Friday, February 13, 2009

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He's Just Not That Into You.

Sigh, how many times have you heard that from your friends and refused to believe it? Sometimes I really hate female instinct. Because most of the time, they are actually accurate. When your instinct tells you something bad, you choose to be in denial. It's a weakness i never know how to overcome.

Girls always wish they are the exception.
They always hope that they would be the special girl for that particular guy. But realistically, how many of us actually become the ONE?

From just the title alone, im already interested in the movie.

I read the interview with
Scarlett Johansson on He's Just Not That Into You.

i think two quotes from the article brings much familarity with my recent relationship issue.

"I think even though there was somebody that was being hurt in the process, I think that the two characters really like each other. They connect, and so you can’t really hate them because it’s not like they’re being vindictive. She’s not looking to steal married men. He’s not looking to have an affair. They both go into it knowing that there’s a third person in the relationship, but they really feel like maybe this is the point in their life."

"sometimes these things happen and you don’t want to miss the boat. Who knows? This could be the person that you have children with, and get married to, and spend the rest of your life with. I think that these two characters feel that way about each other. They make such a connection. You can’t hate them, I think, because they don’t go into with malice. They don’t go into their relationship with a kind of purpose to hurt somebody. So is life, I guess, that these things happen. Don’t they?"

It's a movie talking about real life things that could happen to anyone. Situations anyone could land themselves in. It's an opportunity to stand in the shoes of someone else and understand the situation they were in.

More about the movie at :

For men out there who are already trying to find an excuse rejecting to watch this movies with your girlfriends just because it sounds like another chick flick, you have to go to that website above. Click on the blue box at the right hand side of the page, and watch the video about "The Top 10 Chick Flick Cliches not found in this movie". I watched it and even i'm laughing at the mock-ups they did of the cliches usually found in chick flicks.

Aren't you already excited for the show?

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I'll be there. With my date.
Catch me there! =)

And in case you do not win the tickets,
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