Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disney's baby elephant dumbo is damn cute. I have the soft toy at home and it's so cute that i never fail to smile whenever i walk past it (abit siao char bor). Haha. The soft toy is cuter than how it looked in the google pictures. It looks somehow like a real toddler!!

I used to dislike children alot but after my baby cousin was born, i began to think that actually some kids very cute! That day i went to visit "zu-er" (her name), i had a strong urge to bring her home to play. Haha. And the strangest thing was, i carried her to hug because she was too cute to resist. I had never voluntarily carried a child before this. Omg.

Snapped afew pics of her. She's so unphotogenic lor!! So much cuter in real life! Blur pics cos i dont want use flash and scare the kid.

Old fashion cakes! $2.50 for 4!

Met up with Nadia the previous week for manicure and pedicure at Milly's.

I ate this without the oysters. I DONT LIKE OYSTERS. But very ironic cos i like oyster omelette (and eat it without eating the oysters. lol) Oysters so erxin i dont know why people like to eat it.

The manicurist dont like to take pictures so wasted cos she so pretty.

nadia's nails. mine was normal light pink.
i love the pedicure i did that day (dark purple + glitter at tip) but i dont want put picture of my feet on the blog so no picture to see.

Wanton mee afterwards. Sian recently keep eating wanton mee, have to find different angle to take picture if not all same. Haha.

Shaved ice with mangoes. YUMYUM.

Tomorrow me and sx offday!!!!!!!!!!
Can go out date date already! Everyday usually is just breakfast and bring me to school or at night go home together or just one whole day working together, but very long never go out one whole day have fun liao! So excited! Hee.

Now very late liao 1am already!!! But lucky tomorrow can sleep until noon. HAPPPPPPPY. Gdnight people!!

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