Friday, August 31, 2012

Walk a day in my shoes

So in yesterday's entry I said that I would blog about those lovely wedges today.

I am actually very sleepy and I just had a 30 minute night nap before coming back to my computer to finish up this entry.

I'm so happy it's Friday!!! ^_^ Tomorrow I will be lazing around at home the whole day, giving myself my much awaited rest. Will also be sorting out all my backlog photos and schedule entries for the next couple of weeks!

Recap of yesterday's outfit:
(Dress from

The wedges, from!
Don't you love the color?! It comes in 4 different colors and I was actually also very attracted to the blue one. But in the end I got the green shade as I have more green dresses to go along with, and I really love this shade of green.

It's only $32 by the way. Direct link:

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Went to Comex today to search for a new camera but went home empty handed as I did not find anything significantly better than what I am currently having. A few staff kept recommending the ones with wireless/GPS ones, but I am not really looking for one with these features. Such features are useless if it doesn't even serve the basics well. Just finding a good one that does the main job well is difficult enough...

Looking for a new camera that is...
- Tough enough to withstand being dropped on the floor many times
- Crisp clear images
- Anti-motion blur
- Background blur
- Fast shutter speed even under low lighting & no lag
- Focus and ungrainy even under low lighting
- Built in flash
- Lightweight, non-bulky
- Good zoom

Any recommendations? My current Olympus Ep-1 ticks all of the above except the last 4 points. Actually, I really love my current camera so much that I could even forgive it for being a tad too heavy and bulky at times. It is works perfectly well in bright places with sunlight, but I do not like that it's very yellowish and grainy under low lighting. Also, even with flash on, it can't focus in dark places.

So anyway, it was quite late by the time we decided to not buy any for the time being. Went to Marina Square hoping to find a place to eat. Saw that "Jia Xiang Mian" was still open but I said I didn't want to eat there as I've eaten there before already. So we went one big round and every single store rejected us with "sorry last order is closed already" -_______-

In the end, we had no more choice and went back to "Jia Xiang Mian". Finally, one store that says "Welcome~~~" Haha.

Actually "Jia Xiang Mian" is not bad!

Outfit of the day:

Dress is from OTMILL.COM // Check out the embroidered collar!

At, there are new arrivals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Here are some pretty pieces from which caught my eye. Don't you love them?

I love the shopping experience at as the page is very neat and clean. Navigation is easy and the model is cute! On top of these superficial points, has great customer service and ships out your orders the next working day. Yay to fast processing! There is also free normal shipping for a limited period of time. Check out to find out more and also add yourself to the mailing list! Also check out their facebook page ( for monthly giveaways ^_^ Ah, wonderful!

Not forgetting, you may also quote "ESTHER10" to enjoy 10% off online purchase!

By the way, if you like the wedges I wore in this entry, do come back here tomorrow as I will be blogging more photos of this gorgeous pair and where to get them!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Staying at Ritz

This is a photo entry of my stay at Ritz Carlton! I didn't bring my camera along so all the photos in this entry were taken with the iPhone. Sorry for the poor quality!

A much needed coffee to keep me awake for the hectic weekend.

I just had to show off the hotel bathroom to you all. Love the huge window! The first time I came to Ritz 2 years back, I was won over by the spacious bathroom. Pity I didn't take any full view of the bathroom. Also, I didn't have the chance to use the bathtub :( But nevermind, the shower room had transparent glass wall so technically, I also did bath with a view. Haha.

Living area with marina skyline.

For dinner we had seafood among many other delicacies! Most of them preferred chilli crab but I like the black pepper version. My top choice is always white pepper though, but we didn't have it that day.

My Hello Kitty plushie on my bed! So cute ^_^ Forever nomming on her strawberry one.

I super love the bed and pillow at Ritz Carlton. They were damn good until I felt kinda sad thinking about going back to my own bed at home after the stay haha.

Wore a dress from! It's part of their office wear collection. New arrivals came last week and plenty of office wear dresses for you to choose from!

Full view:
The flare part makes the waist look slimmer!

Love our flora breakfast setting the next day.

What do you usually take first when having international breakfast buffets? For me, I always zoom straight to American breakfast, and then Chinese, and then the other stuff.

Messy room! Haha. If you love being tidy you can't stay in the same room as me.

Dress is also from Photo is very grainy.

Had Korean food at Clarke Quay for supper. The fried chicken there was superb!

Breakfast again the next day... So many spreads to choose from...

What's your favorite spread? I love bread and butter.

Didn't took many photos the last day. Went to Changi Airport for lunch!

Dress from

This explains my absence last week!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shop in my wardrobe!

Do you see the "SHOP" tab above?

I'm selling several pre-loves there at package price. Means for example, you could get a package of 4 pieces for $24 only! Check out the page!

Here are some of my favorite items:


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Daisy

Hi all!!

I just came home after being away for work the past few days! Had only 2 hours of sleep last night and so the first thing I did upon reaching home was to catch up on sleep. After the long nap I'm now wide awake and I wonder how I am going to fall asleep tonight lol.

I usually blog quite regularly so I felt really uncomfortable that this blog was not updated for quite some days! I had actually planned to schedule posts but I've been so caught up with work that I couldn't make it in time.

Another project is coming up soon so I guess my work schedule will still continue being packed. Usually I try to fix some plans for weekends so that I have something to look forward to throughout the week!

Last weekend was a simple one. I had lunch at Clover, a nice, quiet cafe near Farrer Park area.

Flowers decorated the table.

I quite like the mushroom soup as it had chunky bits in it but it got cold quickly because of the huge surface area and shallow depth.

Ordered wings but I think I'd pass on it if I dine here again. It was only so-so. I've tasted much better ones even from those normal western stall in coffee shops.

I like the sauce for the mushroom chicken chop I had.

The fish was also good! It went well with the black pepper sauce too.

Went to Ang Mo Kio to buy some playstation games and decided to try bubble tea from this store "agantea" as I've been seeing its branches sprouting up everywhere recently.

Was too milky at first but it tasted not bad after that! The 'pearls' were also different... it felt like brown sugar sago...

Caught the movie "Greedy Ghost" after that. Didn't have much expectations for it due to poor reviews on magazines but it was not too bad! Quite funny and interesting. At least it had a proper storyline.

And my weekend outfit is Hello Daisy Crop top from DKMLshop! Casual yet sunshiney, great for the much-loved Sundays! The material is light and soft, plus I love the little floral print that pushes up the cute factor! And don't you fancy the black crochet lace collar?

In DKMLshop's debut collection, they also have many other pretty colored clothings that will brighten up your days. Check them out!


Monday, August 20, 2012

KTV with Fiona


So, I've been leaving my schedule kinda blank recently except for weekends because work has been busy and sometimes I need to OT. So, it's better not to plan anything as it's not nice to cancel meetups/events!

Luckily I went out quite a lot the previous couple of months so I still have backlog to blog about. Hurray!

Went for a 2-hour singing session at Partyworld with Fiona after much pestering from her. Kena pestered by her not because she really wants to hear me sing. Kena pestered because I agreed to buy the $10 deal coupon for this singing session yet I couldn't find time to sing with her. Haha. So anyway, 2 hours is not enough!! Still got songs left on the waiting list when we got cut off!

Had Soyea at Downtown East again after the singing session. Check out Fiona's over-sized handphone cover.

I wore this! Top is from (Many new top updates!) and those cute polka dot shorts are from Smitten at! Smitten really have a lot of nice summery designs which I love.