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Friday, February 6, 2009

My complexion is going turning bad recently :(
Breakouts. I guess due to late sleeping. Thank goodness there's something called concealer.

Love it love it!

heh, this 2nd picture is just to show that the person in the above picture is me :D

Still have other pictures from the same set of photoshoot. Next time then post up :)


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I love blogshops because they are always so affordable and i love the comfort of just sitting at home and looking at pretty clothings and clicking to buy them and then wait for the parcels to arrive :D


Valentines day is nearing! Havent thought of what to wear, or what to give your boy? You can solve both at Frenchfleurs! Their vday collection was launched today, featuring both female and male pieces!

Here are some of the pieces that i like from this new collection and some of their past collections.

I totally love satin. The green coloured one is so special :D

Dont overdress on a casual day!

And also, Frenchfleurs will be at Zouk Flea & Easy, happening this sunday, 8th feb, from 2-7pm @ Zouk. Do check them out!!

* * * * *


See that top banner up there? It links to Karensdesire! Dont judge it too quickly with it's plain website design. Click on the collections and you'll realise that there are lots of lovely and unique pieces in there!

I've gotten this from them :) Love it to the max.

Here are some other unique pieces that they have. Nice right!!

You can also get Nubra from them!

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