Sunday, April 22, 2007


Was randomly listening to songs when i chanced upon this. If you are a tv fan, you might have heard this song on tv many times before. it's the mediacorp drama series "the peak"s ending song, sung by Shi Xin Hui and Jeff. Really nice :)

Last reminder, THE IMAGE MODEL, today is the the last day of ordering for this batch!! do place your orders before tonight. (Click on logo below to enter the shop)

And yeap, clearing my wardrobe again of these tops which i dont really wear anymore.

Item Code: IAT411
Description: Sleeveless
Price: $7
Size Available: FreeSize
Colours Available: Pink
Other Details: Selling because i don't wear this type of clothes anymore.

Item Code: IAT415
Description: Long Sleeveless top
Price: $12
Size Available: FreeSize
Colours Available: Orange
Other Details: Samuel & Kevin

Item Code: IAT496
Description: V-Neck
Price: $15 (price negotiatable)
Size Available: L
Colours Available: Pink
Other Details: FashionLab

Item Code: T114
Description: Sleeveless with silver glittery plates
Price: $8
Size Available: S
Colours Available: Brown
Other Details: -

For any enquiries for the above clothes, you can email to

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