Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's f*cking unfair for you to judge a person by his tattoos and constantly put him down because of it. It's f*cking discriminating.

So people with tattoos have to be shunned like they are murderers? As you said, if my bf has some tattoos, i should not put our pictures on my blog? How could i do such a cruel thing of hiding my bf from the public eye just because he has some tattoos? I'm not ashamed of his tattoos, why should i do that. I dont care about what relatives think. Older people are mostly narrow minded, they are bound to relate tattoos with bad guys. But do their views really matter? Will it cause you any harm listening to them gossip about my choice of boyfriend?

What for have a decent looking boyfriend who illtreats you, when you could have a boyfriend who dote on you but have some tattoos?

Im tired of explaining and standing up for him again and again. It's like, you dont care how well my boyfriend treats me. All you think of is your face. Have you ever thought of my happiness?

Let me present you a scenario.

If you happen to fall in love with someone who is handicapped physically in some way or another, would you be ashamed to put up pictures of you two together in fear of letting people know you are together with someone who's not as perfect as normal people?

No right? Same logic.
I feel sad for you if you feel ashamed about any flaws your boyfriend has. Note that the word is "ASHAMED". It's a very strong word.

Please be reasonable.
How would u feel if someone else strongly judged me or you because of one physical flaw i have that has nth to do with my character?

* * * * * * * * * *
On to happier things.

Went to eat Jumbo Seafood with sx that night!
I dont think i ever ate at Jumbo before so i was quite excited! Wanted to taste how good their crabs is as claimed.

Sambal KangKong! I can just eat this dish with rice, no need other meat dishes!

Their chilli crabbbbbby. SX gave me all the "Bong" cos he knows i prefer eating from it as it has more meat and it's easier to get the meat out.

Buns to dip into the crab sauce.

Ate this gong bao frogmeat. Got some weird spice called "hua jiao" in it that numbs your whole mouth. I dont like. Was nice of the waitress to cancel it away even though it's my fault i dont like the "hua jiao".

Egg yolk prawn! Me love.

The table next to us ate a freaking big crab!! You cant see how big it is from this picture but it is really mega huge!

Had yampaste afterwards. I like.

Final bill is $xxx after dabaoing some food for my family. *heartpain!* I think that the food is good but i think i can get cheaper but still tasty alternatives elsewhere.

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