Saturday, June 24, 2006

- i thought it was 23rd June today
- i typed instead of justnow.
i think some alien-bugs have smuggled some
"make-her-stupid" pills into my brain.

anyway, because of these bugs,
i was thinking of stupid things this morning which are time-wasting and worthless to think about.

so i was thinking :
would i want a diamond marriage ring, or a gold marriage ring?

diamond = eternity
gold = money value

of course i choose diamond.

if i choosed gold, there might be a probablity that my future-husband would pawn our marriage ring away when we desperately need money.
i wouldnt want that to happen.

diamond cannot be pawned, yet it holds a special meaning to it.
of course, which girl in this world doesnt like diamonds?
maybe one in a million.
And i want those kind that looks something like this :
whole band is diamonds.. and very sparkling kind .. wakaka..
erm, if my future-husband isnt rich enough for something like that, this is also nice :

i began to realise something today.
im currently wearing this hellokitty friendship ring given to me by fiona yesterday,
and its pretty because there are small fake crystals/diamonds around it.
and you know what?
i was constantly checking it to see if any one of the diamonds have dropped.

i think i cannot have diamond marriage rings already :(
i will spend all my time checking the ring to see if any diamond dropped.
and what if one diamond really dropped?
the ring would not seems so perfect anymore, and i dont like imperfections.

But i also dont want gold ring.
i think i shall settle on Silver Rings lor.
hmmms .

i shall not be fussy.
i shall settle on any ring that my future-husband chooses :)

ehhh... why am i thinking about marriage???????
i have not even passed my GCE O level exams leh!!~
think too much liaos ~ hahas

*switches back to reality*

okay. lets now think about what texture i want for the cover of my textbooks..........

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