Monday, February 16, 2009

BANNER PROMOTION. I think u must have noticed the "blogshop listings" on top of my entries already. The prices now are much lower than usual and good for those with a budget or just started their blogshops. More details are stated up there itself, and if you are interested to enquire, can email to

Hollyhoque updated!

My favourites from this collection would definitely go to the 2nd and 3rd piece from the 1st row! There are also other lovelies inside the collection not featured on the cover.

Let's blog about those random pictures from my camera!

Met up with Winnie one day after work for Crystal Jade. Taka's top floor's branch has so much better service than the downstairs one.

Love to eat fish! Steam, grilled, fried, all i like! As long as it's not too bland :)

SharkBone soup! Everytime i go crystal jade i must order this!

Winnie's wanton soup. Very nice too.


Eat until very full!

Walked over to Cineleisure.

She pulled me over to boatquay. And i was wearing too casual to go there lor! My slippers broke halfway T_T

Sorethroat still sing!

I dont know how to play pool.

Met up with Fiona for Ktv again afew days later cos i was feeling down. So addicted to Ktv liao!

Met up with Ruoxuan and Fiona after work some weeks ago. Had a chat and cabbed home. Love those girls =)

Fiona insists that this is a heartshaped piece of chicken -.- This girl is always crazy.

Supper with colleagues!

I dont like cockles but i love oyster omelettes (i dont eat the oyster though)

Gongbao chicken also one of my faves.

My most favourite is still stingray. Yummm.

Alright going to catch a movie now. BB!

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