Monday, December 11, 2017

Melbourne: Great Ocean Road

We allocated time for a one-day road trip along Great Ocean Road and it was the most memorable part of my trip to Melbourne... The spectacular scenery is extremely worth the long drive out! As we had limited time, I researched in advance on the highlights along the route and decided on some key stops.

Before setting off early in the morning, we had microwaved pizza for breakfast in our apartment!

And off we go!

But first, we stopped by the petrol kiosk to make sure we are full tank!

Also bought a pack of wings from red rooster and they are super yums!

On to the road again~

Saw a group of sheep and we stopped the car just to check them out! *Suaku City Dwellers*

After approximately 2.5 hours, we arrived at this beach near our first stop. It was so pretty that we just had to come out of the car for awhile to take in the beauty of this place. We haven't even visited the main highlights and I already felt the journey was worth it. The waves was nothing like I ever saw before.

Passed by fields again and this particular cow was extremely amusing because it stared at us like this for awhile before turning to stroll away. When he did that, the entire herd followed and moved in the opposite direction from us.

Endless roads....

Arrived at Apollo Bay! Some of the travelogues I read mentioned this place so we decided to drop by for lunch.

With my parents! Sis didn't join us on the road trip because she had school.

We decided on Sandy Feet Cafe~ The portion is huge! In fact, it's the norm here in Melbourne.

I had the typical omelette and bacon with toast.

Moving on....

We were at Cape Otway Lighthouse in around half an hour.
Otway Lighthouse Rd, Cape Otway VIC 3233, Australia

At the entrance, there is a little souvenir shop where you can purchase tickets to enter.

We had a nice cooling walk through the park to the lighthouse. It is the oldest in Australia, having started operations in 1848!

What I love about the attractions along Great Ocean Road is that the crowd is actually minimal, unlike other touristy places.

We went to the top of the lighthouse too!

Okay time to share an "adventure" we had.... We lost our internet signal several times but at one point, we lost it completely for a long period of time and the GPS stopped working. We had no idea where we were, no physical printed map, and our screen was not loading. It felt quite scary to be honest! There weren't any huge signboards leading the way.... Just quiet, empty roads. Actually, hardly any cars passed by throughout the journey! We had to make several turns based on blind guess and luckily for us, we ended up on a small road leading to a tiny inn. We managed to ask for a physical map from a nice lady over there. Phew! So my advice is.... Have a backup plan in case the GPS fails.

The most popular highlight on Great Ocean Road has to be Twelve Apostles. It's definitely a must-go.
Great Ocean Rd & Booringa Rd, Princetown VIC 3269, Australia

The strong wind made it almost impossible to take a decent photo of ourselves here. Haha.

There were some people selling huge strawberries and we bought a pack. Juicy!

Next stop, the London Arch and Grotto, which are nearby each other.

It was getting dark and we decided to return to the city. Before that, we dropped by Port Campbell Town for dinner.

Settled on Nico's Pizza & Pasta.
25 Lord St, Port Campbell VIC 3269, Australia

I like the small-town feel of Port Campbell, definitely something different!

Afterwards, it was the long ride home... This time we took the expressway, which is the shorter route. At this point, all of us were feeling very sleepy already but I dared not sleep because S was the only designated driver and he has been driving since morning. I was afraid that if I don't chat with him, he will fall asleep too. However, I was too tired and I did nod off several times, leaving him the only awake one in the car :x Luckily he managed to get us all back safely!

The roads at night are extremely dark with no street lamps.... Most of the time it was pitch black, with only the car headlights to make sure we were still driving on the road. Oh midway we also spotted a tiny animal with glowing eyes approaching us from in front of the car. We think it might be a koala!

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