Saturday, June 30, 2007

Crazy Isaac and Benjamin woke me up in the middle of the night while i was sleeping!

They called to chat, and so i chatted with them in the middle of the dark corridor outside my room because i'll wake my sister up if i talked on my bed and she'll begin grumbling, and when she starts grumbling she sounds like my mum.

I forgot what we chatted about already. I only know benjamin was high at start, and sleepy at the end. isaac was super high all the way. Well, he was always super high. If he's not high, it means that it isn't isaac. Haha. Halfway through chatting, i realised that i dont remember picking up the call leh.

I love Macdonalds. Benjamin love it too. Isaac love it too too. Macdonalds should give us free breakfast every morning to reward us for our undying love towards them although they keep making people fat.

Okay, the 3 of us FINALLY kissed goodnight at 6am++, and we went off to hug our pillows happily. Especially me. I was so sleepy when my mum woke me up 3 hours later. I woke up and brush my teeth, then jumped back onto my bed to sleep. Hehe.

Anyway, i've gathered all the Camp photos already! I shall start editing them, and i hope to finish by tomorrow!


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hahaha. Part One was so long ago! But well, nevermind :) Here are some of the leftover photos i forgot to blog about.

Reporter: Esther
Organisers: Choongming SAY, Sisi DO.
Photographers: Samuel and MinJuan


Hee. Okay lahs. Cannot anyhow jump into conclusions lah. Qibin got a nice REAL girlfriend already hor! Later land him in trouble with this scandalous photo =X

Stop being gossipy! Lets play kiddy games instead.

I think our class is so obssessed with muscles... If you had read Part One of the Class BBQ, you would know that these 3 photos arent the only ones -.-


Look at hengyi and minjuan 50 years ago!
.... and now!
Okay. I think Qibin and Hengyi had their hands at the wrong place.

Our reporters sneaked up behind the two of them to see what they were doing on a bench in a dark night. (alright, Minjuan was actually beside Jiali in the photo, but i photoshopped her away to make juicy news. *evil laughs* ) What is Samuel doing to poor JiaLi~!!! He look like tiko-ah-pek here.
Okay. Now with white hair, he really look like tiko-AH-PEK.


Clement and Peiwen. Laughing over their grandpa grandma stories.

LAME joke of the day:

Clement is forever telling grandpa stories.



Our precious 7 flowers.

Oh. This 2 photos was about a month ago already. Haha. A bunch of us dumped our assignment in the classroom and went to the restaurant in our school to eat. hehs. i shall dump this two photos here since im blogging about my class anyway.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i have two riddles here to test your logical sense and whether you can think out of the box!

(a) Bob, Carole, Ted, and Alice move into a luxury condominium near East Coast Park. One evening, Bob and Carole go out for dinner at a posh restaurant. Midway through the meal, Carole senses that something is wrong at home, but Bob dismisses her worries. On returning home, the two find Alice lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood, with Ted sitting calmly on the sofa as if nothing has happened. Carole screams and sobs uncontrollably while Bob holds her in his arms until help arrives. Many neighbours say they heard Alice calling out “Help! Help!” during the brutal attack. Everyone in the condominium block knows Ted killed Alice but the police take no further action, and the Public Prosecutor does not prosecute Ted for the killing. Why?

(b) A man and his son are involved in a serious car accident. The father is killed, and the son is rushed to the emergency room. Upon arrival, the attending doctor looks at the child and gasps, “This child is my son!” Who is the doctor?

The correct answer will be updated here after you guys have submitted your answers in my comment box! Haha. I think the answers would make you knock your head and ask yourself why you havent thought of it before. Remember, your answer must be logical and you must be able to support your own answer.

answers finally!
(a) Ted is a dog. How to prosecute it??
(b) The doctor is the child's mother.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i bought a new top today.
It was pretty, but it'll look better if i was slimmer.

That new top shall be my motivation to eat less. Hee.

Monday, June 25, 2007

This is a sponsored advertorial:

Whenever i go on shopping sprees, i would always buy clothing that could only be worn to town or to school. This includes mini-dresses, off-shoulder tops, skirts, and mini pants. However, i realised that i've never bought a single casual tee on my own before.

When the school holidays came afew weeks ago, many of my friends have organised chalet and beach parties, which requires me to wear casual tee. After searching desperately in my wardrobe for presentable plain tees for the school camp which i've been to recently, i realised that i NEED to get some casual tees that i can use for occasions like this. The things in my wardrobe are either too overdressed for camps, or either too "go-market" kind. I think the reason is because i dont like spending money on giordano kind of shirts when i can buy one beautiful top at bugis with double the money. Or triple.

