Friday, June 30, 2006

after burying my face into mathematics workbooks for
im home!!
i think i can officially call myself
Esther the Great Mathematician already..

i hate binomial thereom.

how i wish maths would always remain as 2+2=4.
i would LOVE maths if its like that.

i hate numbers.
i prefer alphabets.
so much easier..

apart from being a 'mathematician',
im also a self-proclaimed talented artist :)
i drew this in class: =P (wo~ that's better than your doodles leh~ hees) ..

joanne showed me this comic.
awww.. something to do with NUMBERS again?????
*faints* _____

SassyJan's Meme.:

she said:
1. I'll respond with something random about you:
Your pictures!! Is the typical teens pose!! the bend down and look up at camera pose! hehehehe me: hahaha.. im a teenager~ its too late to do that when i get older. wakaka. ~ stupid excuse.

2. I'll challenge you to try something:
Change a camera angle!
me: okay. how about this ?
or this? hahas..

3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you:
Definitely Hot pink but something in me wants to say Orange.
me: why Hot pink?? ~ hmms. and why Orange???

4. I'll tell you something I like about you:
your creativity. Your blog template is special!
me: thankyou!!~ :)

5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you:
Seriously speaking, your blog looks a huge mess on my Safari browser. Header aside, the layout, words, pictures, everything is overlapping each other. so i can't read anything. sorry my dear..
me: can someone tell me how to change my template so that safari browsers can view my blog????? :(

6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of:
me: why??? *woof*

7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you:
First question that comes to my mind, are you ah lian? :X
me: geez. of course im not.

8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog:
me: alright.

hahas. now its your turn!!! =)
(yes. YOU, the one reading )
click on the COMMENTS-LINK and answer the questions below:

Questions :
1. tell me something random about me
2. challenge me to try something
3. pick a colour that you associate with me
4. tell me something u like about me
5. tell me your first/clearest memory of me
6. tell me what animal i remind you of
7. ask me something that you had always wanted to ask me
8. after i reply to your comments, you must post this on your blog
(if you have one)


and after you answered my questions, i shall answer you with the questions you answered about me!
:) hees.
eh.. do you understand??

Thursday, June 29, 2006

mathematics is driving me crazy.
and the banana could'nt save me.
found this somewhere. its meaningful =)

* start _
when i jumped off the building,

10th storey: i saw the well-known loving couple hitting each other.

9th storey: i saw Sean worrying about his sick daughter.
8th storey: Ah mei just found out that her fiance is sleeping with her best friend. 7th Storey: DanDan is taking her daily anti-depression medicine.
6th storey: Jobless heng stills buy 7 newspapers everyday to search for a job everyday.
5th storey: the much-respected Mr wong is trying his wife's undergarment. 4th Storey: Rose is fighting with her boyfriend again. 3rd storey: Old man is still hoping everyday that someone would come by and pay him a visit. 2nd storey: i saw lily staring at the picture of her lost husband since half a year ago. 1st storey: the people that i saw justnow are looking at me now.i think after they see me now, they might feel that their problems are not that bad after all. ~ the end *

i love this comic strip alot.

Remember that there will always be someone who has worser problems than you.
CHEER UP, fiona and huimin,
and everyone who has been feeling down this few days.
days will get better :)

people living in this block are all having problems.
maybe fengshui not good.
they should move house.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i seriously think that i do sleepwalk everynight.
To the kitchen.
or maybe even to the coffeeshop.

that MUST be the reason why i looked larger in the mirror than usual.
or did mum changed the mirror to a bigger one?? hmms.

i didnt eat much this few days.
maybe a little more than usual ....
or maybe alot more ... =X
BUT !!
i cant be growing fat so fast right??
it would take some time to process the food to fats right?

some magic must be taking place in my stomach.
some aliens have kidnapped me afew days ago,
injected a alien-magician into my stomach,
and brought me back to Singapore.

concidentially, this alien-magician is an evil fat witch,
who loves to see ME growing fatter and fatter as each 24 hours pass.
she's turning all the food that accidently falls down my throat into fat looking fats as quick as lightning.
its even faster than the thunder.

i have to be fair.
im not suppose to blame these aliens/magicians/mirrors ..
its all that piece of attractive delicious chicken's fault.

that stupid chicken.
im gonna eat it up.

