Friday, August 31, 2007

It's midnight blogging again. Haha.

I dont know why i always end up with jobs that require me to talk so much and smile whole day. My mouth is so numb that i cannot talk anymore, and my legs are crumbling. Sigh... The things i do for money...

I'm working at the Comex IT fair for this four days, starting from today till Sunday! I'm promoting HP printers and IBM bags ($19 only! ).

Do come to support alright? Ask your daddy, uncle, teachers, and whoever you know to buy from me okay? Hee. Suntec Convention Hall, Level 6. I seriously dont know how to locate where i am though. My booth is HP brand, beside a M1 booth, and opposite is a very purpleish Sony Ericsson Booth. I doubt you can find me anyway -.- But if you see me, say hi ^^ Dont pull your friend and whisper loudly in her ears. lol.

Alright. I should be sleeping soon. If i manage to wake up early tomorrow, i'll be meeting up with secondary school friends to visit secondary school teachers before i leave for work. BB!

Happy Teachers Day!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A quick update here.
(im supposed to be writing this on 29th August, but it's already past midnight so it writes 30th August above =x )

I bought 3 hair extensions yesterday!
One golden-yellow, one blue and one pink! Hee. Love them to bits. Shall wear the colours according to my mood :)

I was in a very "i-love-camera" mode yesterday. Pardon.

My birthday is still more than a month away, but my parents dragged me off to the mall yesterday and bought a new phone for me! It's not a very new model, but i love it because the features satisfied all my needs :)

I chose the white colour version. i'm gonna look for some white and gold accessories for the phone soon.

(at least it's so much better than my current problematic 1.3 megapixel phone -.-)

Anyway, i finally watched JayChou's movie: Secret!

Thumbs Up. Was munching on popcorn all the way. I dont know why, but it seems that my appetite this few days have been really big. I buy food every few hours and fiona thinks im siao. hahaha.

After the movie, i was craving for fish, fish and fish. It didn't matter whether the fish was fried or grilled, but i just wanted fish. Junfei, SiSi, Yujing and me walked up and down the lanes of cineleisure trying to think of some place that seels delicious fish. Long John Silvers kept popping into our heads but we were reluctant to eat fast food. Haha. SiSi and Yujing finally brought us to this place at the top floor of The Heeren. Tucked away in a corner near 77th Street.


You could draw anything you want on the walls using paper, or on the tables. Too bad we only have a pen with us, and not permanant marker.

We saw someone wrote "i want a chiobu!" on this wall. LOL.

Quite a cute place. The wanton noodles were also great! Maybe i was hungry, or maybe the wanton noodles near my house isn't nice at all. The ice lemon tea tasted abit weird though.

I had wanted to take a photo of the signboard, but was too embarrassed because people will look at you and think you are ahsiao. We told Junfei to distract the customers while we run over and take a photo of the signboard. Haha. We suggested Junfei to yell, or dance on the table. Laughed till stomach pain.

In the end, YuJing took this photo. Heh. All credits to her.

Went over to youth park to slack after that. Junfei saw his friend and started getting super busy on his phone..

Alright. Nothing else. Sorry if this face below scared you. Haha. SUPER HEAVY PHOTOSHOPPING.

Gosh. It's 1 hour pass midnight already. Yawns. Good night!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr SMJ! I know you are reading this! haha. Thanks for the KFC meal that you treated the class to :)

National day was gone long ago,
but i just realised i forgot to share this version of the 2007 national day song!

Original Version: There's no place i rather be.

Chinese Version: FM 93.3 Zhou Chong Qing and Jia Hui. Read the lyrics, it's super hilarious and oh so true!

Haha. Fiona and me were already in holiday mood a week before school holidays, but all our friends from other poly were still chionging for their exams. I love Republic Poly for the no-exams system. Hee. We pestered Denver to take a break from studying and join us for fun, but he was super stubborn! i used all sort of methods, soft and hard, and finally persuaded him to go out and play. Yay.

Went to KTV with Fiona, Denver and Daryl. Gosh. It has been so long since i last saw Denver and Daryl! Not only them two, i haven't seen the whole bunch of guys that me and fiona used to hung out with in secondary school. We still think they are the best, because they are all gentlemen. Yep, everytime we go out with them, they would give in and show respect to us, just because we are girls. That's a rare trait found in guys nowsaday.

i missed the days hung out with those unfake and unsuperficial bunch in the past. I wont have to care whether my makeup had smudged, hair messy or whatever in front of them.

Anyway. here's Denver's face!
He named it "eggtart covering face". lol.

im not a fan of Cao Ge, but i do think he's a great singer. Fiona sung one of his recent song at the ktv session, and i think the lyric is super sincere and sweet! I'll melt if a guy sung this to me using guitar or piano. *daydreams away*

Cao Ge - shu dao wu da ying wo

shu dao wu da ying wo

Went to Bugis with HuiMin and Fiona yesterday. Huimin is another pig i havent met for many months! Of course she looks prettier now. Her eyes look bigger than mine now :(

Bought a top and afew accessories. Im not supposed to buy accessories! I've lots of them at home, and i could never finish wearing them. Gahhh.

