Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Fabulous Bakerboy

So... Today I'm gonna start the entry with a photo of myself that I really like! Haha.

The blazer is from Really love the unique color and how it brightens up the photo!

It was taken on the day I had brunch at this place I'm going to blog about here now. Bf told me beforehand that we were going to this brunch place that doesn't have aircon so that I am able to pre-ampt myself and not complain about the heat. So I was thinking, "Aiya, I have a high tolerance for heat! Usually I'm always the last among everybody to perspire!" On the day itself, bf drove pass the Fort Canning greens and told me that the place is somewhere around there. I thought to myself, "What? It's in Fort Canning?? HOT LEH." From my past experience, Fort Canning is always beyond hot.

Housed in Viridian Art House is The Fabulous Bakerboy.

From the outside, you can see that it is mostly open air.

There is a little small space indoors that is air-conditioned and I was so tempted to get a cooler seat as I was already feeling very hot the moment I stepped in. But for the sake of nice brunch photos, we decided to get the wooden seats near the sun... The things I suffer for the blog. Haha. But after seeing how all the photos in this entry is bright and clear and pretty, all that heat was worth it I guess. I wanted to look good in the blazer and all but the heat was seriously too much that I ended up taking it off. To be honest, even after not wearing the blazer 90% of the time, I left that place feeling sticky and very uncomfortably hot. Should install more fans.

The wooden seats look very right. It was creatively built with pallets! BUT, one horrid thing was that these wood have many flies hovering around it. Quite disturbing for me because I hate insects.

Weekend food was quite limited but it's alright since I order the usual breakfast items anyway.

I had Ice-tea to cool down and bf had HOT tea. Crazy or what. Haha.

But he says it (Pearl of the Orient taste good to him. I didn't really like this particular flavor though. The scent is too strong for me.

I was very very very hungry but the main that I ordered could only be served in 30 mintues so I ordered Truffle Fries to suppress my hunger! The portion that came was huge! Can be served among more than two that's for sure.

Yea, this is the dish that I waited 30 minutes for! Quite nice eh! First time eating the spinach version of the Eggs Benedict I usually have and it's not bad too. I added english sausages. It didn't look that good at first but it is actually quite yums if I remembered correctly.

Bf had some tuna bites. Although it's nice, I think it's definitely not suitable to be eaten as a main unless you are a tuna-lover. It's definitely a side for sharing. Bf never pay attention when ordering!

Quite good with Tabasco pepper sauce too.

Lets check out the interior! I think the design is quite typical of the cafes popping up recently.

Ending off this entry with a photo of myself again! Haha.

So, this entry is mainly about how hot the place is so do wear singlet and shorts if you are thinking of heading there. Definitely not a blazer like I did (though I took it off eventually). But you can get this blazer for a cooler activity. Get it from! ^_^

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ramen Keisuke Tori King

Hello people! Today I want to introduce a really yummy ramen place in Singapore!!!

It's Ramen Keisuke Tori King, located at #03-15 Amara Hotel Singapore! I heard they are quite famous and highly raved!

The design is very 60s/70s Japanese retro and I LOVED it. I heard that we usually have to queue but I think we went on a right timing because we got seated immediately. Awesome.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Genting Day 2 & 3

Final entry about the short getaway! This entry is really random with photos from Day 2 and 3! Just wanna dump all the photos in this post and move on. Haha.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Genting Day Two: Theme Park

Continuing from my previous entry about our short getaway to Genting, on Day two we went to the Outdoor Theme Park! It has been quite a few years since we went to the theme park so we were quite excited!

When we were near the entrance, my boyfriend asked my sister to go queue to buy admission tickets. I was like, "aiya, we accompany her lah, so bad to ask her to queue for us!"  Bf said nothing and brought me to the entrance and turns out he already purchased three tickets earlier! Hahaha. He tricked my sister! So funny because it was 1st April, also April Fool's Day!

By the way, let me tell you all first. Almost every photo in this entry has my face. Haha. But okay lah, only once in awhile right? My usual posts hardly have my face!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elite Colors + Giveaway

This is part two to my previous blog entry about Elite Cosmetics.

Giveaway at end of this post! ^_^

So, besides eye makeup, I also got this lovely lip color in shade 08 Passion from Elite cosmetics range of French Kiss lipsticks.

It is a very easy color to wear for daily use and I love the simple design! I am using it as one of my regular lipstick on days when I dress up.

Application was as smooth as a lip balm and not dry at all. The color is vibrant, glossy, and adds water shine on the lips.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jayne's Birthday Dinner

So... as mentioned in my previous entry, we went back to that Japanese restaurant again soon after!

This time, I managed to book these "floor seats". Although they are not really "floor seats", but I was very happy because I have never dined like this before! Haha. So suaku lol.

So, the previous time we were really tempted by the tables beside us who ordered the hotpot so this time we ordered it too.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eno-oka Japanese Restaurant, Dean & Deluca

Photo entry from our recent meetup :)

We went to this little Japanese restaurant that my boyfriend introduced located at Cairnhill Road, behind Paragon. We loved it so much that we went back there again soon after.

A bento with sashimi, tofu, teriyaki chicken and rice only cost $15! Awesome! Both of them ordered this.

Was so torn between ordering that and this tonkotsu ramen ($11) which I eventually ordered. I wanted to eat sashimi, teriyaki chicken, tofu and ramen! Haha.

Wish we had phones with better quality cameras...

I loved the decor and "feel" of this little cozy restaurant. Feels like we are in Japan!

After dinner, we went off to Dean & Deluca for drinks and chit chat. Nice bright place and Ben's milkshake was good! My raspberry drink was not bad either. Too bad we were full and didn't manage to try the pastries.

Ending off with a photo I took and instagrammed there! Follow me on Instagram! (user: theiceangel)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Getaway - Genting Day 1

So... yep, I went to Genting Highlands AGAIN. Hahaha. During my trip at Awana Longhouse, I won a night's stay at Theme Park Hotel so we decided to have a short getaway. The timing was good because I really needed the 3 days break from work. This time, my boyfriend joined us!

My family stayed in the Theme Park Hotel's deluxe room for the first night and standard room at First World Hotel for the second night.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Advertorial: 1214 Alley


1214 Alley

Today, I am sharing a unique online boutique specially catered for ladies in UK size 12 & 14. Despite the increasing number of new blogshops emerging, few were suitable for ladies who are relatively curvy or have wider bone structure.

1214 Alley's slogan: Embrace your Curvatures and Stride with Confidence.

To be honest, most shops that promote clothes with larger size, do not have nice designs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ones featured on 1214 Alley are quite nice! Despite having a figure different from the majority, it does not mean that the right to dress well and feel good is impossible!

Here are some that caught my eye!

Don't you think the cutting and design flatter the model's body shape? I don't know what's the formula, but I'm very impressed!

Also check out the following items that are self manufactured, specially designed to enhance and bring out the curves of UK size 12 &14 ladies.

E.L.F Dress in peach (comes in other colors as well) and Peplum Dress in Black (Comes in lilac as well).

 Karry Lace Skirts and Anya Scallop Skirts