Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I loved reading the 8days magazine because it is such an easy read, and funny most of the time. I wish they publish twice a week instead of once a week :(

In the newest copy, they introduced some dumb websites, and 4 of them are so interesting that i have to share them with you guys.

this is my favourite out of the lot. Some of the entries on this blog:

omg, i should start blogging like that.

2. La(x18).com
People dancing in furry suits on repeat. Haha. I wonder how the magazine found this site. Did they really got so bored and tried typing "la" 18 times??

3. http://www.watching-grass-grow.com/
Watch the owner's lawn grass. LIVE.
Maybe after awhile, you will notice it's growth.
Got archive pictures when you scroll down.
This is the ultimate boliao. I dont know how come the owner of the site thought of this. Haha.

4. www.theworstwebsite.com
i didnt enter this website to try out because i was warned not to ;-)

Which is your favourite??

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