Saturday, August 11, 2007

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im having a sorethroat and it feels terrible.

Okay, to be honest, i missed blogging.

For the past 2 weeks, many things have happened and many things changed. I didn't expected some of the changes, but im glad friends were there to pull me back on my feet again. Love them.

I dont have hundred bucks to treat myself to retail therapy, so i went to cut my hair instead. I totally regret doing that, because hours later im missing my long hair already :(

ByeBye hair.

Let me show you my short hair in my next entry. NOT NICE LAH. i look 3 years younger than my real age. No good No good No good.

Recently i've been hanging with whoever asked me out, but surprisingly there isn't much photos to blog about. haha. You seldom find friends who would go around taking photos at whatever we were doing.

There isn't much significant happenings while i was out with them and since i have no photos, i shan't blog about them.

Let's only mention 2 things. Hee.

Andy messaged me one sunny afternoon screaming to me that it's a sunny sunny day. He said he loved the sun and asked me out. Haha. We ended up in Orchard Takashimaya, and that is nowhere near the sun. But... nevermind. I dont like to sweat anyway, and he treated me to Ajitei, a japanese restaurant!

Haha. im quite suaku one lah, so i haven't ate at this restaurant before. Speaking of japanese food, i have only ate at Sakae Sushi, Ajisen, foodcourt japfood, and Yoshinoya. Lol. Ya ya. All economy priced one, because i have to pay myself mahs.. Whenever people want to treat me to dinner, i would immediately suggest Swensens instead. Hee. As for desserts, i love Ben&Jerry and HaagenDaz ( i dont know how to spell).

Okay, i ate this. I dont know what it is called, but actually it's just egg and chicken on a hot plate. There was onions actually, but we told the waitress we dont want it.

Andy ate Salmon Don.

For sidedish, we had cuttlefish. This is yummy!

I dont know what these are. i forced Andy to eat them for me. lol.

The whole bill was only around $40. Cheap right! haha.

We went to shop around the Toy Fair after that, and he was practically grabbing alot of anime vcds -.-" I thought i would be the one going gaga over toys, but instead it was him going gaga.

On another day, Fio, Fabian, Ash and me went on a double date to watch the movie "ALONE". It is supposed to be a horror movie, and it was... horrorful. I ended up screaming more than a couple of times, and covering my eyes with my palm, leaving only a small gap to look at the screen. lol. My first time watching horror movie on a date hor. I dont know why i always ended up watching comedies or sad movies with boys in the past.

There's also a part in this movie where we can see the lead actress naked! OMG. haha. okay, only a naked back view... but still, ahem. The boys enjoyed it.

Other movies i want to watch soon is:

Secret -
Because jaychou is inside the movie :)

881 -
Sounds interesting.

Becoming Royston &
Gone Shopping.

I like local films. I dont know why.

Didn't took much photos, because they aren't camwhore people. haha. If i took out my camera and start randomly taking photos, they would think im nuts.

Me and Ash in the taxi on the way home. This guy ALWAYS take taxi wherever he goes. And me, being his date, gets to enjoy the taxi ride too! yay. no more slow buses. i easily get irritated by slow things. Haha.

I was on the bus with fiona yesterday when i suddenly told her:

Me: Yesterday the Hungry Ghost Festival start already leh.
Fiona: HUH?!! *staring wided-eye at me*
Me: Ya.
Fiona: I went home alone last night leh!
Me: Hahaha. No wonder you dont sound like yourself today.
Fiona: ???!!
Me: Kidding lahs. Oh! No wonder Ash is so cold towards me today. I think it is not Him!
Fiona: Huh... Then yesterday the Fabian that told me those sweet things is not Him also?!
Me: LOL.
Fiona: We like to anyhow link that everyone is possessed sia. hahaha.

A wise girl kisses but doesn't love,
listens but doesn't believes,
and leaves before she is left.

But most of the time, i wasn't that wise.

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