Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow, just transferred the pictures from my camera to my laptop, and realise that i've lots to blog about! Many many pictures! :D :D

But im rushing to go out now, so i'll just leave you guys with two scandalous pictures and an advertorial!

Just because CNY is over it doesn't mean you can't shop for new clothes. Well, those hongbao money given to you are for a reason! updated!

(i have the 2nd row 1st one and 3rd one!!)

this time there are exclusive pieces again! Manufactured by their own label, those floral spag tops are definitely sweet for valentines day! Very affordable prices too!

Anyway, this was what we were busy with yesterday at the hotel. Got caught by a swarm of dslrs and digital cams. *SHY!*

Heh, they even ate sushi from my body *blushes*

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