Thursday, June 1, 2006

yawns *
i feel so sleepy .
must be because i slept late this few days .
awww . fiona says sleeping late will spoil my complexion .
hmms . i shall sleep early tonight .....
but .. but ...
i dun like sleeping early .. !
i prefer sleeping late and waking up late :)
how i wish that there is a new law in singapore :
''all teenagers have to sleep late and wake up late. those who disobey this law will be banished from eating frenchfries .''

wow~ i support this law !! if all teenagers sleep late , means that everyone will spoil their complexion . . so with so many people around me with bad complexion , i do not have to worry about mine :)
and nobody will disobey .
cos everyone loves frenchfries ~ hohos .

okay , im dreaming too much .
i guess i could only hope that government would give out Ferrero Rochers .
this is more possible ~

anyways , speaking of chocolates ,
me, fiona and huimin went picnic today !!
Under the bright blue sky ,
we see the greeny grasses ,
we feel the gentle wind,
we hear the birds chirping ...

Our picnic was at ..... ..... at a voiddeck .

We had marverlous food :

Fresh milk (marigold chocolate freshmilk packetdrink)
Fruits ( Tong Garden Processed Raisins )
Veggies ( Tong Garden Green Peas Tibit )
Seafood ( Tong Garden Prawn Crackers )
Drinks ( plain water )
Extra ( WangWang SugarCrackers)

hahaa . we didnt realise that all the tibits we ate were TongGarden's till we took their photo . hohos .

Say cheese :

not nice =(

say cheese again :
* satisfied*

anyways, after school we went to CenturySquare.

den when i went home, dad asked me if i want to eat cake .
i said okay .
in the end , i elegantly-nibbled half-a-piece of lowfat cake .
okay okay... im lying ...
i gobbled up two chocolate cakes .
* i blame this on the cakes . they seduced me into eating them *
its their fault their fault their fault =X

i cant think of any caption for this photo :


*falls asleep and accidently clicked on PublishPost ~*


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