Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The dresscode theme of the party was Colourful Clothings! Turned out most people didn't really stick by the rules... Only the bloggers did. Duh.

Venue was at the Naumi Hotel.
I was the first blogger to reach! Didn't know anyone else there other than jayden and fabian. Shy sia! =x

I had a fun night :) I'll just pile the pictures here with abit of captions. It's okay if people say that im starting to get boring with my way of blogging recently, because i know i've been dumping pictures without much feelings. In other words, no substance. I felt that sometimes it's more relaxing to blog neutrally instead of voicing out too much unnecessary opinions because i dont really want to be too controversial. I just dont like being in conflicting situations. Sometimes people ought to remember that this blog's main purpose is to store all my memories so that i can remember them in years to come. Not just solely for your own entertainment.

Love the decorations in the room.


The bloggers.

With Fabian & Jess.

I laid down on the bed to rest. Then Isaac suddenly pounced on me. And then one by one everyone joined in. Then we had some fun on bed =D

Typicalben's fans are gonna hate me so much. Heh. (tsk, i was sandwiched between jayden and benjamin so tightly and isaac got so much space at his side! Tmd.)

When the boys left..... the girls stripped.
And cameras flashed.

Sadly, this is the most i could show...

The guys had fun at the bathtub too.

I find this picture damn cute!

Suddenly felt unwell and cold so i hid under the blanket.

Jayden's was blindfolded and given a surprise.

Polaroids are so much fun.

Jayden grown up liao!!!

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