Monday, June 26, 2006

im going to kill myself with this piece of beautiful orange triangle glass:

duh. i was kidding of course.
i just couldnt resist taking a photo of that piece of beautiful orange triangle glass.

well, school reopened today.
i wonder if the school gate-opener had any difficulties unlocking the school gate this morning after having a month of holiday?

i was early to school today!!
because great daddy gave me 5 bucks to take the taxi.
wheets. i found out that i know the directions to my school more than that botak taxi driver.
woho~ im a clever child.
i just dont know why maths teacher wants me to stay back every friday for a 5-hour maths tuition.
i, with my clever brain, should be doing something more worthful than looking at her face and the uninteresting/uncolourful/uncute maths textbook for
5 non-stop hours.
you MUST agree with me.

the school kindly gave us newspapers to read every monday.
or did we paid for it long time ago?? =(
and i realised that it's a month since i last read a newspaper.
i did miss the comics section alot.


speaking of comics, huimin told us a great joke today:
(1) what is HAPPY's surname?
ans: LEE. becos,
HAPPYLEE (happily)

~ wakaka * i know you guessed wrongly :)
(2) what is HAPPY's occupation?
ans: NURSE. because
HAPPYNURSE (happiness)

~ wohoho * i knew you would guess it wrongly again .
told you im clever.
you should be convinced now.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

im back from working.
every weekend, i would help out at my mum's stall.
woho. im a fillial daughter.
actually, not whole day.
just morning afew hours, and night afew hours.
at night, sometimes there would be some cute guys around.
but in the morning, there are wierd people around.

one of them is HER : (* the background is covered because Eric is trying to know where i work at !! )

She comes every weekend, and sit infront of mum's stall.
sometimes she eat, sometimes she dont.
she is quite friendly to us actually.
But the problem about her is, she doesnt allow others to sit at that particular table when she's around. (except us, of course)..
She would usually place her umbrella or bag on the middle of the table, so that other people wont share tables with her. and when some people really sit at one side of the table, she will push her things towards the person and place it infront of that person, so that the person cannot eat there. she wants the whole table to herself.

well, thats not the main point.
she usually comes around 10-11 am,
and when she comes, and she sees people sitting at that table, she will suddenly throw a temper, and scold those innocent people.

she would say : '' this people eat shit one lor!! '' ..
everytime is like that.
and until those innocent people finally leave, then she will stop her grumblings.

she would also sometimes reprimand me : ''why you never put your things there?? you put your things there then people wont sit there liao mahs!!''
those table are MEANT for the customers.
not us. what rights do we have to 'chope' the whole table when we werent even using it?
so most of the time, i just keep quiet when that old lady nag at me.
and i think she doesnt realise something.
she thinks that the table is not for customers.. she thinks its for the stall tenders.
she forgot that she herself is a customer.
what rights does she have to chase away and scold another person for sitting at that place and in the end she sits there herself??

im quite embarrass whenever she scolds those innocent people.
because i would always be dragged into the picture.
she would always say: ''she needs to help her mum cut *blahblah* ''
when i didnt say i need to.

today it happened again. awww. and someone asked me if she is abit crazy. one even asked me whether she is my grandma. #$%@^&*!!!

i dunnoe if she is really abit crazy in the head, or is every old woman so stubborn??
hahas. except my grandmothers though. they are sweet, cute and kind :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Your Ideal Relationship is Casual Dating

Maybe you're looking for love...
But mostly you're looking for fun.
You could get serious with the right person.
For now, though, you're enjoying playing the field.

oh, really?
depends la.
i admit that i do play around sometimes.
only with guys who are unserious about me and playing around too.

if you are serious,
i will be serious too :)

i still prefer a stable and true relationship ~

and desmond, please stop calling me 'playgirl', because im NOT.
you are the playboy, dude.
- i thought it was 23rd June today
- i typed instead of justnow.
i think some alien-bugs have smuggled some
"make-her-stupid" pills into my brain.

anyway, because of these bugs,
i was thinking of stupid things this morning which are time-wasting and worthless to think about.

so i was thinking :
would i want a diamond marriage ring, or a gold marriage ring?

diamond = eternity
gold = money value

of course i choose diamond.

if i choosed gold, there might be a probablity that my future-husband would pawn our marriage ring away when we desperately need money.
i wouldnt want that to happen.

diamond cannot be pawned, yet it holds a special meaning to it.
of course, which girl in this world doesnt like diamonds?
maybe one in a million.
And i want those kind that looks something like this :
whole band is diamonds.. and very sparkling kind .. wakaka..
erm, if my future-husband isnt rich enough for something like that, this is also nice :

i began to realise something today.
im currently wearing this hellokitty friendship ring given to me by fiona yesterday,
and its pretty because there are small fake crystals/diamonds around it.
and you know what?
i was constantly checking it to see if any one of the diamonds have dropped.

i think i cannot have diamond marriage rings already :(
i will spend all my time checking the ring to see if any diamond dropped.
and what if one diamond really dropped?
the ring would not seems so perfect anymore, and i dont like imperfections.

