Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Tiramisu Hero

My memory is so bad to the point that I am currently relying on my postings on Dayre to write this entry. Haha. I have no idea why, but my memory has been deteriorating rapidly over the past years and I definitely do not have the kind of good memory that a young person supposedly should have. At work, I have to write down every single to-do on my list because if I don't, 90% of the time I won't be able to remember. And, if you ask me what's on my to-do list, I cannot tell you what it is unless I look at the list. Haha.

Dayre is a mobile blogging app which I have been updating every single day since 2 weeks ago! If you want to read instant updates of my day, download the app and follow me there, username is Estherxie! Alternatively, you can read on

So anyway, I went to The Tiramisu Hero with bf! If you are an avid reader of the local blogosphere, you will know that this new cafe is set up by blogger Peggy Chang.

Hand-drawn artwork on the walls and ceilings which makes the place look very cute! Very impressed with their efforts!

I had my usual cafe latte while bf had milk with honey or honey with milk. Can't remember what it was (because I didn't note this down on Dayre. Haha. Instead, I Dayre-d this: My bf frowns at the slightest thing. Perhaps I should sponsor Botox for his Xmas gift so that he can't frown anymore. Hah!)

This was eggs and bacon and mushroom. Quite yummy I must say!

I feel that the food offered here is quite unlike the usual anyhow-type from hip-cafes and they all have some standard in the taste and uniqueness of their food creations! Thumbs up!

I enjoyed my baked cheesy chicken very much! The portion was quite big too! Me like! Hahaha.

Bf's creamy salmon and asparagus which was good too.

As we are at The Tiramisu Hero, of course we must have Tiramisu for desserts right? We had the original one in a cup cake with a cute face!

Bf chose one in a jar with milo flavour. Love their tiramisu!

You can visit them at: 121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548

And, how can I leave without taking a photo with Sir Antonio?! Haha. This shall be my OOTD photo for this entry lah! While taking this photo, I changed afew poses and afterwards bf asked if I can see him while inside, I said no, then he ask how come my timing so accurate. Lol. That's exactly what went through my head while being inside Sir Antonio's head. "How to know if he took the photo already??" 

Necklace from! Love this design!

Ok lah, here's a real OOTD pic. Although also without my face. Haha.

Afterwards we went for some shopping at Orchard and I FELL DOWN. I guess the onlookers were just thinking, "Serves her right! Who ask her to wear such a high heel!" T_T

The fall was worth it, because it happened outside this store selling hp screen protectors and the staff was willing to cut and paste for my camera! Finally ended my long search!

Then, we went to watch 3 peas in a pod. After the movie, the moment bf switched on the car radio, it was the movie's theme song. Haha so coincidental!

For dinner, we went to one of my favourite ramen place!

I don't usually buy enough items in a day to post a shopping haul photo but that day I did! Bought over 50 pcs of facemask, eyelash glue, washi tape for my camera, a piece of floral denim jacket, and iPhone covers which only costed 6 for $5!!! Happy with my buys although I haven't started using any of the items in this photo except the eyelash glue :x

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nail Oh Nail

My previous gelish manicure (bunny nails) lasted for almost a month and it's still not chipped at all! Since I was free over the weekend, I decided to get a new design done at Millys!

Ever since I did Gelish, I could not go back to normal nail polish again. It is an awesome invention! With Gelish, the polish dries within 1-3 minutes, it does not chip, and overall lasts very long! Makes your time at the salon more worth it doesn't it? Wouldn't it be a waste if you did an awesome design and it only last a week? However, I heard of some salons that use inferior Gelish product. Rest assure that Millys use quality ones because my designs usually can last around a month or more!

After looking at a wide selection of gorgeous designs created by the manicurists, I chose this one. So pretty I'm in love with them~

The colors - White, Silver, Red, Green, very suitable for Christmas!

If you are looking to have pretty nails for Christmas, why not try Millys if you haven't?

Anyway, have you started your Christmas shopping? If not, this is the perfect time to do so!

CovetedSG is having their Christmas Sale! Many items going for as low as 50% off their usual prices! Chanel, Celine etc bag dust plugs going for as low as $4.90 each! Can get some for your colleagues!

This one quite cute!

Pretty Floral Reindeer cover perfect as a Xmas Gift!

Do like their facebook page as well to be kept updated of upcoming giveaways and contests too!
Shop now at 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kith Cafe

I just spent the whole Saturday watching videos on Youtube!!!!! I don't know how, just one video led to the other and before I knew it, it's midnight already.

*gasp* I just wasted a day away like that!

Yesterday, my sister told me, "Sigh! I can't wait to finish my FYP and stop schooling."

I answered, "What?! Working is worse."

She said, "I don't want to work also. I just want to have nothing to do."

Me: "Ya me too. I just want to 买东西吃东西买东西吃东西买东西吃东西"

It means 'go shopping, go eat, go shopping, go eat, go shopping, go eat.' Haha. Actually I also want to add on go travelling and watch drama and watch youtube videos. Haha. Then I also want to go dating with bf. Hehehe.

Recently he has been kinda busy so my life is kinda just work work work work work :( Very saddening.

Anyway, here's some photos from that day with Ben and Isaac.

The night before, Ben said to meet 1-2pm and then go for lunch. Knowing one another, I took it as 2pm. Haha. It was one of those rare days when I wake up in time. I did my house chores, put on my face mask, slowly choose my dress, did my makeup, AND THEN, Ben said he just woke up. -_-" Nevermind lah, a chance for me to take the MRT instead of cabbing then.

