot and potato cubes connected together with toothpicks. These are sort-of skewers. They add colour to the bento! (Always remember to buy ingredients that have different colours! A colourful bento is always better looking than a dull brown coloured one.)

My bento is ready!! Use a bento belt to secure the box.

Sliced hotdogs all around as "fences", heartshaped rice, rabbitshaped meat patties, a hardboiled egg, some broccoli and several flowers made using potatoes and carrots. Try to squeeze more food inside the box and avoid having spaces, so that when you slant the box slightly it doesn't affect the position of the various food.

The following were done by Germain and Fiona.

I helped a little for this one! Especially that broccoli-hair piece of face. Lol. Doesn't the face cheer you up??

They both scared that the bento box so small, would not be filling enough so they were practically throwing everything into the bentobox lor. Haha. For me, I don't care whether it will be full or not. Nice-looking can already! Hahaha so superficial.

Organise a bento-making day with your girlfriends too! Quite time-consuming and tiring but fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Due to the auto-pagination problem in blogspot, I'm going to add a link at the top of my sidebar for all the recent blogshops that I have been advertising for, be it short mentions or full advertorials.

If you purchase an advertorial package from me now, you'll get the free linkage as well. It'll expire after 1week-2weeks. Grab the chance before I stop the promotion! :)

You can also buy a link at a smaller price if you do not have the budget for a full advert.
I'm going to post a bento-related entry tomorrow :) There will be some tips and lots of pictures!

I did my nails at Milly's again.

I wanted to do acrylic because it is more durable than just nail art, but I had an appointment shortly after so I didn't have the time to do it.

Fortunately, Meiling had an idea! She did pink base for me as usual, this time adding bling bling glitter at the tip to prevent chipping!

After that, she added 3D ribbons and some crystals for me. I like how it looks!

I'm going to do acryllic nails tomorrow :)
Let you all see picture after I'm done!

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There are lots more that I love but I want you to check them out yourself!

xoxo, ramwithroses.
Because you are gorgeous.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I feel that this month has been going on for freaking long! Don't you think so? SX says that it might be because February has only 28 days, that's why March which has 31 days feels somehow longer.

Anyways, I've been busy this few days searching for a 'stable' full time job to appease the parents. I've been feeding myself through my blog for more than a year already, but the parents still hope for me to get a REAL job. That means, unless I get a contract which gives me a standard amount of salary to blog per month, Mum is not going to be satisfied with the advertorials I do here and there. Well, I do understand why. Earning from advertorials is not going to be stable in the long run (what if there is one month where i don't get any advertorials at all??).

Oh well, I went to find jobs for the past few days and I'm thoroughly exhausted now. I spent alot on cabs, just to be able to squeeze 3 interviews in a day (it's totally necessary to spend lor, some of the locations are so ulu!).

I spent alot of time waiting for my turn to come, only to find out about something not suitable - be it the low salary, working hours, or jobscope. Why can't they just list out everything on the adverts they post out? If cost was the problem, why do they refuse to tell me straight on the phone when i called to ask, instead of having me going down, waste my time waiting only to tell them that "no, I'm not okay with 1k as my salary"?

One of the interviewers was even a colleague at a company which I had a bad experience with! It's a small small world.

It's depressing to see my job-looking experiences going downhill after Day One, where everything went great. Tell you, it's totally not fun waking up to circling ads on the newspapers and calling up companies.

There is one particular job that I am waiting for. I loved the prospects of the company, the environment, the friendliness of the staff, office culture, working hours, location, job scope and actually everything about it suits me perfectly fine. Just that, the boss is not back from overseas yet and 2nd interview would be in 2 weeks times. I don't think my mum can wait for a job that is not confirmed. Well, I hope they call me soon to bring forward the 2nd interview date so that I can finally stop my job-looking routine cycle.

I just flunked another job interview (which has good pay) today. I totally spouted answers that could ruin my chances of getting the job. I think I was feeling too anxious.

On another note, I counted the amount of bring-home pay an average person gets after deducting CPF. Can you image, a $1450 pay can become 1160 after cutting 20 percent!! It's a really big cut!!!

Meanwhile, here's one more advertorial to feed me for afew more days.

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Love their feminine site layout!

It's the first time I'm doing an advertorial for them, but MillyWalker has already graced the blogs of other pretty models like Xuesha, Audrey and Zoe. I really do love chancing upon blogshops like MillyWalker, where everything is laid out so professionally. Really pleasing to the eyes!

From their new collection, here are some of my favourites.

