Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apparently those are not the words to describe xmas this year.
I wish i could fall in love all over again.

Now is 31st December 2008. Last day of the stupid rocky suay year i had.

Tomorrow, it'll be a New Year.

I'll be spending new year eve overnight at a friend's home (just like every past year!), probably uploading xmas pictures if i can find wireless connection at his house.

I hope something will take away all the unhappiness and uncertainty im going through now. I wanna be happy again.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Both physically and emotionally.

So much going on.
So much not yet done.
So much at the back of my mind that im trying to avoid thinking about but it keeps disturbing me.

... I know im just trying to convince myself that everything's gonna turn out right in the end. But sometimes, reality lets you take a peek at it accidentally and you realise you are just trying to run away from the bits and parts of nasty reality.

What should my next step be?

For someone like me who has lived a life of great suayness, i dont believe i'll ever get lucky. I think im bounded to take the rougher road of future. *sigh!*

Since young, i've always tried to stay motivated by reminding myself that: When someone says you can't, show them you can. In the end, surprisingly i did manage to fufil some ambitions that everyone thought was impossible for me, things that even i never thought i could.

And so, i mustn't give up. Right?

**okay, im just babbling away about my current thoughts. you dont have to understand this entry. good night great people! have a nightmare, mean people!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How was your xmas??
I celebrated it with my colleagues, and it was traditional. Turkey, honey baked ham, presents exchanging, etc. Pictures some other day! Too lazy to transfer pictures now =)

Im such a busy girl.
I hardly even have time to go online and do all the stuffs that im supposed to do by now (for example, sorting out the vpost xmas pics =x )

A picturey entry today! ^^

Had the opportunity to shoot this Italian Model from Milan yesterday!

Which one is your favourite??
I can't decide which one i like best.

I'm offering portraits photography currently, so if you are interested in modelling for a set of photos to keep, you can email me to ask for my photography portfolio and charges for different packages.If you like my works, we can arrange for a photoshoot session. Dont worry about being male/female, old/young, fat/skinny, pretty or not, because I wont reject anyone paying for my services.

The selected pictures will be burnt into a cd and mailed to your house with registered postage without additional costs. It was a great experience working with those people who engaged my photography services for the past few weeks and i had fun! I'm sure they did too :) Email to :) Will reply you asap! Thanks people :D

Anyway, im wearing my new spectacles everyday now instead of contact lens! Because everyone in my workplace loved the new look more. Will show you people some day okay? :D

Gotta rush to work again. Im late everyday T_T

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today's winnie's bday party but i couldn't attend due to some problems :( So sorry!

Nothing special this year. Was working for an event today, and working tomorrow as well. Will be having a little christmas party with my colleagues at the restaurant in the night.

Hitting a rough patch again, so im somehow feeling very miserable to blog anything happy. Hope you people have a merry christmas though!

Received some handphone accessory in mail some time ago. It was a charity drive by one of my classmates and to show support, i bought two, one for me and one for boyfriend! Actually, i forced him to hang both on his hp. lol.

Philips sent me this little beautiful mp3 some time back. I got the black version. Love the design! The sleek and fashionable exterior.

It works as an extra fashion accessory for babes out there!

The buttons are easy to work. Direct and simple.
To play and pause, just press the whole mp3.

Connect it with your mobile phone!
Caller ID and number displays with blue lights on the shiny glass cover, One headset for music and phone calls, Switch to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone in one click of the button, Up to 100-hour standby time and Up to 4-hour talk time!

Drag and drop your song and data - no software needed. So simple and easy, even a 10 year old would know how to use :)

There's also FullSound™ to bring CD listening experience to MP3. When i tried on the mp3, i felt the outside world was gone. Even the tapping of my seat comes with an echo.

Shuffle button is easily accessible without having to change settings! Ultimate convenience.
Up to 10-hour MP3 and WMA music playback plus FM radio~!

How else can it be better??

Anyway, Milly's from Fareastplaza is going to sponsor me new hair extensions again! Do you think i should continue having straight hair again, or curled extensions? Hmmmm...

Transfering the vpost-nuffnang xmas pictures now. Will blog about it soon! :D:D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I loved reading the 8days magazine because it is such an easy read, and funny most of the time. I wish they publish twice a week instead of once a week :(

In the newest copy, they introduced some dumb websites, and 4 of them are so interesting that i have to share them with you guys.

this is my favourite out of the lot. Some of the entries on this blog:

omg, i should start blogging like that.

2. La(x18).com
People dancing in furry suits on repeat. Haha. I wonder how the magazine found this site. Did they really got so bored and tried typing "la" 18 times??

