Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was going through my old folders in my old harddisk and found my old pictures!

Mum said i was a friendly and cheerful kid so everyone loved me ^^

then my hair was cut off and i looked like a tomboy.

5 years old:
(before i started wearing geeky spects)

I think i look quite cute as a kid. But the stupid geeky spectacles overtook my whole face when i was 6.

Who ask me to "thought that having spects is fun, just like having an extra toy"

Mummy and Daddy planned a big birthday bash for my 6th birthday. It was a big thing to haolian about at that time. Hahaha.

hehe, the kids beside me in this picture have all grown up. They all looked damn cute when they were small!

My sister was super cute at that time. Probably also because she is much easier to bully last time. Hahaha. She was always the beautiful swan and i was the ugly duckling.

Sexy babe by the beach. HAHAHA. I remember that time i wasn't wearing shorts because it got soaked wet by the seawater.

I think this photo is damn funny. Totally retarded.

8 to 9 years old. I was in TAF club at that time. It was a compulsory programme for overweight students in primary school. We used to call it FAT club cos if you read backwards, TAF = FAT. Had to run around the school before national anthem every morning. Tiring okay.

Around 11 years old, Slimmed down already cos played catching every recess time. Haha. And also just moved house and it was 15 minutes walk away from school. So means everyday i walk a total of 30 minutes + 2 times climbing the overhead bridge + 20 minutes of running around the school playing catching. If still cannot slim down then really fated to be fat whole life liao.

10 - 12 years old i was suffering from serious over-shyness-with-boys. I think it's due to puberty.

13 years old came and i became more outgoing because i entered a new school and mixed around with a loud clique of girls. I've never regretted being with them :) Because they're one of the major turning points of my life.

15 years old.
Start to become vain liao. Wore abit of makeup to school. Talked back to teachers and being rebellious in class. Aiya, very kiddish lah.

16 years old. More vain. Very act-chio-bui-chio, act-cute-bui-cute. But this was also the period of time that i had alot of guys chasing after me. I think they have serious taste problem. =x

(at that time dont know how to use photoshop. Only some basic program that can brighten and contrast)
Skin looked damn good hor?? That's the beauty of a 1.3 mega pixel camera! My current 8 megapixel digicam, even freckles also can see clearly -.-

No makeup.

Below is an over-photoshopped picture which doesn't look like me at all. Cheated alot of friendster young boys with this display picture. MUAHAHAHA. I have alot more of these "chio" photos which dont look like me at all. Can't find them though.

i think this should be around 17 years old.

If you had followed my blog for a long time you would remember this picture. i used to put it at the sidebar as profile picture.

I loved this picture alot last time.

early 18 years old:
Abandoned spects for contact lens.


I guess i'll be laughing at these pics when i grow even older.

After bf finished reading this post, he came to tell me that even now i still look like how i looked at 5 years old -.- *kicks bf away*

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