Thursday, November 5, 2009

Met up with Janelle and Gillian for movie!
Watched My Sister's Keeper.

It made me cry continuously scenes after scenes. It's such a touching and meaningful show! You all should really go catch it.

Before the movie i went to Milly's to take out my acryllic nails while janelle did her pedicure.

Spectacles~ I took out all my hair extensions already! Many people commented that i look better without them but i still miss long hair :( Look at the picture, my hair so short!


SX brought me home :) Dropped by mcdonalds for some mcwings first!

The next day i met up with Xiaoting at FarEast.

Met up with Shuana afterwards for a Skecher's opening event at Ion. By2 was guests and they did some performances. Videoed it down. I'll write more about it on another entry :)

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