Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dinner at Watami Japanese Restaurant first!
Service was great, but food was so-so. Oh, and the bill was lower than expected!

Ben and Jayden; Raine on the next table!

Actually there's nothing much to write about cos the pictures are self-explanatory. It'll just be a photo-entry!

That's Jayden behind his houndstooth wallet and me with my drooping lashes. I was wearing thick lashes that day and it was so heavy i couldn't make it stand! I think I'm more suitable for pointy lashes.

SX came over to join us after our dinner and we headed over to Zirca. Thanks to Raine for the invitation and passes!

Alice-In-Wonderland theme.

I think i have loads of unflattering pictures of myself in other cameras lor. Cos it was so dark inside that the camera flash became too bright to bear, I was squinting in every other picture.

You see, this picture bf was already squinting.

I love Nadia's blue outfit that day!

Ben, Raine and Elise gossiping!

Chivas here and Champagne on the next table.

Alrighty here's the end! Such a no-brainer entry right.

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