Watch the owner's lawn grass. LIVE.
Maybe after awhile, you will notice it's growth.
Got archive pictures when you scroll down.
This is the ultimate boliao. I dont know how come the owner of the site thought of this. Haha.

i didnt enter this website to try out because i was warned not to ;-)

Which is your favourite??

Monday, December 22, 2008

(i think tangyuans gives me blogging urge, haha, i was actually so definitely going to sleep after eating it because im very sleepy and as i write this my eyes are half closed, but i dont know why after eating half bowl i reached for my laptop and pressed the power button -.- )

Well, Im now eating tangyuan! If you dont know what tangyuans are, basically they are just little blobs of round flour in redbean soup or starchy thick soup. I dont want to take photo of the tangyuans that im eating now because they are a gooey mess and dont actually look pleasant =x

When i reached home after work, i was welcomed with a big pot containing sticky liquid and little cute balls. I think it's one of those traditional festivals.

At first it was interesting to eat because the balls were so chewy and smooth. Haha, but after some time it dawned upon me that i was stuffing myself with bland balls of flour -.-

I prefer those tangyuans with peanut fillings! :( The ones im eating now are just plain flour with no fillings.

I think it's quite fun to make tangyuans leh. Hehe, i want to learn and make tangyuans for fun and force everyone to eat it! =p

Okay, i finished my second bowl already. I think i consumed alot of flour. Just flour and sugar and some water. Weird food. Im glad i dont have to eat this everyday. It's so stupid to eat something not delicious and get fat. I rather get fat eating a big juicy chicken drumstick everyday than eat tasteless flour.

VIDEO- Mother.
Anyway, I just saw this video made by royston tan in 2002 on jayden's blog, and found it nice! Watch!! (if you can't view the video below, you can go to this link: )


(no lah, i dont buy maxims. it was in our goodie bag from last night's party)

((actually several times i was tempted to buy maxims/fhms/playeur magazines because i like to see the pictures of pretty and hot ladies and their perfect figures, but dont dare because where got female buy this kind of magazine one! That's why i always ask boyfriend whether he want to buy anot. Heheheh, so that i can borrow after he's done =P ))

(((Girls cannot see pretty girls meh?? When i see a gorgeous girl on the streets i would look at her a little longer, but it doesn't mean that im lesbian right.)))

A psychology professor greeted his new class and said: "Would anyone who thinks he is stupid, please stand up?"

After a minute or so of silence, a young man stood up.

"well, hello there sir, so you actually think you are a moron? " the professor asked.

The kid replied: "No sir, i just didn't want to see you standing there all by yourself."

LG X110!
Actually when my original laptop's lcd broke, daddy wanted to buy this pretty little netbook laptop for me! It's small in size (10 inch), light, and pink!

I was so excited about getting it but my daddy itchy hand go bring my old laptop to repair then now my laptop is okay already so the order for the new laptop was cancelled! Boo :(

Now i have to go back to carrying my stupid heavy laptop. I think im carrying the heaviest laptop in school lor! I hate heavy laptops. It makes me even more clumsy than i already am T_T

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Just came back from the vpost nuffnang christmas party. Shall blog about everything another day after i get all the pics from the other bloggers :)

A pretty blogger attended and she was like the spotlight of the night. Everyone said she is more attractive than winnie and all the other beautiful bloggers! What do you guys think?

I think she's fabulous.

Her name is Tiffany.
Stay tuned for more of her pictures ^^

I got her number! Who want? =P

Updated: Why you all think she look like tranny! She very chio in real life~!!! Ask everyone~! Her voice very sweet toooooo!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Photoshoot with Magdalene.
i think she's a natural beauty :)

Almost all the pictures turned out beautiful, but these 3 are my favourite because they are the most emotive :)

1. You said you wouldn't leave me, why did you?

2. Lonely Christmas

3. Love this picture. It looked like it came out from a music video ^^

I still have lots of photos not edited yet~ Next up would probably be Celestina (lingerie shoot! *winks*), JD (a male!), and probably Gloria or Michelle!

I'm offering portraits photography currently, so if you are interested in modelling for a set of photos to keep, you can email me to ask for my photography portfolio and charges for different packages.

If you like my works, we can arrange for a photoshoot session. Dont worry about being male/female, old/young, fat/skinny, pretty or not, because I wont reject anyone paying for my services.

The selected pictures will be burnt into a cd and mailed to your house with registered postage without additional costs.It was a great experience working with those people who engaged my photography services for the past few weeks and i had fun! I'm sure they did too :) Email to :) Will reply you asap! Thanks people :D

Anyway, my spectacles broke! Not the frame, but the glass/plastic! I was taking off my shirt then suddenly "Crack!", it broke into two pieces. Boohoo, and so i bought a new pair of spectacles today, $199. (no money currently, can only buy these budget brandless ones *sads* Boyfriend mentioned afew months ago that he want to buy agnesB spectacles for me but it didn't happen... Evil! Always say for fun only... Hmmph!)

