Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for models/aspiring-models for upcoming photoshoot events.

At least 15 and above.

Enthusiastic and hardworking.
Responsible for every assignment given to them.
No attitude problem will be tolerated.
No habitual late comers please.
Experience not necessary, although preferred.
Preferably free on most weekend mornings.

Please send the following details to
with subject title: MODEL-[Your name]

- 3 or more clear pictures of yourself.
- age
- height (not important)
- contact number (very important)

The pictures will be judged by a group of photographers, and if you are selected, you'll be sent for a testshoot casting some time within this few weeks. After the testshoot round, if you qualify, you will be given paid photoshoot jobs quite regularly depending on the response.

For more enquiries, can email too.

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updated with a sales post!! :):)
Picturey entry!! :D:D

I overslept this morning.
(actually, i oversleep almost every morning).

Because im usually late for everything, most of the time i put on my makeup on the bus or on the cab, whichever transport i take. And to my horror, i forgot to bring my makeup pouch out today -.- No wonder my bag felt so light.

And so, i was at orchard without makeup for more than 4 hours. Luckily i had my spects on instead of contact lens! At least i could hide behind those thick black frames.

My colleagues exclaimed things like: "Wah! Didn't know your eyes so small one ah! I thought your eyes very big one leh!"

Hahaha. They all prefer me with my thick thick eyeliner/eyeshadow. They've seen me in light eyemakeup before and also commented that i look sleepy without my thick thick eyeliner/eyeshadow. Even my mum who hate my thick thick eyeliner/eyeshadow also say that without it i look worse. LOL.

Thick eye makeup may look scary closeup or in pictures, but it does make me look alot better overall in real life. It makes my facial features look more proportionate. I'm gonna stick to my thick thick eyeliner/eyeshadow for now. Till i find a better way to colour those eyes.

I was in charge of a group photoshoot some days ago for Serene, Kyi and Regina. Couldn't fall asleep the previous night and had a bloated face the next morning. One picture with serene:

I love her looks. Would want to shoot her for my portfolio when i get my dslr :D

After the shoot, went over to Dhobyghaut to wait for the guys. Had a plate of chicken meat. Then ordered the 2nd plate. When jayden came, he gave me that "what a glutton" look.

Went over to this cafe-pub that Xiaoting introduced to me some time ago. We can eat, drink, sing, chill there :) Love the place! Wont disclose the exact place for now because i love that it's not very well-known, very little people, thus good for hiding days!

Curry Rice.

Our drinks. Love my Indulge Iced Tea, which is actually a mixture of strawberries and lychees.

Jayden ordered two plates for himself!

Me and isaac and our delicious grilled chicken.

The guys.

Xiaoting wanted to meet me up as well with her boyfriend and friend, so we sat on side by side tables. Joined their table for awhile to sing.

Her face cut off in this photo. My hands too short. Heh.

We placed ben's camera on top of a cup and began to camwhore with the self timer.

Isaac look good in this picture below :)

Sang a duet with Jayden.

Check out isaac's gum piercing above his teeth. I think it looks disgusting but he likes it -.-

Nonsensical Jayden. LOL.

Ben and Desmond. Heh, i think they don't know about this picture.

On facebook using isaac's phone.

Then the guys started trying and playing with my pair of heels -.- Was a funny sight to watch them catwalk with it. Amazingly, they did a great job in balancing on those heels. Haha.

Went to play darts while ben started taking candid shots of the players.

I started out quite well, but towards the end of the game my darts kept bouncing off the wall.

Check out that dart in midair!

Took a deck of cards and played "heart attack". Hands pain T_T

look at their expressions. haha.

Went over nearby to have beancurd! Yummy and cheap :D

A phonecall came and then they started checking out my hair extensions. As i look through the fullsize pictures, i laughed at Jayden's funny expressions. Machiam never see before hair extensions lydat.

3 out of 4 of the guys were wearing the same kind of sandals -.-

Woah. Finally the end of the entry. Had a hard time uploading all these 60+ photos! Everytime go out with them sure alot of pictures one. Haha.