By the time we settled down at Kith Cafe for our supposed LUNCH, it was close to 5pm already~

It was such a hot day~!

Food for three.

The toast looks awesome but I did't have any because I didn't feel like having bread.

My mushroom and smoked salmon was good but the scrambled eggs are quite disappointing. Should have gotten my favourite sunny side ups!

The pizza was awesome!

Looking at this photo, I feel that I actually still look exactly the same as I were a few years back. Haha.

Loving this shot I took for Isaac!

Today's OOTD is taken with Isaac!

Afterwards, we headed to MBS because Ben had tickets to The Merchants of Bollywood!

We had a good view and the show was quite nice! Can see alot of energy from the dance crew!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

House of Seafood

Some time back, bf finally brought me to eat crab! Contrary to popular belief that I love chicken, I actually love crabs more!

Brought out this red sling bag for the first time! Bought it brand new at $5! One of my best buys ever. The color makes it so difficult to match my normal dresses though.

Dress of the day was this blue floral piece. Love the bold color! Don't really fancy the collar part though, looking to alter it away!

We had crabs at House of Seafood~ My first time there!

We ordered two plates of crabs - Golden Creamy - bf's choice!

& White Pepper, which is usually my first choice. However, the white pepper is wetter here than the usual ones I eat elsewhere. But still not bad! The crabs are fresh and quite fleshy.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DAYRE & Wanderlust

I've been posting frequent updates about my day on DAYRE for the past few days!

It's like blogging except that instead of updating many days after, I post on the spot using my mobile! I find it really useful because usually I forget many details by the time I sit down infront of my computer after a fun day. I feel that it is kinda like my old blogging style because a few years ago I used to post a few updates in a day whenever I have any thoughts.

You know, when I first wanted to download this app after seeing many other bloggers signing up, I wasn't able to because the app requires at least iOS 6 but I'm still at iOS 5! So i went to download iTunes, learnt to backup and attempted to update but couldn't because I didn't have enough space! Finally spent a day deleting over a thousand photos and managed to update to iOS 7. Luckily, I'm still fast enough and the username "estherxie" is still available. Awesome!

I've been very hooked to the app too! Do download and follow me! My username is ESTHERXIE. See you there!

Last week, my company had a BBQ night at our carpark. Was super looking forward to it cos I loveeeeee BBQ food! My must-order includes chicken wings, sambal stingray, sambal sotong, hotdogs and satay!

The theme was Beachwear. Wore a lace top and denim shorts with a netted cardigan over. As soon as we were starting the fire, I had to abandon my cardigan cos it was so hot! Anyway, I realize that my new cam is only good for taking selfies. Photo doesn't look very good for OOTDs! Am gonna wear the exact same outfit set out again so that I can take a better photo with bf's camera!

Earlier that day I lugged back 100 of these fruit tarts from the bakery opposite. Thought it would be quite light since they are so mini, but put them together and they are really heavy!

Recently while reading other blogs, I felt so much wanderlust! Everyday I'm dreaming about the day I can finally go on frequent trips... Like, once every month for the whole year. Doesn't matter if it's just short weekend getaway on a resort island nearby!

I have been actively researching for cheap staycations/ getaways these few weeks. So much that I feel that my life is extremely blah and boring. I go to work, go home, watch Kang Xi Lai Le, read about other people's amazing lives on their blogs/instagram, feel sad, research for exciting things to do, halfheartedly blog something, play some hp games, sleep, and then the cycle repeats.

The other day, I researched the term Wanderlust.

What it says on wikipedia:

Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Wanderlust may be driven by the desire to escape and leave behind depressive feelings of guilt, and has been linked to bipolar disorder in the periodicity of the attacks.

In adolescence, dissatisfaction with the restrictions of home and locality may also fuel the desire to travel.
In my case, I think following certain people on instagram and their blogs fueled my wanderlust.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Nope, I did not spell it the shortcut way. It's really called SPRMRKT! If you are wondering, this cafe is pronounced as Supermarket. So if you work there, you can tell your friends you are working at the Supermarket. Then they will ask you, "as cashier? packer? promoter?". Haha.

They have a different menu every day, so you might want to check out their website before heading over.  I went on a Saturday! It was a good thing we made reservations, because the one we reserved was the only table empty!

Like what the name suggests, apart from a dining area, they also have a retail section.

Fruits & Veggie for sale!

Some food prints~

What I really want to rave about is the food! After visiting so many cafes, I have already accepted the fact that there are just some cafes with lousy food. So whenever one surprises me, I get really happy and satisfied with that day's meal!

While ordering, I was spoilt for choice! I wanted to try almost everything but knew that I have limited stomach space. Finally settled for Smoked Salmon & Eggs, add on mushroom! The whole plate was damn good! One of the best and satisfying brunch dish I have had where every bite was awesome!

Bf initially wanted Beef Sausages & Mash but he might not have said it clearly and ended up with Corned Beef Mash And Poached Eggs. It still looked good and it's something different!

Shoestring fries with paprika seasoning.

For desserts, we had these!

I heard that the bread pudding is quite popular there.

Ending this entry with the mandatory outfit of the day photo. Love my new floral dress! I think that this kind of color and prints suit me best! Wearing matchy beige and green accessories. That sling bag, which I bought for $15 at a flea booth outside Scape, broke within that first day I wore it out :-(