Sunday, April 29, 2007

We talked about it today.
I guess our only choice was Goodbye.
I think i've seen this commercial somewhere else before.

i couldn't help but laugh at those cute round chicks. Their laughters are contagious. haha.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Do you people prefer my blog to have auto background songs or not?? Vote vote!! :) Oh ya. One person can only vote once a day, because i've limited it to prevent cheating! hee.

Prefer Background songs?
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I'm fine with anything.
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Random photos.

I don't seem to be able to catch my camera angle anymore. This picture looks very wierd. haha.

New arrivals at:

This spree ends on 5th May 2007!

Friday, April 27, 2007

It has been quite some time since i last read Christabel's blog, so i clicked on her blog justnow and found this:

(yeap, it's the same old name decoder!)
A: Loved by everyone
B: Likes to talk.
C: Really likes to chill.
D: Has one of the best personalities ever.
E: Good Kisser
F: People hate you.
G: Never let people tell you what to do.
H: Has a very good personality and looks.
I: Is always there for friends
J: Lives life for fun.
K: Really silly.
L: admired by everyone
M: makes dating fun
N: Dead sexy
O: Best in relationships
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite.
R: Freakin crazy
S: Easy to fall in love with.
T: a sweet heart.
U: Really wild and crazy.
V: Not judgemental.
W: Very broad minded.
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: One of the horrid bf/gf anyone could ask for.
Z: Always ready

i'm Esther, so i am:
Double good kisser (since i have two "E"s), easy to fall in love with, has a very good personality and looks, and freaking crazy.

haha. Quite fun reading compliments. Let's try Ice Angel, since more people know me by the name of Ice Angel instead of Esther.

Ice Angel =
Is always there for friends, really likes to chill, double good kisser again (double "E"s), loved by everyone, dead sexy, never lets people tell me what to do, and admired by everyone.

Err. "Ice-Angel" has alot of contradicting points. Inaccurate!!

There was supposed to be a gathering yesterday evening with Angelina, Fiona, Christabel and SuJun, but i couldn't make it. It was daddy's birthday and i didn't have spare money for shopping anyway. haha. Awww. I do miss hanging out with them doing the crazy things we know we would do. It has been afew months already since i last went out with Christabel and Sujun. ( i see angelina and fiona everyday. haha.)

Daddy's Birthday. Bought a watch for him. The watch costs $60~!! Not counted as an expensive watch, but it's expensive enough to burn a hole in my wallet. Haha. He loves it alot.

Took many photos with daddy and family. Without makeup though. I shall decide whether i want to upload them after daddy transfer them from the digicam into the computer. hehs.

here's a photo of me. and the two fingers of Nicholas.

Haven't been taking photos of myself much this few days. Too tired about school work! See my eyebags? They are increasing in surface area.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

i have a lack of interesting things to blog recently, so KIND denver took the initiative to help me. hee. Quite lame though.

Denver says:
I got something for you to blog =x

ESTHER; ice-angel says:
ok ok! tell me :)

Denver says:
it's a question. first i test you.

ESTHER; ice-angel says:

Denver says:
a submarine can hold a maximum of 4 people. 3 people and 1 pregnant women went in. why did the submarine sink?

ESTHER; ice-angel says:
because got 5 people. (including the baby inside the body)

*paused for afew minutes*

ESTHER; ice-angel says:
er no!!! because submarine are suppose to sink!!

Denver says:
LOL. ya ya ya ya ya ya

ESTHER; ice-angel says:
heehee. Esther Chia is clever.

Denver says:
my ass =.=

Denver says:
Self praise is international disgrace.

ESTHER; ice-angel says:

Denver says:
Ya. Blog it.

kill him if today's post is stupid. not my fault =D

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My daily grades for last week has been posted out already. Hee~ Time to analyse them. Yes, i'm really that boliao =)

Monday: Communication- B
We were supposed to create an item made from recycled items and make a set of instructions with at least 8 steps. My team created a foldable chair, which you can carry around, then sit on it in mrt trains when there's no seat available. Come to think of it, it's such a stupid invention la. How could anyone sit peacefully on a not-so-stable chair in the middle of so many sweaty bodies cramping in a fast moving mrt? I'm surprised i didn't fail this one.

Tuesday: Enterprise Skills- C
Not surprised. I don't even know what's the meaning of "Enterprise". Haha.

Wednesday: Cognitive Processes &Problem solving- B
Teacher stated alot of good points in my comment box but proceed to give a B. Grrr. Well, nevermind.

