Monday, November 30, 2009

How many colours of eyeshadows do you have at home?

I have 120 shades.
Yes, that much.


When you buy eyeshadows, you usually need to buy other colours to blend with too, so usually you end up buying 2-3 palettes for one look.

Then you get bored of that shade, and buy another 2-3 palettes for a new look. And the next week, you buy new palettes again.


Sometimes, you are rushing to get out of the house but your mind couldn't think quick enough on which colour to match your clothes. You either put all those chunky individual eye shadows into your bag, or grab 3 unmatching colours and make yourself look horrid for the whole day.


And then on some days, you feel like experimenting with different colours but realise you dont have that much colours to experiment on, so you chuck it away and stick to your forever brown eyeshadow colour.

That's why i choose to have an all in one, 120 shades eye shadow palette.
I can bring it out easily (it's so slim!), I can experiment extreme styles, and the best thing is, IT'S DAMN CHEAP FOR A EYESHADOW PALETTE WITH 120 COLOURS!!!

Originally valued at $39.90, they are offering the soft launch promotional price of: $29.90 per set! Savings of up to 25%!!

(divide it among 120 colours. you can never get an individual colour for afew cents! now think back, if you had bought 3 individual ones for each look, how much have you spent for just 12 shades? Definitely more than $29.90!)

Fret no more about christmas gifts! Give one to your best friend and im sure she'll be glad :) It's so affordable for a christmas gift yet so useful for the receiver.

There are 2 versions. It's almost the same, just that shades are different. There's a mixture of matte and shimmer in both! That makes this palette the only one you have to use for different events and occasions.

The colours are all spreaded in a way that guides you on how to blend your colours together. Very good for people like me who always mismatch colours. haha.

The colour is solid and visible (not like those cheapo ones).
It is imported from Hong Kong and is very well received in Europe, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (USA) for its supremely brilliant colours and rich pigments!

Im sure you'll be pleased and excited to try out their wide selection of colours!!
Visit now to order! (It's instock, so NO WAITING TIME!!!)

Another item that this blogshop offers is the RIMMEL eyeliner. Can go try it out too! I like the brown one that i have.


Oh ya,



Nah, dont say i never share good things.

The banners are also at my side bar and top of entries :) Nextime can introduce your friends to it and they will thank you for the awesome lead !

They might also have makeup tutorials soon . Watch out for it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disney's baby elephant dumbo is damn cute. I have the soft toy at home and it's so cute that i never fail to smile whenever i walk past it (abit siao char bor). Haha. The soft toy is cuter than how it looked in the google pictures. It looks somehow like a real toddler!!

I used to dislike children alot but after my baby cousin was born, i began to think that actually some kids very cute! That day i went to visit "zu-er" (her name), i had a strong urge to bring her home to play. Haha. And the strangest thing was, i carried her to hug because she was too cute to resist. I had never voluntarily carried a child before this. Omg.

Snapped afew pics of her. She's so unphotogenic lor!! So much cuter in real life! Blur pics cos i dont want use flash and scare the kid.

Old fashion cakes! $2.50 for 4!

Met up with Nadia the previous week for manicure and pedicure at Milly's.

I ate this without the oysters. I DONT LIKE OYSTERS. But very ironic cos i like oyster omelette (and eat it without eating the oysters. lol) Oysters so erxin i dont know why people like to eat it.

The manicurist dont like to take pictures so wasted cos she so pretty.

nadia's nails. mine was normal light pink.
i love the pedicure i did that day (dark purple + glitter at tip) but i dont want put picture of my feet on the blog so no picture to see.

Wanton mee afterwards. Sian recently keep eating wanton mee, have to find different angle to take picture if not all same. Haha.

Shaved ice with mangoes. YUMYUM.

Tomorrow me and sx offday!!!!!!!!!!
Can go out date date already! Everyday usually is just breakfast and bring me to school or at night go home together or just one whole day working together, but very long never go out one whole day have fun liao! So excited! Hee.