But i also dont want gold ring.
i think i shall settle on Silver Rings lor.
hmmms .

i shall not be fussy.
i shall settle on any ring that my future-husband chooses :)

ehhh... why am i thinking about marriage???????
i have not even passed my GCE O level exams leh!!~
think too much liaos ~ hahas

*switches back to reality*

okay. lets now think about what texture i want for the cover of my textbooks..........

Friday, June 23, 2006


i just had a cold shower justnow.
i did switched on the heater,
and i did turned the temperature to the hottest temperature.
but.. !!!
the shower remained stubbornly cold.
it has been stubborn for afew days already leh.
i missed my hot shower.

i hate cold showers.

im back from walking aimlessly for erm.. lots of hours.
i would have lost 2kg if i didnt ate KFC popcorn-chicken, half a coleslaw, half a bottle of chocolate milk and 3/4 cup of cocacola~

i and fiona went bugis today, and she was SO pretty today.
wow. hahas.
anyways, nothing much to elaborate.
just some photos :)

im gonna poison you with loads and loads of MY FACE.
wakaka~ i seriously dunno why fiona took this picture.
this is my superb photography of fiona 'twins' :) oh. i think we went into the washroom for a dozen times today. =X im friends with the mirror now. it took me thousands of courage to wear a tube despite of my fats. please *applause*!! AS USUAL, we went crazy about neoprints :)
(left : me ... right:fiona)
fiona (left) . me (right)my shoe was naughty today. One strap broke 2 times. another strap broke 1 time. lucky i bought SUPER-glue. fiona bought this ring for me :) THANKYOU~!CONCLUSION : shopping is bored when you dun have any money.

here i am, early in the morning at 9.18am, holding the eyeliner in one hand and typing with the other hand. hmms. my makeup looks wierd. awww.
im going out!! im going out !! im going out !!
catch me at bugis ~
:) whoever catches me will get a .. a ... smile from me .. (sorry la. i bankrupt nehs )

gees. i sound like a lunatic who has just been freed -.-

Thursday, June 22, 2006

i thought about this question justnow:
would i rather be blind, mute, or deaf ?

okay, im not cursing myself..
but i was just wondering,
of the blinds, the mutes and the deafs,
which of them are the most 'lucky' ?

if im blind, i could not look at cute guys.
:( life would be so boring ~ *yawns* hahas.

if im mute, i would not be able to talk.
:( cannot la~ * stamps foot and protest* talking is my favourite hobby leh!!

if im deaf, i would not be able to listen to nice nice songs.
:( i wouldnt be able to listen to sweettalks too !!~ *crys*

after weighing out the importances and non-importances of the consequences of each, i settled on being mute.
at least when im mute, i can use a notepad or whiteboard to transmit my feelings.
i would still be able to communicate. *cheers*

if im deaf, i would live life miserably. imagine watching the tv without sounds, being unable to eavesdrop on conversations in the bus, being unable to listen to the nice songs from radios.. live in a world devoided of noise ? i can't.

if im blind, i could not watch tv, could not blog, could not walk properly, could not see pretty and handsome faces, could not go shopping, could not see how my food look like, etc . i think being blind is the worst of the 3. being blind equals to not being able to do many things and ... and ... im afraid of the dark :(

i suddenly feel that im so so so lucky to have all 3.
i can see. i can cry.
i can talk. i can shout.
i can hear. i can eavesdrop.

hurray :)
i just realised that i wrote a whole long entry about being blind, mute and deaf.
i have nothing better to do ?

awww. huimin is unable to go out with me and fiona tomorrow :(
should i ask more people to come with us? and who?
hmmms ..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i admit that im an emotional person (sometimes).
listening/reading/watching other's sad stories would result in me splashing tears.
justnow i read PostSecret.
(dun bother going in to read the postcards cos they change every week. if you read this one week late, the post im referring to might be gone already )
this week's theme was about FATHERS.
people send in their postcards and write about anything they feel or want to tell their fathers.

after reading afew of the postcards, tears were already forming in my eyes.
it seems that many people:
(1) regret not fufilling something before their father died.
(2) love but hate their fathers
(3) idolise their fathers
(4) think that their fathers hate them and they are constantly reprimanding themselves

