Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey readers!

It's around 30 minutes more before I end my first day of work. Yes, I got the job that I had been waiting for. It's funny how employers contact you for the job offers altogether. When no one contacted me, it was totally nobody. When i was offered a job, it was from 3 different employers in a day.

I got a total of 5 jobs among all the interviews I went to. I think that means the resume writing classes and interviewing tips that I learnt in school were worth it after all.

I rejected one job after the other because of the ridiculously low pay, or unsuitable work timing. I wanted an office hour job because I still wanted a life. Yes, I have to wake up earlier for office hours but I want to be able to attend events, hang out with friends in the evening, instead of a retail hours job whereby the hours seem to take up most of the day.

I think that me and SX would have lesser time together now, because he works long hours. I also work earlier than him, so it's not nice to ask him to wake up 3 hours earlier just to meet me for breakfast right. What is worse is that being in retail line, his offday is during weekdays while mine are weekends. Guess we can only spend half a day together during his off. We used to spend alot time together cos I wasn't working, and even if I did part time, it was with him in the same company. However, I'm glad that after not being able to meet for afew days, he surprised me this morning and brought me to my first day of work ^^

The current job I'm holding, the salary is decent for its jobscope. I think that it's relatively easy, and I get to the surf the net when I don't have any tasks on hand. I love the hours, and that I also get my full weekends free. I like how there are so many choices of food places around the office, and because this is an angmoh owned company + it's a creative agency, the working style/culture is also quite relaxed and casual. The prospects of the company is also quite good, as it's considered one of the top in the industry. I also like how I can dressup to work and not have to stick to formal or stupid uniforms!

One thing I don't like though, is that they use Mac computers -.- I work damn fast with my home PC but I'm like a klutz using Mac. I couldn't even find the startup button when I came in the morning! How stupid I felt when I finally found it. Lol.

Okay... 15 more minutes left.

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