Now very late liao 1am already!!! But lucky tomorrow can sleep until noon. HAPPPPPPPY. Gdnight people!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


My pink pen. (actually is SX anyhow buy one but he shouldn't be using a pink pen so i exchanged a blue one with him for this one. haha)

My eyes brightened up at the sight of this sticker on the BigBreakfast that sx bought for me. He special ordered extra meat patty for me!!!!!!! He knows that i love it :)


One is nice, but eat too much abit urgh.

SX: *peeling prawns*
Female Colleague: Who you peeling for?
SX: My girlfriend lor.
Female Colleague: Help me peel lei! =D
SX: Deng Jiu! (wait long long)

I remember when i just got to know him, he mentioned about not liking to peel prawns even for himself to eat because he hate dirtying his hands. However on one of our dates (when we havent got together), he peeled some prawns for me and told me that it's the first time he ever peeled prawns for a girl. Even when girls/girlfriends sajiao him to peel in the past, he also reject one. Heh. What happened today made me feel special all over again.

I really feel like giving up.

Wouldn't it be easier?

I hate to admit this, but...
The friction is getting rougher.

I'm now blogging from a friend's laptop at the chalet! It's almost 2am already. Yawns!

The chalet here is damn huge. It's a bungalow with kitchen, dining room, living room, 4 bedrooms. It's like my house just that abit bigger, with a big front porch and back garden. I think if furnished nicely, the bungalow would be damn nice! But then location have to change abit luh, here is super ulu, got abit scary. lol.

(pic by ChrisL)

Alright my contact lens are getting dry now my eyes are practically 90% closed while im typing this. Gotta end here.

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I remember loving the dress that they sponsored me the previois time. It's now one of my favourite dresses. Simple, yet sweet and chic.

They are launching their new arrivals today at 11am (depending on what time you read this), so go give them your support! :)

Sweet girls deserve sweet dressings!

(one of their pretty tops)

Friday, November 27, 2009

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添芬藍 Tian Fen Lan is 1 year old!
Remember the advert i done for them previously? I still love that pink bag!

With 19 collections under their belt, their awesome variety of bags will leave you bedazzled. I had so much difficulty in finding ONE favourite one out of their new collection because there's really too many pretty designs!

Hop over to their site now & view their new bumper launch! Prices include local normal postage!

Don't miss the Sale Section too, where nothing is over S$23 with postage still included! It's a great bargain!

Bags that i received both times are of great quality! And looks the same as pictures :)

To keep yourself updated of their gorgeous launches, don’t forget to join their Mailing List too!

They will be at SMU Concourse, Fashionista Live-on-Stage Flea, on Saturday, 12 December, from 1-8pm. If you prefer meetups, this is the time, gals!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



I just updated my blogshop!

Support ok :)
Got sequins, studds, rompers, lace, togas, etc!

Its a pleasure to do what people say you can't do.

I've havent been blogging properly, nor blogging as frequent as i should. Well, gotta say that i've been busy stressing over quite a number of things. So when i get home, usually i just want to plop onto my bed and hug my pillow, or just stare at the tv.

I'm feeling quite disheartened at some things that arent going my way. I do wish life was nicer and easier for me.

Oh welllllllllllll.

The current song on my repeat list is Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Can go here to listen: The chorus is quite catchy. It's on loop in my brain. Haha.

Alright, now to clear some random photos i took. And let me start with a totally random picture!

I love this milo icecream! Cheap, but it's thick enough for my liking.

I collected many Mcdonalds monopoly stickers but didn't get to use the numerous "free fries". Lol.

Me and SX usually have breakfast at Mcdonalds! I love the bigbreakfast.

I think these bears are cute. Sis purposely made them cover their faces with the pillow.

I forgot where this picture was taken.

Nor do i remember eating this.

Ikea with the family.

Their chicken wings are oh-so-yummy.

I love their soft icecream. I always look forward to the end of the ikea trip cos the icecream shop is at the paying counters. Lol. It's usually in cone but i prefer eating icecream from cups. So unenvironmental-friendly i know.

Another breakfast with sx, before school. That's the 2nd picture of him drinking water in this post. Haha.

Okay, and another random picture to end it off.