Friday, March 22, 2019

Say hello to Baby Lucian!

Just here to share some photos from Baby Lucian's welcome party!

With Lucian and his papa mama Leon and Fidelis!

We have two mummies in the group now!

Growing from 8 to 11!

With Fidelis!!

Super love my ootd for that day~

Saturday, March 16, 2019


It's been two years since we got married and I haven't blog about the honeymoon!!

We went to England (London), France (Paris, Colmar), Switzerland (Luzern), Germany, and Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice). It was my first time to Europe and our trip was super touristy but I love it! We decided to go on our honeymoon within the same month we got married, so that got more feel!

Took Etihad Airways with a connecting stop in Abu Dhabi before finally arriving in London Heathrow Airport!

So so so so happy to be here!!!

First stop at Buckingham Palace. It is super crowded here!

It was time for lunch and we had fish and chips in Bonds (11 Dering St, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom)

I could have nice OOTDs everyday if I live in London!

Red london bus!

And with the famous red telephone booth!

And the Big Ben!! Now you know what I mean when I said our trip was super touristy. The main highlight was going to all these famous landmarks and checking it off my list! We are so lucky to visit before it went behind construction scaffolding for the next few years....

So erm, we were there for quite a long time just snapping picture after picture.

Many people just sitting around and enjoying the afternoon.

And on to the London Bridge! Nope, this one in the photo is not the London Bridge, but the Tower Bridge.

The London Bridge is the one we are standing on, to view the Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge is much prettier.

Next up, the London Eye!

We didn't go up la, just walk around the area.

And of course, a visit to Oxford Street is a MUST, and it is one of the places I like most about London.

Primark, I went crazy in there. Everything is so cheap!!!!

Oxford Street is memorable cos I wanted to pee and I can't find any public toilet at all. Walked down many streets before we found one.

We stayed in Best Western London Croydon Hotel. It is quite a distance away from the main city but it's clean and spacious!

There is small pantry in the room!

We ordered some food from the pizzaria downstairs to go with some takeaways we got near the London Eye.

Breakfast next morning!

At the terminal to board the ferry which brings us to France!

Just a simple ferry. We had food and soon after we arrived at France!!!

Alright ending here for London. Will blog about Paris next!