Thursday: Basic Science- A
Yay. Finally an "A". it was quite surprising because my seating place on that day was just next to the teacher's table, and i was constantly msn-ing, and surfing the net. I wasn't even participating in his class dicussion about blood types. Hee. All i did that day was demonstrating to the class how to play a game =.=

Friday: Computing and Mathematical Methods- B
Wheeets. At first when teacher taught us complicating programming stuffs that is made even more complicating than it already was with some sort of quadratic equations, i gave up listening to her talk. I don't even understand what she was blabbering about. I surfed the net for the whole day and at the last minute when we were gven our assignments, i figured out the whole concept myself. I couldn't help but brag about my sucess to everyone who is willing to listen. haha. it's amazing hor! Me, Esther the Maths-failure, can do mathematical computing stuffs without listening to instructions?? Wow. It must be my greatest acheivement for the week.

In conclusion, my average score for my first week in school is B~!! not bad luh, but i wish to do better. I want more "A"s!! Oh no, i sound like a nerdy geek now.

oh ya. i just found out something. in other schools, the students have to attend at least 75% of the school days in order to be able to pass. But our school, we can must come to school for at least 87.5% of the school term. Not fair :(

I don't like enterprise classes. They are killing me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Stefanie's "Wo Huai Nian de".
the lyrics has very relevant meaning about someone.. you all know who im talking about. that person who has been with me through a phase in my life, that person who i celebrated birthday with, that person who was always there when i need him. that person who i planned a future with, that person who once held me tight in his arms. that person that i dont understand, that person who i always quarrelled with, that person who i once cared alot. That person who i gave most piority to, that person who promised me happiness, that person who pushed me away, that person who moved on without me.


Yes, im letting go.
I know i can. Almost there.

Take lots of care :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Was randomly listening to songs when i chanced upon this. If you are a tv fan, you might have heard this song on tv many times before. it's the mediacorp drama series "the peak"s ending song, sung by Shi Xin Hui and Jeff. Really nice :)

Last reminder, THE IMAGE MODEL, today is the the last day of ordering for this batch!! do place your orders before tonight. (Click on logo below to enter the shop)

And yeap, clearing my wardrobe again of these tops which i dont really wear anymore.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

im at youthsg

I was in the bus this morning and while looking out of the window like i always do, i saw this student couple at a voiddeck. There had been many newspaper articles writing about students in uniform acting intimately in public places like mrt stations, voiddecks or anywhere that everyone could see. Most of the comments made about them are negative.

However, sometimes people tend to make a big issue out of something small. Students in uniform hold hand, you take out your handphone and snap. Students kiss in mrt trains, SNAP. Students hug, SNAP. Well, what's wrong with hugging and kissing? I don't agree with touching each other all over intimately, or a recent incident where a couple had sex on the bus. But, i don't find any big deal about hugs and kisses. Me myself, i do hug and kiss my boyfriends in public places, even in mrt trains. I don't find anything wrong with it because if others dont like what im doing, they don't have to look my way. They can just look out of the window, or just close their eyes and sleep. It's not like we are doing anything RA.

In most cases, people would say the reason is because the couple involved are students, in school uniform. See that? Keywords are "students" and "school uniform". Does that mean that adults can do that in public and it's okay? If your main point is that looking at students kissing on mrt trains is an eyesore, why wouldn't adults kissing be an eyesore then? Students and Adults are both humans, what's the difference?

One ridiculous case was that a student couple were punished by their schools and even threatened to be suspended from taking O levels when someone took a photo of them hugging in school uniform. Just hugging. Is it even that serious? Every school, no matter prestigious or not, will bound to have students dating. Even if you managed to separate a couple, you won't be able to stop all.

It's a new generation, folks. In the past, guys aren't even allowed to touch girls, not even their hands~! As time past, there are bound to be changes. It's just that we have to learn and control. anything more intimate than french kiss, do it in the comfort of your own homes, and not in buses. As for hugging and kissing, i would think that most of us are able to accept it. You will see huggings and kissings everywhere even if students are not doing that anyway.

I do agree that youngsters nowsadays are getting more and more open-minded towards sex though. Most of the girls around me have lost their virginity, and some of them haven't even passed their 14 year old birthday. For me, i would think that the main factor is Peer influence. In the past, our parents would teach us to rebutt " If you love me you will respect me" when the guy says " you dont love me if you dont do it ". However, this is not proven to be of use anymore.

You rebutt them with that sentence and most probably they'll break up with you. It's so easy now to find a girlfriend that he could have sex with anytime, why would he need you? From a male's point of view, he would probably be thinking, since his friends and their girlfriends could do intimate things together, he dont see why he should be left out. It becomes a "must" for his girlfriend to have sex with him like how his friends' girlfriends do. Also, there might be a possiblity that his friends have all losen their virginity, so he wants to lose it too in order not to sound gayish.

