Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My left eye is swollen :(

It's not physically obvious but the pain is significant. *sads* My mum says it's because i have not been sleeping well and drank too little water. Arthur says it might be a mosquito bite -.-

BAD mosquito.


Some time ago there was this little gathering organised by Fleishman, for a little get-together. Winnie and Fidelis came along too :D

Nothing much, just a mingling session with food and drinks. None of us touched the beer. We wanted to be sober. Heh.

4 expressions of winnie! I like the 3rd one. Damn cute, like a small girl. Haha.

Peggy, Winnie, Fidelis.
Winnie and me~
Didn't took picture with sabrina, priss and nadnut! =(
My picture with jayden is not nice, so not uploading it :D
My picture with peggy is not nice too, so not uploading it as well!

Which one is nicer? Might be replacing the profile picture :)

Pool session. Im a noob =x

Winnie: If you dont score, i'll whip you with my stick!
Jayden: T_T

After the event, we went over to have supper! Xubin came to meet winnie and joined us.

$50 for this seafood platter dish. But it was very yummy!

This picture very funny but i look bad.

Thanks to Samantha for the invitations :)

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