Don't you love this skirt? So cute! They also have other graphic patterns to choose from.

Chic romper.

This toga dress would be perfect for a cocktail event, or even for officewear!

& i love simple dresses like this:

First-time customer joining their mailing list will get $3 discount for regular items. More details can be found in this link:

Visit them!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because of this auto-pagination problem in blogspot which has been affecting my archives, I'm thinking about moving to Wordpress.

Besides moving to wordpress, there is also another way to get around the problem. Switch from HTML to XML (which also means redo-ing the whole layout from scratch), so that there is an "older/newer post" link at the bottom, which allows the readers to be able to read the other entries that were hidden by the auto-pagination.

And since I'll have to redo my whole layout for both options (and i think using XML aka use default template for blogger is damn ugly unless I am good at coding but I'm not), might as well move to Wordpress and get a domain right?

Okay, now the problem is.
Should i stay by the nick "theiceangel" or use my name "estherxie" ?

I would very much rather people call me my name instead of that stupid nick, but it's really that stupid nick that most people know me by. Some people don't even know my real name wtf.

If i move to "estherxie", will it cause any miscommunication of identity?

Update: Okay, I just went to look at the dashboard of wordpress and I'm really confused by how things work there. I love blogspot's format.... Hate changes! :(

Update2: If i use wordpress, then i cannot use Echo's commenting service liao lor? And and and, how do i export all my entries from blogger to wordpress?? T_______T Why can't blogspot just remain as it is and stop fidgeting around!!!!

Im now wishing blogspot would solve the problem before I convince myself to move to wordpress. Seeing how suay I always am, I'm confirm after I moved nicely to wordpress liao, blogspot would finally solve the problem one. Grrrrr.

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The sweet blogshop updated again with sweet pretty pieces!

One of the cute piece is this Jolly Romper;

Another one, CutieDoll Lacetop, which comes in two colours.

Get your limited pieces at:

I had wanted to blog about the bento making session i had with my lovely girlfriends, but I woke up late today and I'm now getting ready to go dating with BF, so do come back again another day! :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Yet another new blogshop to introduce to you readers!

The owners have been so excited & thrilled about the collection all week and hope you share the same excitement as them!

In this collection, Dolliedoux specially imported clothes from hong kong & korea, so be assured of some exclusivity! Just for this point (eh, they fly to hongkong personally to pick the items themselves leh!!!), the prices are quite reasonable! Usually clothes imported from these two places are a tad higher, but for Dolliedoux, their pricetags vary around the same range as usual blogshops which get their goods from cheaper countries!

In this first collection, they have a nice mixture of comfy casual tees, sweet dresses, and pretty tops!

My favourite has to be this cream coloured jacket! I fell in love with it the moment i saw it. See the heart patterns so cute! (they also have it in Navy blue and black)

Most importantly, the owners are also very nice people! :) It was nice transacting with them and I'm sure you'll be happy shopping with them too!

I've also reserved a featured blogshop banner for them at my sidebar too, so you all can regularly click on their banner to enter their site and check for updates.

Alternatively, you can also join their mailing list here:

There is also a "TRACK YOUR PARCEL" section, so you can be sure about the status of your mail! Very thoughtful!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I initially reserved 5 seats for friends and 5 for readers, but Roxanne last minute say she couldn't come! :(

In the end it was 4 friend seats:
Nadia came with CCB and Fidelis came with Leon.

& 6 reader seats:
ChuBin & Xuanny
Celine & Eugene
Hongpeng & Qingyi

From nuffnang, Dana and Raine came! ^^

Thanks to all those who emailed! There were not enough seats to cater for everyone, so sorry to those who didn't get selected! I hope there would be more chances to meet you all in the future!

I was late :p

The readers group were shy and thanks to Raine for helping to converse with them so that they don't feel bored! On the other side, the friends group were teasing me by placing so many orders using "Esther say she want drumlets!" when the actual case is they ownselves want to eat de! Lol.

Nadia and her newly skinned phone and her bf's arm.

Fidelis and Leon.

Love them loads ♥ - I mean Nadia and Fidelis, not their boyfriends. Lol.

It was nice having lunch with the readers! Here are some after-lunch pictures!

These two girls damn cute ^^

Group piccy!

Headed over to accompany bf for his lunch break after that. Had yummy icecream!

Went back to nuffnang office and had fun with Bandhero! I kept losing though, i suck at it!

Ben and Valerie were also there. Their office so comfy, like home lydat.

A picture of myself to end off the entry! Love my lower lash here!