The "go-market" kind of clothes are thrown into my wardrobe by my mum, who probably got them from some 2 for $5 sale.

Heehee. So well, Otaku showed me this site which is inviting me and him to advertise the online store. This isn't some newly opened unknown store hor! It has been created since 2005! Ya, it isn't opened by a bored teenager rotting at home trying to earn money for cosmetics.

Skinny Munster.
Matches the logo.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, this store focus mainly on t-shirts. Here are some of the designs.

You can browse through their designs either by gender, or by brands. Sadly, there are more male designs than female designs. I prefer the male section though, because i like long and loose tshirts more than those fitting-kinds.

They promote local streetwear labels as well as import top of the line t-shirts from wellknown brands like:

Dephect, Future Relic, Nuflo, Threadless, Tribal Gear, Ubiquity, 4Skin, TitaniusEFX, SkinnyMunster, Tank Theory, The Sunday Shop, Puma, Abercrombie, I-Manifest, Iggi's, MeowMoo, Lite, Zoo York, Obey.

Isn't that many? haha.

They also do FREE shipping anywhere in Singapore. No minimum amount for free shipping and they do custom t-shirts too. You can hire them to do class t-shirts for you and give out free designs even. Now you know where you can find quality for your class t-shirts! For people studying in Republic Poly, you all know that we will be changing classes soon in August, which is quite soon. Why not make class t-shirts for remembrance?? As for those people taking PSLE or O'levels this year, a class tshirt might also be meaningful.

Alright. Stop about class tees. It sounds so geeky now that i've talked so much about it. Back to topic. Doesn't this online store sound like a place where most streetwear labels gather? Now you dont have to "open in new window" many many times already. You can find all you want in one place! Hee. Furthermore, it's ONLINE STORE selling imported stuffs leh. Which also means you can buy it without stepping out of Singapore. Not even from your home. You can also buy a shirt from this store for you boyfriend!

They shift the labels from USA periodically, Which means we are the only people who wear the design on the streets! Unique~!! Well, unless you suay suay bump into another person who also found lah. Hohoho.

Er. I think i wrote alot leh.... Hor? I have so much to say about this store because it seems that other than t-shirts, there are still so many things to explore inside! I wonder if i missed out any important point.

Oh ya. I think the website design is also quite cool. heehee.
- it isn't only catering for skinny people. Can choose sizes one lah!

Updated: I'll be collaborating in the future with SkinnyMunster and organise contests on my blog. They will sponsor the prizes, so be sure to participate when the first contest comes! ^^ Dont say come my blog nothing good to get hor. Haha.

Their online magazine!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

After spending too much on taxi fares for the past few days, I was thinking what I could do about this problem.

I could
(1) Wake up earlier so that I wont be super late, and then I wont have to take taxi.
(2) Just be late.
(3) Find money

Option (1) wont work because i have no idea why i couldn't wake up to my alarm clock.
Option (2) is not a good idea because my grades will be downgraded.
Option (3) Where can i find money??

Other than weekend jobs, i found another place where i could earn money for extra expenses. My blog! haha. I've joined another advertising website: Advertlets.

Money = Happy. LOL.

I don't know if you've heard of Advertlets before or not, but you are sure to have seen their banner somewhere before. Many bloggers have been putting them on their sidebar, and now it's my turn! ( Look at my sidebar)

One fun thing about this banner is that when you click on that button at the bottom right, you can participate in my voting poll~!! Do submit your answers there, so that i can know more about my readers. Dont worry, it wont lag your computer because you dont have to refresh the page to do the quiz.

Alright, let me tell you more about Advertlets.

It's effortless! You just have to sign up, and copy the codes into your blog! They will use your blog details to match you with relevant advertisers, so that for example if 80% of your readers are males, you wont find cosmetics or dresses advertisement on your site. You can choose to just display the ad banners on your sidebar, or also write reviews! When your earnings have reached the cashout amount, you can request for them to send the cheque to you! It's as easy as that.

One fun thing I like about this is that through the polling system, you get to know more about your readers. Aren't you curious? Join now!

The only qualification needed is that you have to be at least 16 years old. No traffic requirements! You can sign up even if only 10 people come to your site everyday. Your blog must also not contain any inflammatory or illegal content.

Also, this isn't a wu-loo site. Many bloggers are attached with this community.

Okay, if you havent took the poll in my advertlet banner at the sidebar, please do it now! thank you~