Saturday, March 6, 2010


Was there with Nadia, Fidelis and Jacelyn on the last day. It is actually a trade exhibition for the beauty, spa and health industries. There were lots of beauty products up for sale, lower than the usual retail price and that made us girls all so excited!

That bag im holding is a goodie bag with lots of samples inside!

It was like food expo, except that the food became nail art, skincare, cosmetics, treatment creams, spa products, facemasks, etc etc!!

Public visiting starts at 3pm, but luckily Nadia got media passes for us, and we were able to beat the crowd and get in first!

Products are usually cheaper when bought in bulks (catered mainly for owners of beauty/spa centres). Me and Fidelis made use of the big discount and shared the cost for some nail polish! $7.50 for one, and with every 5 bottles, you get 1 free. I got the creamy light pink, dark blue, light emerald and white for drawing nail art! There were also acrylic powder, and other professional stuff you see in manicure salons! If I know how to use it I would totally buy some back home so that I can do free extensions + 3D nail art for friends at home!

The salesgirl also introduced me to this fast-drying top coat. She asked me if I prefer normal or fastdry top coat my reply of course is fast one lah! I always end up ruining my manicure right after cos I'm always so impatient i cannot sit down at one place do nothing after manicuring.

At this booth, we got introduced to this create-a-label thingy. This company would help you make your cream/lotion according to the ingredients you prefer, bottle it up for you with your brand name (for example, Fidelis' brand name can be Fidele), then you can sell it elsewhere! The best thing is that the minimum bulk purchase required is actually not very high.

The other retail spa products. Can buy back and do home spa!

Went crazy at the facemasks side. ALOT OF CHOICES TO CHOOSE FROM!!! $6 for a 5piece pack. Are you screaming already?

I got the whitening and moisturing pack. I need lots of water on my face. It's always so dry!

The eyelashes! You can imagine how happy i was when i saw so many different designs for lashes up for sale. You can get a box of multiple lashes for as low as $6!!!!!!!!!!! Cheaper doesn't mean low quality, and expensive doesn't mean good quality. I once bought a pair of lashes for $9.90 PER PAIR, and it was so bad that i had to throw it away after only using it ONCE. Whereas there are some lashes i bought for only $2 and they are so good and durable that i can use them for at least 5 times. (go to for cheap lashes! One whole box only $9.90!!!!!!!!)

Also bought eyelash glue from the same store. Fidelis, who wears lashes all the time uses them, so it must be good :D But the label abit wrong sia, it was named "eye cream" -.-

My shopping hauls! (& some samples)

Salesgirl doing some cream demo on Jacelyn's hand.

After so much shopping, we were famished! I was late so we couldn't have lunch earlier on =x

Off for Japanese food as i was craving for sushi!

Happy fidelis:

Tamago sushi.

Fidel's salmon don.

The Udon at Ichiban Boshi suntec is FANTASTIC!

Fried salmon skin. Not that nice.

Chawanmushi! Also one of the best I've ever ate.


Sorry I'm really damn late already so i shall end off with a random sushi! I actually got no time one but since I havent been blogging this few days, i tried to faster blog within 20 minutes but turned out I OT-ed. Gotta run now!

Okay okay, this is the random sushi that I didn't ate. Goodbye!

Should i take the cab? T_T
*money flies*

(pssst, see i so good, sacrifice being late for you readers lor! Better appreciate! )

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