Fathers day just passed by 3 days ago.
do you ever celebrate father's day with your father?
this year me and sis put all our money together and bought dad a new wallet, becos we noticed that his wallet is tattered and torn.
and i know he wont bother buying a new wallet himself -.-
so after wrapping it and pasting it together with a little note, we put it inside the mailbox before we went shopping.
when dad came home, he opened the mailbox and found the little present.
although the present came late, but i know that he likes it becos he immediately transfer all his things from the old wallet to the new wallet, even when he is already late (to meet us at toapayoh)..
actually, i forgot about Father's Day until Father's Day came, and mum reminded me.

im glad i have a father that
(1) is not a alcoholic
(2) doesnt like gambling
(3) doesnt smoke
(4) isnt interested in worldcup
(5) loves eating
(6) loves going shopping with family
(7) will help us tell lies to mummy :)
(8) is lame
(9) doesnt disagree with me when i tell him that im pretty =X
(10) buys me sweets

and although i dunlike him being impatient, badtempered, slow and naggy,
i think that im lucky to have a father like him.

p.s. i dun think that im pretty. i tell my dad that im pretty just to piss him :)
im going shopping with fiona and huimin on this friday.
okay. for me its window shopping . cos im currently bankrupt after buying daddy a huge father day's present.
the problem with going shopping with them is that...
most of my clothes are too mature-kind already.
and its inappropriate to wear mature-clothes with two girls who are going to wear really NICE STREETSTYLE clothes !!~
i love streetstyle clothes but my wardrobe doesnt have streetstyle clothes .

reason 1 : i became too fat for those tiny clothes, so they have been passed down to my happy sister -.-
reason 2 : recently i seldom buy streetstyle clothes becos i couldnt find non-sleeveless streetstyle clothes.
reason 3 : no money. cos i spent all my money on accessories.

so most of the reason is becos.. i grew fat .
and im already trying to diet already.
i noe i cannot exercise cos i will give up after 7 minutes.
im eating maggi-mee for lunch.
im tempted to drink all the soup.
should i ?
will i get fat ??
awwww ...
im getting paranoid and its FOOD's fault .

i dun feel like going shopping with them on friday already ..
unless i find one nice clothes to wear with them !~
and i doubt i will.
grrrrrr .
if only my arms arent that flabby ..
if only my legs are slender and long .
if only .....

from today onwards, dun tempt me with food . if you do, i will kill you .

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this few days when i log in to blogger,
they will always show me this :

in the past when i click refresh two or three times, i would finally get to log in ..
~until today.
i clicked refresh furiously for about a billion times, but they still give me that screen. grrrrrr.
in the end i typed : instead of ..
then, i finally could log in !! ~
hahas :) all thanks to my clever brain ~

they say the problem is something about what computer cookies one. i dunnoe all that lar. i only know i love chocolate cookies !!~ hmms. i wonder if my computer cookies are chocolatechip-flavoured ? no chocolatechip-flavour nevermind. milo-flavour will do :)

Yum Yum Yummy Yummy Yum !!~

hey. i woke up at early 9.30 am today .. im a good girl :)
mummy, do you hear that ?? will i have a chocolate cookie as a reward ?? O.o


Monday, June 19, 2006

i took this quiz - How Extroverted Are You?
and the results is :

Your Extroversion Profile:
Cheerfulness: Very High
Excitement Seeking: High
Friendliness: High
Sociability: High
Activity Level: Medium
Assertiveness: Very Low

erm .. what is ''Extroverted'' ??
hahas ~
as i promised, the genting trip pictures are here !!
phew ~
i used ten thousand hours to sort out the pictures and upload them into blogger sia ...
im glad its done.
*wipes sweat*

We woke up at 4am in the morning and was 1 hour early .
we spent the time staring at each other for one hour, before we finally went up the bus ..

concidentally, our return-bus was also this bus, with the same plate-number.
i know the bus loves us.

we sat on the bottom-decker and i love it.
there are only 9 seats at the bottom-decker, and a thousand seats on the top-decker.
which do you prefer?
of course i prefer the bottom-decker.
hahas . becos im nearer to the tv, fridge, basin, and cupboards !!

we spent half and hour trying to figure out how to blow bubbles with bubblegums ... and i failed x(

hahas .after a million years of staying in the bus, we reached GENTINGS !!~ Genting was empty ?!!wohohos.
We bought many many many things food !!

by the time i went back to our hotel room, i was dead tired.

and then we took some stupid photos : _________