Sunday, June 3, 2007

I get hungry very easily nowsaday -.-"
My stomach is yelling again. Grrr. i should really try and put up with the noise from my stomach instead of grabbing food from the refrigerator. At this rate, im going to become rounder than the moon in a week's time.


Have you tried the new candrink:

hehs. i havent.
Anything is a carbonated drink that has 6 random flavours : coke, coke with lemon, apple, fizz up, rootbeer, and cloudy lemon.

Whatever is an uncarbonated drink that has 6 random flavours: ice lemon tea, peach tea, jasmine green tea, white grape tea, apple tea, chrysanthemum tea.

This means, you wont know what will the drink be in your can of Anything and Whatever. haha. I prefer to choose my own flavour myself than let the Can choose for me though.

However, i think the names and concept of this can drink is very creative. here are some of the advertisement quotes they had, found easily at bus-stops:

" i can be easily satisfied by Anything."
" i'll try Anything to impress the girls. "
" Promise me Anything and i'll marry you. "
" i'm easy. i take Whatever you give me. "

and this story:

Girl brings boy home.
Girl says to mum: we are going to do our project.
Girl and boy enters Girl room together and close the door.
Boy says: Won't your mum suspect?"
Girl: No ^^
Boy says to Girl: Are you really going to give me Anything??
Girl replies: i can give you Whatever ... (you want)

hahaha. Nextime when your friend ask you what you want to drink and you reply "anything" , he would have to ask you "really anything or the Anything candrink??".

When someone ask what do you want for birthday, be careful and don't say "anything". If not, dont be surprised to get a candrink as present for your birthday. haha.

life gets confusing.

I think they should also add another can drink called "dont know" to their collection. I remember i always reply "dont know" when mum asks me what i want to drink.

Mum: hey, what you want to drink?
Me: Don't Know.

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