Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Melbourne Day 3-4

Took the chance to travel out of Melbourne CBD on Day 3 and 4, before S returns back to SG. We spent an entire day on Great Ocean Road and another day at Werribee Open Range Zoo, which was a significantly shorter drive.

Started the day with McDonald's breakfast!

And because the parking in Melbourne is very expensive and we wanted to offset the parking fee, we bought these huge macarons to qualify for the free parking promo hahaha. Better to pay for expensive macarons than expensive parking!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wrapping up 2017 Q2 Q3 Q4

I'm reluctant for 2017 to go, because it is probably one of the best years I had in recent times.

2017 was FANTASTIC.

As you can probably tell by my lack of update, I have been super busy this year.

Highlights would probably be,
- Getting Married
- Honeymoon in Europe
- Maldives surprise trip
- New Job
- Getting the keys to our new home!

Besides Europe and Maldives, we also made several short trips to neighboring countries in Asia as well~ Hong Kong, Hokkaido, Malaysia Genting and Tioman. My travel backlog is piling up so much that I've decided to post everything else that is non-travel related in this single blog post.

For my convenience, I shall be really random with this! No time to sequence the photos. Haha.

So we got married in March, and our wedding was featured on Blissful Brides magazine!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

FoodLine Chinese New Year Catering

Chinese New Year is coming soon!

I thought that we'd be able to move into our new home before Chinese New Year but I guess that's impossible now, because we are still considering our renovation options.

I definitely want to host Chinese New Year gatherings at my new home the next year though! However, as I'm planning to have an open-concept kitchen, it's unlikely that I will do much cooking... But a big feast for Chinese New Year is still a must! Thankfully, has a listing of CNY menus (party sets for small group of 5-10 pax to full buffets for 20-100 pax), complete with the necessities like Yusheng and Pencai. How convenient is that?! I am able to compare the menus and see which one I prefer, all on a single platform. With the best price guarantee, I can also be sure that I'm getting the best deal! Sometimes there are even free dishes/ discounts up to 50% off that is exclusive on which I can't get even if I order directly from the caterer!

I think that some of you may also consider getting caterers to prepare the reunion dinner, especially for those who can't cook. The prices are definitely also more value for money compared to booking a restaurant outside!

Use my coupon code ESTHERCNY38 for $38 off (valid for all orders till 31 Dec 2018, min $350 spending) - Doesn't have to be CNY menu because the code is valid for the entire year! Just remember to use it for any events you require catering for - baby first month, housewarming (i'm already checking out the menus for myself!), birthdays, etc.

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