Friday, August 31, 2007

It's midnight blogging again. Haha.

I dont know why i always end up with jobs that require me to talk so much and smile whole day. My mouth is so numb that i cannot talk anymore, and my legs are crumbling. Sigh... The things i do for money...

I'm working at the Comex IT fair for this four days, starting from today till Sunday! I'm promoting HP printers and IBM bags ($19 only! ).

Do come to support alright? Ask your daddy, uncle, teachers, and whoever you know to buy from me okay? Hee. Suntec Convention Hall, Level 6. I seriously dont know how to locate where i am though. My booth is HP brand, beside a M1 booth, and opposite is a very purpleish Sony Ericsson Booth. I doubt you can find me anyway -.- But if you see me, say hi ^^ Dont pull your friend and whisper loudly in her ears. lol.

Alright. I should be sleeping soon. If i manage to wake up early tomorrow, i'll be meeting up with secondary school friends to visit secondary school teachers before i leave for work. BB!

Happy Teachers Day!

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