Here's the things i want to earn money and buy:

- Wallet.
- A pair of cool-looking shades.
- mini pants/ skitts
- more tops more tops!
- Rings! They are my favourite accessories :)
- short casual dresses!
- small sling bag
- High Heels
- a pair of boots
- Contact lenses
- loreal liquid foundation
- fake eyelashes
- Audition A-cash
- Shoulder/side bag

If you guys have any of the above that you would like to sell off for a lower price, do contact me at with the photos and state the price ! Will only reply those im interested in.

I want to redye my hair too!
Do help me to earn my money more quickly, by buying these necklaces!

Bronze Necklace with flower.
(flower can be taken off)
$12 only!

Pure White + Transparent necklace.
$10 only!

Black necklace.
Going for $5 only!

Thanks alot!
email to to buy.

I've been rather hooked on the quite old drama series: Smiling Pasta "Wei Xiao Pasta" acted by Cyndi Wang and Zhang Dong Liang recently. Haha. I love this kind of shows that are simple, funny, and sweet. I hate those draggy and complicated storylines.

The show would be so much better if the lead actor was somemore who is much cuter. Haha. For example, Jay Chou =X

I chanced upon it accidently at
You guys should go watch it! Gino was super cool in the show. I love him!

Hug yourself when everything's going bad.
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Friday, August 24, 2007

[ Sacster is Isaac's twin brother ]

Esther: want go out?
Sacster: okay. but i need to bathe first. Ask lester come along also. Want go where?
Esther: eh... Dont know eh. wait. i go see the Singapore tourism board website first. hee.

[ Singapore tourism board only has attractions like zoo, birdpark, art museums, botanic gardens -.- ]

Esther: Nevermind lah. we go out then think of where to go. im hungry!
Sacster: Haha. Okay okay. Meet at 2pm.

At 2.15, Esther called Sacster again.
"Eh, i'll be late!"

Sacster replied:
"Me too!"

At 3pm, they FINALLY met up for lunch. Filled stomach with yummy Macdonalds, and start deciding where to go.

Sacster: Want go Orchard?
Esther: Only can window shopping! im broke already.
Sacster: Or want go vivo?
Esther: But we that day just went there only leh!
Lester: Eh, go the walk around the water, then can make wish one.
Esther: Suntec lah! haha.
Lester: Ya ya, Suntec.
Sacster: So how?? Go vivo, orchard or suntec?
Esther: We oh-ya-peh-ya-som lah. If i win, go vivo. If Sacster win, go orchard. If Lester win, go Suntec.

*oh-ya-peh-ya-som in the middle of the mrt station*
*esther won*

Sacster: huh... really want go vivo ah... Dont want lah~~
Esther: I dont want go orchard can already!
Sacster: I dont want go Suntec.
Lester: I dont want go Vivo.
Esther, Sacster, Lester: LOL!!!

We ended up in Orchard, and slacked abit at the lanshop in Cineleisure. Aaahh!! Everyone has watched "Secret" already all except me!! :(

Sacster has a strong butt, because he could make a chair turn from this.....

To this! Haha. It was so funny when he fell down =x

I realised that i have not taken self potraits for a long time already.

Yeap! I squeezed the width of this photo because my face is so damn wide. Grr.

Okay lah. I was lying all along. Sacster is not isaac's twin borther. He's just.... Isaac. We gave him that Sacster name so that all our names would rhyme together! Lester, Esther, Sacster!

Off we head to the Scape Youth Park!

The skating place! Cool luh!

I tried standing on the skateboard but i was too afraid of falling.

Isaac's Classic Pose.

Lester and Me. My hair look like short hair here. Haha.

Accidental Shot.

Cool pose right! lol. All thanks to me, the great photographer. Haha.

We tried persuading Lester to skate abit, but he shy! hahahaha. In the end i took his skateboard far far away to the skating ground, so that he has to walk there to play it :)

Video of him trying some moves.

Lester and Esther!

I love this mirror because it makes me thin!! YAY.
Went over to the Scape Youth Centre to get some aircon.

The place is nice. I love the sofa because it's so comfortable. Hee. I was sitting there, but i had to stand up to take this photo. Nobody else was there except for some people working there. One of the workers is super cute lah!!! We love her. hahaha.

we name it: "Torn Friendship"..

I dont look good when im not smiling. haha.

Solo Act-cool-ism. I hate my big hips.

We'll look so much better if i had smaller thighs.

We headed outside again after we finished relaxing in the aircon!

Isaac says my stupid head spoilted this nice shot.

Me the great photographer!

Isaac tries to stop a bus.

And i tried to carry the bus up.

NICE HOR??! hahaha. Back to Back.

Isaac has a friend.

That's the three of us.

What shall we do now?

Lester says: Hi Esther.

Esther at the other end: Hi Lester.

kinda cool taking a photo with a motorbike, against a wall of graffiti. Yoohoo.

Leaving YouthPark! We love it there. Haha.

Had a drink nearby.

Time to go home, kids.

Today's first day of my school holidays.