Design is thick black frame so that i look like a nerd and nobody would notice it's me =) On lazy days, i can wear it without eyemakeup! Show you all the picture after i collect it from the shop this weekend... Without spectacles very xinku, cos i always surf the net late into the night and by this time the contact lens would have gone dry and uncomfortable. If dont wear contact lens also cannot because im almost blind~

Well, my eyes are begging me to go sleep now, so i shall end arubtly here! Tell me which of the 3 above you like most :)

Also, updated with a new collection. Do support! Model is not winnie this time. It's Amy, another great friend of mine :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sponsored Advertorial




(disclaimer: im in charge of the ordering+payment part but stocks and mailer is someone else. You will get her contacts after payment and from then on, the transaction is between you and her.)

Salvatore Ferragamo black
Orginal Price- $400
Selling Price- $350


Orginal Price- $2600
Selling Price- $2200


Louis Vuitton Monogram.
Comes with a mini lv papillion as shown in picture.
Orginal Price- $1400
Selling Price- $1250


Orginal Price- $960
Selling Price- $700


Black Aigner
Orginal Price- $400
Selling Price- $300


Salvatore Ferragamo (USED TWICE)
Orginal Price- $400
Selling Price- $320


Christian Dior
Orginal Price- $1800
Selling Price- $1550


Salvatore Ferragamo in black
Orginal Price- $500
Selling Price- $400


Salvatore Ferragamo classic
Orginal Price- $600
Selling Price- $500


Orginal Price-$700
Selling Price- $600


Salvatore Ferragamo in patent
Orginal Price- $640
Selling Price- $540


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My left eye is swollen :(

It's not physically obvious but the pain is significant. *sads* My mum says it's because i have not been sleeping well and drank too little water. Arthur says it might be a mosquito bite -.-

BAD mosquito.


Some time ago there was this little gathering organised by Fleishman, for a little get-together. Winnie and Fidelis came along too :D

Nothing much, just a mingling session with food and drinks. None of us touched the beer. We wanted to be sober. Heh.

4 expressions of winnie! I like the 3rd one. Damn cute, like a small girl. Haha.

Peggy, Winnie, Fidelis.
Winnie and me~
Didn't took picture with sabrina, priss and nadnut! =(
My picture with jayden is not nice, so not uploading it :D
My picture with peggy is not nice too, so not uploading it as well!

Which one is nicer? Might be replacing the profile picture :)

Pool session. Im a noob =x

Winnie: If you dont score, i'll whip you with my stick!
Jayden: T_T

After the event, we went over to have supper! Xubin came to meet winnie and joined us.

$50 for this seafood platter dish. But it was very yummy!

This picture very funny but i look bad.

Thanks to Samantha for the invitations :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I just received my first christmas present!
Right on my doorstep last night was this little gift from sony ericsson/one of my PR companies. I love receiving gifts by mail! The little metalic-coloured 2009-diary was also very pretty~ And i really like the calendar! Very creative one :D

It has been more than 2 months since i turned 18, the legal age to start learning driving. I didn't think much about driving until afew weeks ago when i was having lunch with Dinglong, i found out that he is already driving a car.

Damn cool lah!

Imagine not having to wait for cabs at long taxi queues and not having to spend $30 on sitting in a smelly cab!

But before that, we have to pass our driving tests :(

I went to and tried out the mock theory tests recently. The questions seem quite easy at first but i failed 3 times before i finally passed. I think it's because 90% is the passing mark.

Imagine how much money i would have to pay if not for this website which allows me to practice some mock tests first! I improved after each try and after afew tests, i can score full marks :D I think it's a really good learning tool.

There had been several testimonials left by other people who tried out the test and they think it's good too.

If you are going to take the driving theory tests soon, do try out! There are also other sections in the website, you can surf around and look look :D

Went for a casting with Winnie 2 days ago, and Xubin came along. After the casting, we went over to Cineleisure to have dinner and they treated me to movie :) The show we wanted to watch only had separate seats so we asked the ticket counter to recommend some shows. And so we bought tickets to this movie called HELL’S HIGHWAY: KM31

The movie was quite scary. But, dont watch it. Because not nice! The storyline is crap and meaningless. Halfway through the movie i was wishing it would end faster -.- Anyway, it's NC16.

Anyone want to buy this BRAND NEW, STILL IN PACKAGING tee from me? $15, including normal mail to your home :) Email to

I've lots of things havent blog about! But it's 1.27am now and im very sleepy. Good night people :) Will blog asap!