Friday, August 17, 2012

Eat At Taipei

We traveled all the way from Pasir Ris to Jurong one day! Siao one! Lol. Jurong is really foreign land to me. I seldom ever step in there.

Lunch was at Eat At Taipei at Jcube. That's a lot of 'at' in one short sentence. haha.

And the chinese signboard is a direct translation of Eat At Taipei. Or maybe Eat At Taipei was a direct translation of the chinese name?

This is my dish! I ordered San Bei Ji. Nice! But i'd order the ala-carte next time, because I don't like the side dish which are preserved canned and cold food. Apparently my friend loves the beancurd thing at the bottom left of the picture (Not a surprise since his fave food are mostly canned food anyway -.- ). They told me that it was a common canned food back then but probably stopped appearing during "my generation". Haha. I'm so glad it wasn't part of my childhood then. Anyway, I also liked that on top of the rice have minced pork!

Their food:

Pan fried fish does not look appetizing but it's quite nice!

Braised pork rice.

Also ordered Yan Shu Ji as side dish. It was very yums but I was too full so I didn't eat many. Now I'm craving for it!

Milk tea. I guess it is not a main item on their menu, as it tasted very 'meh'.

Overall the lunch was good. But then, because it's situated just beside the ice skating rink, the restaurant was really cold! Would love to dine there again.... but it's at Jurong leh -_-"

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