Friday, June 23, 2006

im back from walking aimlessly for erm.. lots of hours.
i would have lost 2kg if i didnt ate KFC popcorn-chicken, half a coleslaw, half a bottle of chocolate milk and 3/4 cup of cocacola~

i and fiona went bugis today, and she was SO pretty today.
wow. hahas.
anyways, nothing much to elaborate.
just some photos :)

im gonna poison you with loads and loads of MY FACE.
wakaka~ i seriously dunno why fiona took this picture.
this is my superb photography of fiona 'twins' :) oh. i think we went into the washroom for a dozen times today. =X im friends with the mirror now. it took me thousands of courage to wear a tube despite of my fats. please *applause*!! AS USUAL, we went crazy about neoprints :)
(left : me ... right:fiona)
fiona (left) . me (right)my shoe was naughty today. One strap broke 2 times. another strap broke 1 time. lucky i bought SUPER-glue. fiona bought this ring for me :) THANKYOU~!CONCLUSION : shopping is bored when you dun have any money.


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