For the girls' side, there is also peer pressure. Out of 5 friends i have, 3 are not virgins anymore. When people around you are all non-virgins, you will definitely feel that losing virginity is no big deal. Well, unless you are lucky and the people around you are all people who treasure their body and are clean virgins. That way, most probably you will reject your boyfriend's request too. You'll be thinking: "since my friends can remain virgin, why can't i? "

I respect girls who knows how to protect their dignity instead of giving in to their young boyfriends. Hey girls, you never know whether this guy is going to be the one married to you in the future. True, he might really love you now, but who could predict what will happen in the future?

I don't despise girls who lost their virginity at a young age because i know it's difficult to keep it till marriage with our teenagers current mindsets and temptations around. But, i don't encourage them though. Hugs and kisses can be given 10, 100, or even 1000 times, but virginity is only once. Treasure it and don't risk regretting it in the future :)

This is an article submitted for Final round of blogging contest, Topic: Social Issues. I had been hesistating whether to join because i couldn't find a topic to talk about. Haha. This article is all thanks to the student couple at the voiddeck :)

- I think we were supposed to add some pictures to enhance our entries but i really couldn't find any appropriate photos. This topic where got decent photos to put!! haha.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Nicholas: Take bus to school faster.
Me: but i want take mrt.
Nicholas: But bus faster.
Me: SO?
Nicholas: So Soya Bean Bean. DustBean (bin).
Me: *Burst Out Laughing*

I've have been neglecting and throwing unreasonable tempers at him due to school tiredness this few days. Sorry, Nicholas. Thanks for putting up with me and my moodswings. Will try to spend more time on you, and treat you the way you deserve! =D

Submitted a new blogskin. It's quite different from my normal style because this one is cheerful and bright. Do take a look, rate, comment, favourite and download if you have a account!! thanks alot :)

Click on the screenshot below to enter

I realised i still don't know who's my school principal =x

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Went to collect our new poly-student ezlink cards yesterday, and... the colour is so ugly. It's orange with a little patches of green. Such an incompatiable colour match! My blue secondary school ezlink card looks so much better now compared to the new one, although i dont really like blue.

Reach school early today for the first time. Hee. I was always the last to reach class for the past few days, and i'm beginning to get the title of "late-queen" by my classmates. haha. I was finally unlate today because fiona's classmate kindly sent us to school in his car. Saw shocked faces when i entered the classroom.

Nothing much to update, everyday is just about the same. Digging through my old files and found these very amazing artist paintings. Each and every piece is very unique, and gives a very magical feeling. See them carefully and you'll see what's so special about these paintings!

The artists are really creative and talented, aren't they?

(click to enter)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i saw a very pretty actress on tv and proceed to complain to mummy that i want to have her face instead of mine.

Mum answered back:
"Then you ask her mother to give birth to you lor."



Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I sms-ed: I look round today because i wore round earrings :(
Fiona replied: I look square today because i wore square earrings.

She didn't look square at all though.

Yesterday was officially first day of school. Relaxing! 7 and 1/2 hours in school, 3 and a 1/2 hours are breaktimes. That actually means, only 4 hours studying in classrooms!! =) hee. time definitely pass faster in polytechnics than secondary schools.

One thing i don't like about my school is that it is so far away from my home! Well, no choice, as it's the only school i could enter with my bad o'level results. Alright. Blame it on me playing online games everynight before exams =x

Well, since my school was so far away, i had to wake up very early in the morning just to catch the bus. And, the bus was super hard to catch. Every bus that comes along would be full and too packed to let more passengers get up. After 4 buses, i finally got up the 5th bus yesterday leaving behind a big bunch of RP students impatiently waiting at the bustop for the 6th bus.

Fiona, Angeline and Me became cleverer this morning by taking the MRT. this way, we wont have to stand for the whole journey on buses squeezing with other sweaty bodies and smelling the dandruffy hair of the person infront of us. hehs. However, we were late again because Mrt trip is so much longer than buses. I was the last to reach class yesterday and today, hopefully not tomorrow or the rest of the month though. haha. It's a wonder why my classmates are ALL very-punctual people. haha.

After i stopped working at FashionLab, i seems to have really grown rounder. Arghh.

Nicholas fetched me home after school. Saved me from the heavy weight of the laptop in my bag. hee. He went to visit mummy at her workplace with me. He insisted on doing that -.-

Alright. I know this is a random post. haha. I started off with alot of things in my mind that i wanted to blog about. But as i went on rambling about uninteresting things, those things that i actually wanted to blog about flew away.

Oh well, forget it. Do Visit the-image-model for the latest updates! this time, our ordering period only lasts for 5 days, till 22nd April~!!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh no.

I think im addicted to this song. I don't know how many shitty time i've replayed it. I don't like the woohoo yeehoo part though. haha.

I love the part when the lyrics go:
"Cause I've been acting like sour milk fell on the floor. It's your fault you didn't shut the refridgerator. Maybe that's the reason I've been acting so cold..............." =D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Someone emailed me asking me to visit her blog, and so i did. Found this crazy chinese story which made me laughed.

UPDATED: I didn't credit this story at first because it was a sms forwarding message and she wasn't the original creator of it. But, Kazumi, the girl who asked me to visit her blog, insisted for me to link her up and credit her this story, because "she edited the original story here and there".. Oh well, since she wants her link (BIG, she demanded) , here it is:

P/S: maybe "demand" is not the word, but i find her tone rude.
"and the credit better be big", she said.
What?? Haven't someone taught you that if you wants to be rude, don't do it in someone else's territory??

Saturday, April 14, 2007

OMG. One and a half seconds?? I seriously don't know how they took off their bras that quickly. Especially with their shirts on! Wahlao. I think i would need 3 minutes =X

Friday, April 13, 2007

After surviving more than 3/4 of the day, i just realised that today is 13th, Friday.
omg. omg. omg. i shall jump onto bed now and sleep soundly till tomorrow morning so that nothing bad could happen to me before today ends.

Changed the design of this blog already, but i doubt this one will stay long. Not Nice Not Nice. I think this looks even uglier than the previous one. My inspirations are all flying away already~~ I need ideas. Or even better, someone else with great creative brains to design my blog for me :) Anyway, can someone tell me how to remove that UGLY and DISTRACTING blogger navi bar above? Me and nicolette spent alot of time figuring codes on how to remove it but to no avail. That "Noembed" code i used to use in the past doesn't work anymore =(

Update: I just found out that dogs have"monthly donations" too!! Female ones only of course. haha. I wonder what they wear as pads =x

2nd Update: NICE isaac solved the navibar issue for me already. YAY to him :) *claps*
AUDITION with nicholas ^^

When my clothes above expire after one month, i've to buy new clothes again. Which one below suits me more?? I was playing happily yesterday when someone from the game told me that she thinks she has read my blog before. I was startled as I don't remember telling anyone my nickname in audi is "ice_candy". haha. Thinking that she could have made a mistake, i asked her what the blog name was. She replied " the miracle season" . OMG. how did she know?? She said she guessed only. wow. She must be a terrific guesser then. haha.

i said: i sound like iceangel here meh?
she says: abit.

I don't even know people could recognise me from the way i speak.. I thought the way i talked was just the same with everyone else =x

Identity Revealed. Haha.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seriously, i'm pissed.

Who gave those people the rights to make assumptions to who i make friends with, who i date with and how i behave?? Even my bestie knows not to interfere with my privacy when she's not supposed to.

Who gave you guys the idea that i wrote everything that happened to me in my blog?? Of course i sound like i accept every single guy that comes my way because i've been changing boyfriends very quickly this few weeks. But please, think about it. You don't even know what happened between us, and how many guys i rejected within this period of time. Would i be so crazy to tell you the names of EVERY SINGLE GUY that i know, EVERY SINGLE GUY that asked me out and EVERY SINGLE GUY that called me to chat?? Of course i dont do that. Things that i update in my blog are only things are play a significant role.

It's my life, so shut up. Who i date with is none of your business. Even if im really that easy, it doesn't harm you and im not dating your boyfriend so why do you care.

Yada Yada, i know you people will say that if i don't want people to invade my privacy, i should not have updated in this blog. I'm not pissed about the criticsms people infer from my looks, my way of taking photos, or the way i speak. I'm pissed about the way people MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. You people think you know everything about me?? You can't see what kind of person i am exactly just by reading my blog.

Sometimes, you people make me feel very pressurized on what kind of person i should be. I feel restricted by the standards you guys set for me. I'm not perfect. I just want to be myself. I just want to go out with whoever i want. I just want to have fun. Do i have to ask you people permission before i can go out with this or that guy? Do i have to ask you whether i can give this guy my number? You are not my mummy.

Remember that i'm just a typical girl out there who has a blog. A blog for me to update whatever i want. There are so many other blogs out there. Why dont you people flood there instead?

*anger released*

Photos Update:

Just a simple common pair of heels. Cost only ten bucks. Hehs. Who needs expensive heels for going to school? I'm bound to break them within 2 weeks anyway =x
And... this will be how i look like IF i cut my hair short. It doesn't suit me i think. Haha. Was just playing around with my hair. Mirror is dirty.

Play this video:

haha! did those childhood memories come back to you?? It used to be my favourite song when i was younger. This song was playing everywhere on the streets during that period of time and everyone was caught up in the ParaParaSakura craze. It was such a long time ago already and i would have forgotten about this song if my sister hasn't played it that day :)

Without my remindings, i think most of you have forgotten to vote for me again! hee. Do click and vote, thankyou :)

Sister's friends are here. Got to let them use this pc while i use my laptop now. byebye!